Purchase Guard Broadens Scope of Offering to Start Servicing Health & Wellness Companies   

Purchase Guard Broadens Scope of Offering to Start Servicing Health & Wellness Companies   

Purchase Guard, a company that provides dispute resolution services for online merchants, announced today that it will be extending its service to cater to Health & Wellness companies. In particular, Purchase Guard is focusing its efforts on integrating with companies and brands that offer online training and diet products.

“Since launching the platform, Purchase-guard.com has achieved a good amount of traction among online marketing companies,” said Purchase Guard’s spokesperson in a statement. “Marketing companies have used the platform successfully to manage disputes with clients. Whether a client has an issue with the products or services delivered (or not delivered in some cases), or whether they seek to obtain a full or partial refund, the Purchase Guard dispute resolution platform provides a powerful way to give consumers peace-of-mind while reducing the risk for merchants.”

In a nutshell, the company’s platform functions as a dispute resolution center, sitting between end-users on the one and merchant representatives on the other. Merchants who choose to integrate the platform then deal with Purchase Guard’s representatives rather than coping with unsatisfied clients directly. According to the company, this disintermediation of client-merchant relations is a powerful way to mitigate disputes.

According to the company, end-users typically feel more comfortable resolving their issues indirectly through a third party, rather than complaining directly to a merchant. If a consumer and a merchant don’t see eye-to-eye, the consumer-merchant relationship can be put under strain and can suffer in the long-term. But, if Purchase Guard mediates all disputes, the likelihood of keeping the consumer-merchant relationship intact is greatly improved.

Purchase Guard’s decision to extend the scope of its offering to cater to Health & Wellness companies is something that has been in the works for quite some time. According to the company’s spokesperson, “It’s been something that Purchase Guard has always been planning to focus on, but we wanted to prove-out the solution with online marketing platforms first. Now that we have traction in that industry, and our platform is proven to work effectively, moving into catering to Health & Wellness merchants is the next logical step.”

The company did not provide details of the Health & Wellness merchants it is working with, but says that it expects to be able to reveal details soon. “The on-boarding with our first Health & Wellness clients is underway. We cannot reveal their details at this time. All we can say is that these well-known merchants specialize in diet and training products,” said the spokesperson.

In terms of what’s in store for Purchase Guard beyond the Health & Wellness category, the company neglected to provide details. “We see Online Marketing and Health & Wellness as two gargantuan industries,” said the spokesperson. “If we reach penetration with just 1% of the merchants in these industries, we will be resolving in the order of tens-of-millions of dollars of disputes annually. But of course, we are always open to speaking with merchants in other industries as well, and we will continue to on-board merchants on a case-by-case basis.”


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