For a long time now, the Irish Lotto has been deemed by numerous individuals to be much better when compared to the UK lottery.

While there are various reasons to this conclusion, the most prevalent reason, however and which makes the Irish Lotto a much better investment for any gambler compared to the UK Lotto, is the fact that the former offers a higher chance of winning.

Typically, the lotto is among the few significantly popular ways of gambling. It opens the players to a rare opportunity of winning huge stacks of money for just a few bucks.

Besides this, there are also numerous different forms of lotteries that the public can participate in, in addition to the convenience of accessing these games from virtually any location, all thanks to the resurgence of online gambling.

Unlike before, the emergence and subsequent resurgence of online gambling and online betting platforms now offer users more access to unlimited information on different games.

With such convenience and ease of accessibility, players can now make much better decisions when gambling, since they can compare, contrast, and identify the lotteries that afford them a much higher chance of hitting the grand prize!

It is this ability to determine which the better lotto options are that has resulted in the ‘conclusion’ that the Irish lotto is better than the UK lotto, and here are a few reasons why.


Understanding the Irish and the UK Lotto

In a simple definition, the Irish Lotto is Ireland’s National Lottery. Over the years, it has gained significant popularity beyond its native country and across Europe and with online gambling, you can now play the Irish Lotto at Lottland among many other major online gambling platforms available.

As for the UK Lotto, it is arguably the main Lottery within the UK, and the National Lottery controls it.

In essence, although both lotteries boast several similarities and comparisons, the Irish Lotto has significantly gained more popularity as the better investment lottery. Why?

Below are some of the primary reasons why the Irish lotto is a far much better investment compared to the UK Lotto.

Irish Lotto vs. UK Lotto: What makes the Irish Lotto a better investment?

  1. The Irish Lotto has more favorable odds of winning.

According to several lottery statistics, the Irish Lotto offers you a better chance of winning than the UK lotto. Realistically, the Irish lotto boasts better odds than its counterpart, a factor that has significantly contributed to its massive popularity.

With this Lottery, you have a decent winning chance of 1 in 10.7 million of bagging the lucrative Irish jackpot prize. Moreover, the odds are in your favor when it comes to landing five numbers plus the bonus ball, and are well around 1/10th of your odds of winning.

Although this may not be as disheartening as it sounds, the reality is that your odds of winning any lottery dwindle with other popular lotteries.

The favorable Irish lottery odds, therefore, render it a much better investment overall than the UK lotto or any other lotto. What’s more, in most cases, the biggest lotteries have the most significant odds, and the lotteries with relatively smaller odds give similarly smaller prizes.

As such, it is not surprising to see that many individuals would instead go for the safer option-the Irish lotto

  1. The Irish Lotto seems More Practical

Unlike the UK lotto and other major Lottos, the Irish lotto offers fairly more minuscule jackpots. While this may sound uninspiring, it is, however, a positive thing in that it guarantees that it would be somewhat less hectic for a winner to deal with winning the ultimate Irish jackpot.

Generally, many winners of a lottery end up losing all their prize money in a matter of months because their initial assumption was that it would be near impossible to spend such a hefty amount of cash appropriately.

In comparison to the UK lotto, whose highest jackpot stands at about £66,100,000, the largest Irish lotto jackpot is relatively lower, standing at around €18.9 million.

Although the larger chunk of money is more tempting, the chances are that you may be more realistic if you won the minor jackpot as you would spend and invest your rewards much more responsibly, and without mismanaging any funds.

  1. The Irish Lottery is much more straightforward

Another critical factor that makes the Irish Lotto a much better investment in comparison to the grand UK lotto is that it is much more comfortable. How?

Generally, most major lottos such as the UK lotto would require that you pick an extra number in a somewhat smaller, different numbers pool to land your hands on the prize.

When it comes to the Irish lotto, though, the only requirement is that you pick six numbers typically ranging from 1 to 47, which is much easier. In consequence, this renders the Irish lotto a significantly more comfortable and more prudent option for anyone looking to try out a lottery.


Ultimately, although the UK lotto also boasts decent winning odds, the Irish Lotto is by far more balanced, and more realistic, and affords you a better chance of winning than the UK lotto.

It is these small yet significant disparities and characteristics that make the Irish lotto a better investment than the UK lotto.



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