Bay Area Casinos Cancels Reopening Amidst Coronavirus Threat

The tribal casinos in the Bay Area are not yet ready to open its doors to gamblers. Neighboring states started welcoming back guests after regulators started loosening coronavirus control and preventive measures.

The coronavirus continues to spread in almost every country in the world. In the United States, the government continues to research on possible cure and vaccine to stop the spread of the deadly disease. Economic activities in the great country gradually start moving, allowing businesses to resume operations.

Casinos in many states started to accept guests on the floor. Guests drove miles and stayed in long waiting lines to get the chance to gamble in the casino floors. Photos of the reopening of casinos in California and Nevada circulated the internet, showing long lines of people and cars waiting their turn to be admitted inside these casinos.

The virus can’t stop gamblers from old habits

Despite the threat of the pandemic, gamblers continued their old habits of gambling in the casinos. Excited guests were welcomed by casinos eager to resume operations and recovery revenues they lost during the lockdowns.

Almost every casino followed the advice of government regulators to shut down operations due to the threat of the deadly virus. Casinos are prone to contamination of the virus since they usually gather large crowds inside the venues. Many items are passed from person to person during the games, making the virus more contagious.

The casinos shut down operations for nearly three months and saw a chance to reopen following loosened government measures. States have limited powers over the autonomous tribal territories. Tribes can decide to resume the operations of the casinos despite contradiction from state leaders.

In California, Indian Casinos resumed operations despite the health warnings from Governor Gavin Newsom. The tribe asserts sovereignty as a reason for reopening. The governor warned that the virus knows no jurisdictional boundaries.

Bay Area casinos not yet ready to resume operations

Unlike in its neighboring areas, the Bay Area casinos halted the reopening of its casinos. The three tribal casinos in the region, the San Pablo Lytton Casino, Graton Resort & Casino, and the River Rock Casino, halted their announcement of reopening because they are not yet ready to accept guests.

Before reopening, casinos need to comply with necessary health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of their employees and guests. Casinos are advised to develop their coronavirus preventive guidelines to be followed by both guests and staff.

Mast casinos adopted social distancing protocols during their reopening. Staff and guests are checked for temperature before entry to the casinos. They are also required to wear face masks while inside the gambling venue.

Many casinos decided to make the casino floor some free and installed smoking areas outside their gambling facilities. Many casinos required a 6-feet distance between individuals inside the casino. Some slot machines were shut down to ensure social distancing and players in table games were limited.

The reopening of the casinos in the Bay Area will certainly attract lots of gamblers, just like in its neighbors. The casinos might stay closed today, but they are expected to open casino doors because of the pressure from gamblers eventually.

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