Speel Verantwoord Manifests Support to Novel Data Protection Code for Online Gambling Industry by EGBA

Data Protection Code
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Speel Verantwoord is a Dutch online gambling association that is endorsing the new European code of conduct for the online gambling industry devised by the EGBA. It is the first association to officially support data protection for the gambling industry.

As a part of the endorsement, Speel Verantwoord will foster this new code to its members as well as stimulate other gambling firms to follow it in the Netherlands.

What Is the Purpose Behind the Code?

This new EGBA’s code of conduct for the gambling operators will offer assistance in the workflow of their data in compliance with GDPR. It offers key regulations and standards regarding data processing practices with the help of summaries and case studies for the gambling operators.

It further enlists some of the significant features of the gambling industry so that the operators know where GDPR implementation is required. Not just that, it will also make sure that the personal data of players and customers are secured appropriately.

The code will follow the rules established by EGBA along with the standards imposed by the several Supervisory Authorities. The code addresses the data processing of the customer’s data. However, it will not include data processing for land-based gambling activities and company employee relationships.

Objectives of EGBA’s Code of Conduct

The code introduces best practices and measures on the following parameters:

  1. Ensuring transparency- The code will mention the firm’s privacy policy along with the exception to the transparent framework.
  2. Boosting portability rights- It will allow players to transfer their data from one firm to another in a more secure way.
  3. Avoid harmful gambling- It will address gambling businesses about the required balance of the player’s privacy rights in order to secure them from harmful gambling practices.
  4. Identifying fraud- It will enable companies to prevent harmful practices and make sure that data appropriately follows with gambling regulations.

How Does the Code Aid Improvement and Local Law Requirements?

The code is planned to be completely consistent with the GDPR at the time of devising. However, it is more like a document that can be modified in the future if problems arise with the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) or implementation of GDPR.

If there is any modification in the European data protection rules or any standard that would influence the guidelines of the code, then a member is needed to follow the new rules.

Statements Made By the Executives

Maarten Haijer is the Secretary-General of EGBA. According to him, they are happy with the support of the Dutch gambling association and its dedication towards securing the personal data of its Dutch players. They are also delighted to be the first digital sector in Europe to establish a self-regulatory code that endorses compliance with GDPR regarding data protection.

With the help of this code, the players will understand the use of their data. Moreover, it offers significant guidelines on how firms must use personal data to interact with their customers. It will further enable firms to examine and address harmful gambling practices.

Peter-Paul De Goeij is the managing director of Speel Verantwoord. The company encourages and applauds EGBA for its ingenious initiative. In the online gambling industry, data protection is considered one of the most important factors. They are happy to endorse this code and support EGBA in its venture to secure the personal data of its players.

At the same time, it will also allow the gambling operators to monitor confidential and sensitive information of the customers and make sure that data is uncompromised and protected. Moreover, the code can address the local requirements of Dutch GDPR and operators can build for their customers.

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