What to look for when renting office space for your business?

What to look for when renting office space for your business?

There’re many factors to consider when renting office space for your business. Getting things wrong here could not only be mildly unpleasing in terms of aesthetics, but also have a huge negative impact on the performance, and overall success, of your business. There’s no room for middle grounds; you need a perfect office space?

But what should you look out for? What should you strive to achieve in this arena? Well, perhaps consider a few of the suggestions below.


Consider location

It’s a common misconception that all office spaces should be bland, isolated environments. Thereafter, many entrepreneurs think it won’t matter where they situate their office, but they couldn’t be more wrong. When offices truly do become soulless environments, discussions start about turning them into residential properties instead! Therefore, an exciting office space is a big part in validating and authenticating your company operations.

If a client pays a visit, is it better for them to take a short taxi trip from a train station to reach your office, or to head out miles into countryside to do so instead? Do you think your business would look more prestigious working the big city and tackling competitors head on, or hiding away in the middle of nowhere? Rent an office in a city, and your business will look more impressive and also be easier to reach.


Parking terms

Some offices come with state-of-the-art parking areas, others do not. Of course, it’s not very impressionable for employees to park on the curb outside or even miles away from the actual office. Depending on how many people you employ, it could be worth paying extra consideration to this area of things.

Remember, it’s not only about how the office looks inside, but the outside matters too. A spacious and free-to-use car park is highly underappreciated, and can signal to clients, visitors or potential employees that the business has everything under control. It can even affect staff turnover, as if employees are being charged for using a public carpark every day, that’s one factor that could give them cause to abandon their roles for a better position somewhere else. Secure efficient parking!


Expert consultancy

Some things to look for when renting an office space are obvious, others are more niche and nuanced. It’s a minefield of sorts, and one drawback can be enough to really cripple how far your business can excel. When you feel cornered in commercial real estate, consult the experts in GVA – they’ll ensure you’re making the correct decisions for the right reasons.

After all, today there’s an upsurge in things like smart technologies, casual office environments, fine print leasing terms, servicing terms, etc. Make sense of all the chaos with some specialist guidance, and you’re in better stead to make a more informed choice when it comes to renting commercial property.



There’s a great deal to think about when renting an office space. Just because it’s a temporary arrangement, it doesn’t mean the choices and negotiations can be half hearted. Do your research and prioritise things like location, parking and anything else the real experts would suggest, and before long you’ll be working away in the perfect office space for you.






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