10 Types Of Slots Games Available Online

At the end of the day, online slots are meant to be fun. If you’re not having a good time, you’re playing the wrong game.

The good news is that online casinos have many different slots to play.

But picking the right game is more than just enjoying yourself. 

If you don’t, you may not be able to support your bankroll. Different games also have different rules so you must understand how each slot pays out, etc.

So with all this in mind, here are 10 types of slots games available online.

1. Single-Coin Slot Machines

Credits on single-coin slot machines last longer compared to newer games.

However, these are difficult to find nowadays as modern online slot machines accept multiple coins per spin. The majority of online casinos offer players advanced slots as they are more entertaining, which is one of the most important things that keeps players coming back.

Plus, single-coin slot machines are not as profitable for online casinos compared to more modern games.

If you wish to play single-coin slots, you can find them on older online casinos.

2. Multiplier Slot Machines

Multipliers are slot machines that accept more than a single coin. As such, the payout ratios are based on the number of coins in play.

New casinos like multipliers as they encourage players to make larger bets. For example, if a player bets one coin and they hit a winning combination, then they win, let’s say, $10. However, if they double their bet and wager two coins, they win $20 from the same combination.

Most online slot machines are now multipliers.

3. Buy-Your-Pay Slot Machines

The name of these slots machines may sound a bit complicated but they are easier to understand than you think.

Buy-your-pay slot machines accept between one and five coins per spin. The number of winning combinations then depends on the number of coins in play.

For example, if a player inserts a single coin and hits three sevens, but one coin only counts three bars as a winner, the machine will not pay out. More combinations are only added as the player inserts more coins.

One quick advice from Lucian Marinescu, partner at Online Casino Gems “It’s worth noting that such online slot machines are not as popular as they were back in the day. If you do decide to play buy-your-pay slots, always bet the maximum to ensure you unlock all possible winning combinations.”

4. Multiple Payline Slot Machines

Most slot machines have a single payline where the same symbols must line up for the spin to win. 

As the name suggests, multiple payline slot machines have more than one payline, giving players more action.

Players must wager more than one credit to access multiple paylines. In some online casinos, multiple payline slot machines can have more than 50 different paylines.

But even so, you must understand that just because the machine has more than one payline, the chances of winning does not improve.

5. Wild Play Slot Machines

These are some of the most exciting online slot machines to play. Wild play slot machines can double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple winnings thanks to the special symbols that help players create more winning combinations.

These online slots can also have bonus rounds and multipliers to further enhance the experience.

When a player hits a winning combination that includes a wild symbol, their payout is doubled. If they hit a winning combination with two wild symbols, their payout is quadrupled. But if a player hits three wild symbols, they create a unique winner!

Each wild play slot machine has its own payout table so players must know what they stand to win should then hit winners.

6. Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

These are a group of slot machines that pool together to create a huge jackpot. The jackpot increases every time a player inserts a coin. It will continue to increase until someone is lucky enough to hit the winning combination.

Once the jackpot has been won, it resets and starts building up again until someone else wins.

Progressive jackpot slot machines are hugely popular and have grown in popularity since being introduced online. This has seen casinos try new methods to encourage people to play them, such as linking slot machines with other casinos to increase the size of the jackpot.

7. “Big Bertha” Slot Machines

Big Bertha slot machines are, as the name suggests, the biggest around. They come in three, four and five reel variants so there is plenty of ways to play.

However, while the machines may be big, the payout percentage is not.

8. Multi-Game Slot Machines

These slots games online are popular because they allow you to change the game you’re playing without having to close down that particular slot.

For example, with a multi-game slot machine, you may be able to play slots, blackjack and video poker all from the same application.

Multi-game slot machines often have different denominations. For example, you can start playing blackjack with a $1 minimum bet, switch to video poker that has a minimum of $5 per hand and then head pack to play some penny slots.

9. Reel Slot Machines

Reel slot machines have either three or five reels, with each containing either 20 or 24 stops. However, you may find some online reel slot machines that have up to ten reels per machine.

Interestingly, the original reel slot machine span the reels using a lever. Nowadays, if you played a reel slot machine in a land-based casino, it’s likely to be powered by an electronic mechanism.

10. Video Slot Machines

The final type of slot games available online is video slots. These are similar to reel slot machines but the main difference is that video slots can have more than 5 paylines, depending on the casino. In some cases, you can find a video slot machine with 50 or even 100 paylines.

Video slots also have several bonuses to unlock as you play. These include extra free spins and bonus games that you can win even more from more to win.

Playing the Best Online Slots

Online slots are in the thousands. Most casinos offer access to thousands of slots in the libraries. Some provide smaller collections. But the fact is you can spend your whole life playing slots and you wouldn’t have played them all. Gaming developers like the leaders NetEnt, PlayTech, and Microgaming constantly release new titles.

The choice is huge. Everyone has their own definition of what the best slot should entail. Our advice is to first find the best casinos for your gambling preferences and enjoy your favorite slots there. The quality of the entertainment, after all, heavily depends on the quality of the venue where you’re playing.

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