Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino Reopens July 9

Aruba Caribbean Resort
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Following the reopening of casinos in Europe and the US, the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino announced its reopening on July 9. The casino will implement new hygiene and sanitation protocols to reduce the risks of infection of the novel coronavirus. The casino reopens doors despite the continuous increase in the number of cases worldwide.

More and more casinos in US states are reopening doors to clients, despite health regulator’s warnings. Tribal casinos were the first to resume operations in late May. The casino remained closed for nearly three months, since mid-March, but decided to reopen business following relaxed government measures.

Despite opposition from state leaders, tribal casinos welcomed back patrons arguing sovereignty and autonomy. States have limited jurisdiction when it comes to tribal nations.

Casinos in the US followed the health regulator’s health and sanitation mandates as they welcome back guests.

Hilton’s CleanStay health and safety program

More and more casinos continued their business following the reopening of Tribal casinos. In the first week of June, Las Vegas casinos resumed their businesses. The reopening of the casinos in Las Vegas raised casino stocks, as investors placed their bets in the reopening. People swarmed in the casinos during the weekends, and more people visited the gambling venues every day.

The reopening of Las Vegas served as the benchmark for casinos in other states. Other casinos started announcing their reopening plans after the reopening of Las Vegas. Hilton plans to resume the operations of the Palm Beach-area resort. The reopening is timely to the reopening of the borders to US-based travellers on July 10.

The resort will implement its CleanStay Health and safety program. The new initiative used the services of Lysol, RB and the Mayo Clinic in ensuring health and wellness of guests. The partnership will take charge of disinfection, housekeeping service, as well as cleaning of public places, and assurance of physical distancing in restaurants and arrival areas.

Aruba Island opens border to tourists despite the rise in coronavirus worldwide

Aruba Island will soon accept tourists from the United States. The island started opening its borders to travellers from Bonaire and Curacao. The island also announced to receive tourists from Europe, Canada and the Caribbean on July 1.

The island reopened to tourists despite the massive increase of infection worldwide. Globally, coronavirus infection exceeded 10,000,000, and it has killed more than half a million. In the US, around two million and a half caught the virus, killing more than 100,000.

In Europe, nearly 2.4 million was infected with Russia on the lead with more than 600,000 infections.

The spread of the virus continues in the absence of a cure and vaccine. Millions of lives are hoping that medical experts discover a cure for the deadly virus.

Health regulators all over the world urge everyone to stay alert and protect themselves by practising social distancing every time. Regulators also urge people to wear protective masks to help curve the spread of the deadly disease.

Aruba Island will soon accept thousands of possible carriers of the virus. People on the island are concerned about the possibility of transmission during the visits.

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