Six Places You Must Visit when You are in the Palm Springs

Undoubtedly the most precious retreat at the heart of Florida, The Palm Springs is a true picture of serenity. Our urban lives do not allow us much respite, and we must allow both our body and our mind breaks from our hectic schedule and take a small vacation. Palm Springs is a perfect place for that. The main draw of Palm Springs, Florida, is, of course, the West Palm Beach, with its gorgeous shoreline. The sea, the sand and the sun truly form a formidable trio and is positively seductive enough to lure you for a fun day out with family.

Since Palm Springs has flourished as a tourist spot, it has also expanded in terms of tourism perks. You can put up in any star resort or you can obviously opt for luxurious and classy Palm Spring vacation homes. Just make sure your bookings are on time since there is always a bit of a rush when it comes to the peak seasons. There are a lot of places you can travel to while you are here. Let’s find out the places you definitely cannot miss out on while you are at Palm Springs.

Visit the Palm Spring Art Museum

One of the places you definitely cannot skip while you are holidaying at the Palm Springs is the Palm Springs Art Museum. If you are the type who is inclined towards discovering the culture and lifestyle of a place, this is the place for you given that there are almost as many as 24000 artefacts that have been preserved here since its inception in 1938. Though originally dedicated to document and preserve the lifestyle of the native Cahuilla people, the place has now evolved to be an artistic centre for preserving both the indigenous culture of the region as well as is home to contemporary art and work of famous artists. The main theme of the museum though remains the desert environment.

Visit Living Desert Zoo and Garden

If you are impressed with the exotic flora and fauna of the places you visit, you are going to love this one. An interesting trivia is, the animals residing here was the actual inspiration behind the road runner and coyote in the fabled Looney Tunes that has entertained us throughout our childhood. The main focus of the Palm Desert Zoo is to educate people about the animals who preside in the deserts. Not only animals though, the zoo also has something special for the flora loving people of the world and if you are fond of cacti, you will surely be impressed with the vast collection carefully preserved here.

Visit the Coachella Valley Preserve

This sprawling 20000 acres of greenery is home to breathtakingly sparkling springs. This place is truly a haven for various desert creatures and is located at a distance of merely 5 miles outside of the Palm Springs. The centre of this vast area is propped by a dreamy palm oasis, which also was particularly famous in itself for starring in the famous film “King of Kings”. There are many trails in this preserve and we suggest you opt for the McCallum trail, which is the easiest of the lot. Apart from that, this place also serves as a picnic spot and you can easily have a family outing here and make the most out of a day under the sun.

Visit the Joshua Tree National Park

A perfect place to hand out at, if you are a nature lover, the Joshua Tree National Park is only about a 45-minute drive away from the Palm Springs. The road to this place, however, is peppered with picturesque vistas and scenic trails. If you are driving through the park, be sure to be intimate with the twisted Joshua trees and odd-shaped boulders. This place is also a floral wonderland and there are other amenities like an art gallery, a restaurant as well as a visitor’s centre here that ensures that you have a good time wandering around this vast place.

Visit the India Canyons

Though once, this area was an exclusive property that served as a community centre for the native Cahuilla, this place is truly a blessing for both nature lovers as well as adventure lovers. Full of scenic and interesting trails as well as intimidating canyons, this place offers you the true and authentic flavour of Palm Springs. The Canyons are named after the Cahuilla Indians, who are also in charge of protecting and preserving the place. If you are not into hikes, you can also come here for a picnic and take in the serenity of the diverse Palm Springs in its natural state. You can also indulge in horse riding while here and we assure you the experience will be memorable.

Visit the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Undoubtedly, one of the top attractions of the Palm Springs, the aerial tramway of Palm Springs is truly the stairway to the heavenly glimpse of the Coachella Valley. The tramway offers you a 360-degree view of the Palm Springs. When you reach the top of the tram, you can indulge in taking a long walk around the arena, get yourself some food and admire the truly stunning view that the place offers. Also, this is the world’s largest rotating Aerial tramway and that is surely something that you cannot miss while you are visiting the Palm Springs.

There are also many other draws in Palm Springs. For example, if you are planning a vacation there, you absolutely have to keep a day dedicated for relaxation and rejuvenation as Palm Springs Spas are incredibly famous. Palm Springs is also a very romantic getaway and a perfect destination for you if you haven’t travelled with your companion for a long time.

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