Latest News 23-07-2019

8 Tips on Recording a Screencast

Lots of people now use screencasts to help them generate revenue online. Making screencasts may be suitable for you if you want to demonstrate something on your computer screen. You can make screencasts to offer tutorials on how to use the software, bugs in software and how to fix them, and game walkthrough. The following […]

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Latest News 11-07-2019

How to protect your data from phishing

The Internet is one of the easiest ways of scamming people especially in our days when it is used for completing various transactions. One of the most common Internet scams encountered in the UK is phishing which has evolved so much that it started taking new forms. E-mails, pop-up ads on your computer screen and […]

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Education 28-06-2019

Full Time vs Executive MBA

An Executive MBA is a great choice for those who want to upgrade their current skill set once they have been a professional for a while in their chosen industry.. It’s for those who are executives or managers in business or who have the prospects of becoming so within the organisation they work for.  Executive […]

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Latest News 19-06-2019

Taking Slot Gaming to the Next Level: Loose vs High-Paying

It used to be that the only way that you could work out if a slot machine were loose or high-paying was by watching others sink in money. A lot of the time, playing a slot machine was opportunistic, with you just waiting by the bar for the player to give up before swooping in […]

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Business 27-03-2019

Best Ways to Make a Living on the Internet

While the competition can get pretty tough in the world of digital marketing, those who are living off of it will tell you that they can no longer imagine themselves working any other job. It does take time before you get a better understanding of how everything works. Not to mention all attempts that fail […]

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Entertainment 13-02-2019

5 High-Growth Investment Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry

Savvy investors are always on the lookout for the next big thing. While it might not be possible to predict which company is going to become the next Facebook or Google, entire industries are built around conducting the kind of strenuous market research needed to pre-empt which companies are about to take off, so you […]

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Entertainment 06-02-2019

Why Do We Love Money in Our Entertainment?

Money. It makes the world go around, it can’t buy you love, and it’s always on some people’s minds. But why are we so fascinated with money and the things that it can do. People with vast quantities of wealth attract a lot of attention and a lot of media helps to showcase these individuals […]

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Latest News 29-01-2019

Sports Betting is now a lifestyle

These days, sports betting has become a normal social practice and way of life for anyone sports interested. Betting is completely intertwined with being passionate about the sports you follow and for many it is even a way to socialise and fit in amongst your peers. It is common to begin by only betting on […]

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Latest News 25-01-2019

The Five Best Apps for Your Commute

Traffic queues, delays, re-routes, busy trains, miserable weather – commutes really are the worst. Whether they’re a daily part of your work routine or an irregular, unfortunate necessity, no one enjoys rocketing up and down the country just to reach their desk. Thankfully, technology is on hand to make it all that little bit easier. […]

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Latest News 21-01-2019

How to monetise your blog

Many people have blogs these days, but that should not dissuade someone from starting one of their own. On an obvious level, blogging gives people the opportunity to regularly express their views and flex their intellectual muscles. But much more excitingly, it could lead to a decent income. There are a number of ways to […]

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