Casino Union Files Suit Against Inadequate Coronavirus Protections

Coronavirus Protections
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Casino unions have been calling for heightened coronavirus preventive measures, even before the reopening of casinos in the US in late-May. Casino employees urged operators to develop appropriate health and safety protocols, including risk benefits, as they move towards the reopening.

The reopening of the casinos brought a chance to workers to go back to their jobs. As the threat of the novel coronavirus continues, the fear in casino employees also rises. Employees of the casinos have direct contact with guests while they offer the services of the gambling institutions. Thus, they have the highest risk of catching the deadly virus.

The casino industry received complaints of unfair treatment of employees over the years. The novel coronavirus pandemic added burden to pressure to operators as employees demand a better safety precautionary measure at work.

Workers Union in Vegas demands safer and secured working environment

Las Vegas casinos started welcoming back guests on June 4. Since then, more and more patrons lined up for accommodation to the resorts and casinos. The rising number of people in the gambling venue secures recovery for the casinos but also raises the risk of infection from the deadly virus.

The safety and health protocols of the casinos gained a mixed response from employees. The rapid increase in novel coronavirus cases in many states raised concerns from workers’ unions. The Culinary Union in Las Vegas proactively urged operators to protect the employees as they resume the business.

The Union asks the court for relief based on the Labor-Management Relations Act. The legislation secures that employers provide adequate safety and security protocols for the employees at all times. Bethany Khan, Director of Communication and Digital Strategy said on Sunday during a press release that they expect an online press conference with the Union on June 29.

The Union filed a complaint on the court, claiming that the operators failed to protect the lives of workers, their families, and the community against the deadly pathogen. The complaint also said that the current safety guidelines for workers are inadequate and dangerous.

Safety and sanitation as the basis for a legal complaint

The Culinary Union Local 226 and the Bartenders Union Local 165 have more than 6,000 members. The two workers group urged operators to implement better protection policies for its employees, such as the mandatory wearing of masks inside the gambling venues and the mandatory coronavirus tests.

The Union revealed that not all operators are willing to adopt new hygiene and safety protocols. The group claimed that only 55 percent of the11 operators in Las Vegas and Reno imposed mandatory testing for their workers.

The group said their legal complaint is about the companies’ negligence to properly inform workers to disinfect and isolate themselves upon knowing that a colleague is positive of the virus. The Culinary Union demands a safer working environment for all hospitality and gaming facilities in the state. They have been tracking down casinos’ practices to ensure that they abide with adequate health and safety protocols.

Last week, Governor Steve Sisolak ordered the mandatory wearing of face masks inside casinos and other establishments.

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