Washington Launches Sports Betting, State’s Gaming Committee Oversees Operations

Gaming Committee

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Sports betting is gaining popularity in the US after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on the industry in 2018.  The new gambling law paved the way for the control and regulation of the sports betting industry.

After the lifting of the ban, states started approving licenses for sports betting, land-based and online.   

Lawmakers saw the benefit of legalizing the operations of sportsbooks. The industry provides million in gaming taxes for the state, and it shifted the attention of gamblers away from illegal gambling. Without online legal gaming, people bet on offshore gaming platforms that risk fraud and problem gambling.   

Legalizing sportsbooks provides the state the power to impose regulations that protect gamblers from overspending and attacks of cybercriminals. It also offered an alternative source of revenue to the state.  

Currently, at least 22 states have legislation approving the operations of sportsbooks.   

Washington’s sportsbooks will soon accept wagers 

Tribal leaders in California opposed the plan to allow the operations of sportsbooks in the territory. The state’s legislative and the tribal casino operators extended the timeline for the launch of sports betting. While legislators and tribe leaders argue on the future of sports betting in California, the industry makes progress in Washington. 

The US Sports Betting Legislation Tracker at Odds.com reported that Washington allowed in-person sports betting since March, allowing gamblers to place wagers online on the casino floor. Projections in the previous months claimed that the industry could contribute $38 million.  

Tribal operators in the state applied for licenses to operate sports betting in their gambling facilities. The Kalispel, Suquamish, Snoqualmie, and Tulalip tribes will soon receive approval from the state. They are actively discussing plans, including licensing requirements, integrity, and enforcement measures, to protect everyone involved, with the gambling regulator of Washington. 

Sports Books allows bets on professional sports 

Governor Jay Inslee approved the bill that allowed sports betting four months ago. The new law will only allow gamblers to place bets on professional sports, but rumors circulated that bets on collegiate sports events will be allowed.   

The new law will allow mobile sports betting options. Online betting was allowed after New Jersey reported high revenue figures from online and mobile betting. Many believe that online betting could become bargaining tools in the future since the state agreed not to impose tax revenue via the earnings.   

The state’s gaming enforcement committee will manage the operations of the sportsbooks in the state.  

Operations of sportsbooks are timely to the upcoming NFL season. The state is optimistic that gamblers have an option to place their bets on when the games start.   

The novel coronavirus postponed plans of sportsbooks operators. Big names in the industry, including FanDuel and DraftKings, are pushing their expansion plan in the US, but the lack of opportunities because of the pandemic slows down their plans. 

The operations of sportsbooks in the state will soon provide revenue for the country and jobs for the community. It also offered gambling options for gamblers in the state. 

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