US Shows Dissatisfaction Towards WHO Coronavirus Response

United States Shows Dissatisfaction Towards WHO Coronavirus Response

The minute the pandemic outbreak had bombarded most location in the world. World Health Organization (WHO) as the main global health organization had been leading the fight against this pandemic.

Providing urgent responses and assistance to those affected nations had been they’re main focus. As the saying goes “You can’t please everybody.”, WHO responses towards this pandemic seems to be not enough to some countries.

Resulting for this organization to be bomb with a lot of harsh criticisms from some countries and organizations worldwide.

Regardless the responses and actions done by the WHO, prominent countries such as US had highly shows dissatisfaction towards this. Seeing that the responses they had done and their over-all plan for response is a failure.

WHO Coronavirus response seen as a failure by United States

Currently United States had recorded the most number of people affected by this pandemic. Putting this country into jeopardy as it faces a lot of challenges due to the impacts of this pandemic. As to this situation US is showing massive disappointment for the responses from the WHO against this pandemic

Criticisms thrown by the US is after WHO officials had promised an independent investigation for their responses towards this pandemic. This is to assure countries that their mistakes made during this pandemic could not happened again.

Unites States criticized WHO responses as a failure. They had seen it as a failure that had cost many lives of people worldwide. US President Donald Trump had been reported to pull out all the funding as he suspects mishandling and the organization covering up some aspects of the pandemic.

Alex Azar, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, had voice out criticisms towards WHO by their nation, supporting the criticisms thrown by Pres. Trump. Azar had stated that organizations apparent appeal to conceal this outbreak and mockery of their transparency obligations. Resulted to a great costs to the entire world is what made their country seen the responses of the organization a failure.

Secretary Azar also added that they had seen that WHO had failed its core mission which is to provide information sharing and transparency. Firmly US is saying that this should not ever happened again. As to this criticisms, all eyes are now on every move of WHO regarding information transparency.

WHO’s response against these fired criticisms

WHO doesn’t disregard the criticism they had receive from various organizations and governments. In connection with this matter WHO had pledged to have an independent investigation towards the issues involving transparency in the information they had acquired. This action is to ensure countries and organizations that they will not make the same mistakes again.

Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of WHO, revealed that this investigation inquiry will begin at the earliest appropriate moment. This inquiry will be focusing on reviewing the experiences and lessons gained during this pandemic.

These experience reviewed will have an important role in making recommendations on how to improve both global and national preparedness against the pandemic.

General Director Ghebreyesus is firmly stands that WHO is committed to transparency, accountability and continuous improvement. WHO’s director-general is also urging more international organizations to support their plans against this pandemic.

WHO is still focusing as of now in following their existing plans to fight this pandemic. For this war against this health crisis is seen to be not ending soon.

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