Online Casinos Gains Popularity During Lockdown

online casinos gain popularity
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The novel coronavirus drastically changes the landscape of people’s daily lives. It will take time for things to go back to normal.

People’s fear of contamination during mass gatherings is expected to remain even after the pandemic. Everyone might stay away for a while from normal things they do, like exercising in the gym or going partying in the clubs.

Some people might stay away from travelling. Entertainment is also affected. People might feel comfortable watching their favourite basketball games on their gadgets than going to an actual arena full of people. Watching movies on mobile phones and laptops could be the new trend, instead of going to a real theatre.

The gambling industry also saw lots of changes in gambler’s behaviour in the last four months. The lockdown produced a new breed of players. The shutdown caused people to look for alternative entertainment in the absence of brick and mortars casino and major sports events.

Rise of online gaming during lockdowns

In mid-March, governments worldwide ordered everyone to stay at home to curve the spread of the novel coronavirus. People were trapped inside their homes with only one option for services and entertainment, the internet.

People relied on their mobile phones, tablets and laptops to order food and other necessities. The volume of traffic in video streaming sites massively increased.

Online gambling became the new trend. Google reported a significant increase in searches for online gambling platforms.

Online gambling platforms saw a massive increase in subscriptions and logins during the prolonged lockdowns. Online casinos and online sports betting platforms gained popularity during the pandemic. The wide variety of choices offered by online casinos attracted gamblers.

Many gamblers in brick and mortar casinos shifted to online casinos and online betting platforms. In the absence of major sports events, players placed their bets on non-contact sports like darts and table tennis.

The rise of online casinos at the time of crisis

Online casinos are around the US since 1996, but its popularity intensified while people are trapped inside their homes. The convenience and accessibility of the online casino platforms contributed to its rising fame. People can play their favourite casino games, with a variety of title, in various online casino platforms.

Developments in technology helped online casino provide a fun and exciting traditional casino-like experience. Online platforms can now offer live dealer casino games. Online casino games usually use a random number generator in card games to avoid cheating. In a live casino, an actual dealer facilitates the games through a virtual casino table.

Regulators, however, warn everyone on the rising cases of fraud and other internet crimes in online casinos. Regulators claim that some illegal online casinos are linked to money laundering. They are also advising gamblers to check the payment method of an online gambling site.

Gamblers need to ensure that their resources are compatible with the sites payment method.

Problem gambling advocates also warn everyone of the high risk of problem gambling in online gambling sites. They advise people that some illegal online gambling sites offer addictive promos to attract gamblers.

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