Crypto Community Answers Health Workers Call Amidst Shortages

Death toll rises, the number of cases increasing at an unknown rate, and it keeps sweeping headlines; this is one of the darkest nightmares in public health.


The latest update on the Covid-19 pandemic revealed that there are more than 725,000 confirmed infections and not less than 34,000 deaths all around the world. The virus rapidly spread in every continent three months after it was first detected in Wuhan, China.


The unseen enemy is everywhere, and however hard we try, the virus will eventually find us.


Running through hospital halls, wearing their protective gear, and putting their lives in line, these health workers are deployed to their battlefields where there is no certainty of winning against an invisible enemy.


Healthcare workers and other frontliners around the globe are working non-stop in treating the infected and in containing the deadly virus.


The Lack of Medical Equipments

How can we win the war if our front liners can’t even defend themselves against the enemy?

Governments prioritize healthcare during the fight with Covid but, despite extensive measures, frontliners still go to battle vulnerable.

Healthcare workers need additional protective equipment as they perform their duties in the frontlines.

The lack of equipment in medical facilities forced healthcare workers into quarantine after they get infected with the deadly virus. Records show that health care workers in Italy composed 10% of confirmed cases in the country.

Now, they can’t even go back to their homes and be with their families for the deadly virus that already contaminates them.

Aside from having a high risk of contamination of the virus, these health workers have received discrimination from people who fear them since the nature of their job is being exposed to COVID19 patients.

The front liners continue to fight the unseen enemy. They call for the support of everyone by staying at home. They are also asking support from everybody through donations of medical equipment.


Crypto Industry Initiates Campaigns for Against Covid

An ally stood up beside the front liners, ready to help and fight alongside them to finally wipe out the current villain of humankind.

The campaign went live on their website on Tuesday, March 31, and announced that would donate 20% of the House Edge Revenue earned during the 3-hour donation window to the coronavirus relief fund.

Recently, Direct Relief partnered with public health authorities, businesses, and non-profit organizations in the US to help fight the pandemic. The partnership plans to distribute protective equipment and other needed items to healthcare workers around the globe. The organization is looking for donors willing to support the cause.

“Wetsuit,” the founder of FreeBitco.In, said that anything they do is negligible compared to the sacrifice made by healthcare workers during this pandemic.

One day, the sacrifices of these people who helped and risked their lives for everyone will soon bloom, and the virus is finally gone. We will soon watch the news where the headlines are no longer about the massive amount of death tolls and cases of the COVID19. And eventually, we will quickly wake up from this nightmare.

Stay home, stay safe, and join the cause by contributing to COVID-19 relief for healthcare workers.





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