Las Vegas’ Bally’s Hotel & Casino Reopens July 23 Amidst Rising New Coronavirus Cases

Las Vegas' Bally's Hotel & Casino
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The novel coronavirus continues its rapid spread in nations all over the globe. The virus infected more than 13 million people around the world, killing nearly 600,000 lives. In the US alone, almost 3.5 million people got infected with almost 140,000 deaths.

Health regulators reported a high rate of new cases of the infection every day.

The country allowed the reopening of economies of the states as their treasuries reach nearly depletion.

Business activities are needed to generate funds required for the recovery of the economy.  The casino industry is related to other sectors, including tourism and transportation. Reopening casinos in many states could liven the sectors attached to it. It can also resume jobs for displaced workers and directly contribute to the economy through gaming taxes.

Many casinos in the US started welcoming back patrons in late May. Since then, more and more casinos resumed business, hoping to recover losses and boost operations to its pre-coronavirus levels.

Casinos in tribal nations were the first to reopen doors since they have autonomy of operation. But in some places where the state has total control of business operations, casino reopening was delayed because of government restrictions.

Las Vegas casino reopening boosted activities in other sectors

Some casinos in Las Vegas started resuming operations in the first week of June. Casinos in the Las Vegas Strip reported successful reopening in June. The reopening of casinos in June shed hope for other operators in neighboring states after seeing eager people who wanted to go back to the gambling houses. Stocks went up after the reopening as investors placed their bets on the casino reopening.

The reopening of casinos in Las Vegas boosted activities in its related sectors.  Accommodation in hotels and flight bookings surged as people traveled to visit the casinos and temporarily forgot the deadly virus’s threat.

However, revenue for the casinos remained challenged as they impose health and safety protocols in the vicinity. Operational capacities were capped to secure that social distancing is practiced.  Players in table games were limited, while some slot machines were shutdown to place space between players. Indoor dining was restricted or reduced capacity to reduce the chance of transmission of the disease.

The restrictions on the casinos’ operational capacity and the burden of funding new health initiatives dragged revenue down to the lowest levels. The casinos in Las Vegas hoped to recover losses during the lockdowns that took more than three months.  Experts believe that it would take time for things to go back to its pre-coronavirus levels.

Bally’s hotel-Casino reopens amidst the pandemic threat

Bally’s hotel-casino, operated by Caesars Entertainment, was reported to resume business at 10 a.m. on July 23.  The company’s CEO, Tony Rodio, expected stable traffic of gamblers to visit Las Vegas this summer.

Caesar’s reopening followed the moves of Caesars Palace, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Paris, and The LINQ Hotel.

The company’s Blue Pool and restaurants, including Burger Brasserie, Bucca de Beppo, Bally’s Food Court, Tequila Tangueria, Lobby Bar, Sully’s Bar, Indigo Lounge, Shiver Bar, and Lavazza will open to serve guests.

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