The Importance Of Etiquette In Co-Working Spaces

Conscientious Coworking – The Importance Of Etiquette In Coworking Spaces

Shared space, as in coworking shared space, looks like a great way to get down to business on a daily business. With a room full of creative, motivated professionals, young and old, the tendency is to see the space as a communal one where everyone gets along fabulously. In most cases, this is the truth.

One of the reasons that many spaces function harmoniously is because everyone understands respecting boundaries and each other go hand-in-hand. In a day and age when sharing is a part of the collective conscious, etiquette plays an important role in making sure that the office runs smoothly, even when everyone might not be happy with everyone in the space. Coworking etiquette is important for a number of reasons, including productivity.

Continue reading to learn more reasons as to why etiquette is so important in the coworking space.

Treating Office Space As Professional Space

The coworking space is very comfortable, and the potential is to become very comfortable in a place where there are seemingly many conversations to have and people to meet. Even though, behaviours such as putting your feet on desks, and worse yet sitting on the desk, is not considerate of others who work in the space or have to work in the space after you. In many premium spaces, Servcorp coworking, for example, the offices are fully-furnished offices designed for the corporate fit out in mind, even though they are also social spaces as well. Etiquette is important because the professional environment is still a business environment, although it is easy to get caught up in the moment of relaxing in a congenial atmosphere.

Establishing Boundaries

When others interrupt your boundaries, whether it involves using too much desk space or interrupting conversations, it makes it difficult to concentrate in the space. In fact, anything and everything that could possibly interfere with your ability work is an impediment to productivity. Conversations that are too loud, foods that smell up the entire office, habits like cracking knuckles and tapping fingers on the table are distractions, and while seemingly trifling ones, they have the potential to break up the workflow of people in the area.

Project A Professional Image

One of the reasons that people join a coworking space is to complement their skills with office space that reflects professionalism. Quite frankly, it is difficult to project professionalism in a space where members are treating the space as their own. Some of the most egregious behaviours include leaving opened food containers in the workspace, working in the space in unprofessional attire (which is established by the coworking community), and just leaving the space a mess. There is a great contradiction between valuable office space and a messy work environment. In essence, sharp professionals should match the office in which they work.

Necessity Of Shared Space

Any time you have a space shared by numerous people there have to be guidelines dictating generally accepted behaviours in the space. These rules prevent complete disorder from taking over the space and prevent professionals from being distracted from their work. While etiquette might not be necessary with smaller offices, large groups bring a different dynamic to any working situation, and rules can keep the unruly from ruling over the space.

Etiquette In The Modern Coworking Space

While it seems kind of old-fashioned in a world refashioned by new technologies, there is still a place for etiquette even in the complex, dynamic coworking environment. Etiquette makes it possible to get through the business day without distraction and irritation. More importantly, following etiquette makes you, as the head of your business, more attractive to possible business interests.


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