MGM’s Excalibur Hotel-Casino In Las Vegas Resumes Business On June 11

Excalibur Hotel-Casino In Las Vegas Resumes Business On June 11
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The Excalibur Hotel & Casino, owned by MGM Resorts International, will resume its operation in Las Vegas this Thursday. Other properties of MGM, including The Bellagio, The Signature, New York-New York, and MGM Grand continued business Thursday last week.

The properties adopted hygiene and sanitation protocols when they returned to business.

Casinos in Las Vegas rushed to resume operations after the coronavirus preventive measures of the government were loosened. Many companies opened doors on June 4, welcoming excited and enthusiastic guests. Patrons traveled miles for the chance to gamble and enjoy the luxuries offered by the entertainment venues.

However, the continuing threat of the coronavirus became evident on the first days of the reopening. Some tables are empty, and there is no foot traffic in the gambling venues.

Some shops remained closed, and those open accepts a limited number of people. The casinos were livelier during the weekends when people swarmed on casino floors, restaurants, and retail stores.

Excalibur opens with new hygiene protocols

MGM’s latest property to open in Las Vegas abided with regulators’ mandate to implement improved health and safety measures.

MGM Resorts acting CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle said that they are pleased by the guests’ enthusiasm to return to Las Vegas. He added that they were able to bring their other properties back to business due to the increasing demand.

During the reopening, employees are required to wear masks and submit themselves to screenings and temperature checks. The operators developed strategies to ensure that social distancing is practiced in the property. They installed plexiglass barriers in the areas where social distancing might be challenging to maintain.

MGM installed non-contact washing stations in many parts of the hotel and casino. The CEO said that they would study the trend in the business in the coming days and promised to share relevant news about casino reopening in Las Vegas and other parts of the US.

Las Vegas reopening delayed because of protests

The reopening of casinos in Las Vegas Strip was supposedly Tuesday last week. However, demonstrations over the death of George Floyd caused a delay in the reopening of casinos on the strip. The death of Floyd in Minneapolis during an arrest went viral and considered an act of racial discrimination.

The victim died while Minneapolis cops arrested him.

A cop pinned Floyd’s neck on the ground using his knee. Bystanders asked the police to stop placing pressure on his neck because he is grasping for breath. The black man turned unconscious and later announced dead in the hospital.

The industry regulators delayed the reopening Thursday as police and protesters clash in the area. Hundreds were arrested during the protests. Things turned sour when a cop was shot in the head one night, and another man was found dead outside a courthouse.

Reopening organizers pulled out the ads that invite people for Tuesday and moved the reopening on Thursday. R&R Partners CEO Billy Vassiliadis said they pulled out the ads because they felt the passion and sensitivity and pain of the community.

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