COVID19 Crypto and Leading Mainstream Implementation
Cryptocurrency 19-05-2020

COVID-19 Incentivizing Crypto and Leading Mainstream Implementation

People are pushed to explore alternative technological explications as blockchain and crypto have become more widespread due to the COVID-19 crisis. A place where everything becomes faster than in any other industry and seeing as it was exhibited in the age of the internet, crypto quite suits the spot. China is heading the global digital […]

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Monsoon Blockchain to Transform the Next Generation of FinTech
Cryptocurrency 15-05-2020

Monsoon Blockchain to Transform the Next Generation of FinTech in US and Asia

Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, Asia’s premier blockchain company, worked with Marsh, the world’s most comprehensive insurance broker, and venture adviser. The merger implies a significant move for the blockchain and assurance and risk administration sectors worldwide. The partnership between the two leading companies will work various risk management and risk transferal clarifications that might protect digital […]

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Crypto, Blockchain Sees Rise In Number Of Women
Cryptocurrency 14-05-2020

Crypto, Blockchain Sees Rise In Number Of Women In 2020

Current reports reveal an unusual increase in the number of women involved in the crypto market; some markets see a 160% surge. It is widely accepted that the cryptocurrency and blockchain divisions are almost solely male-dominated. Nonetheless, a report published by CoinMarketCap on April 30 implies otherwise. The number of women in the cryptocurrency trade […]

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Bitcoin Halving Takes Place on Monday
Cryptocurrency 13-05-2020

Third Bitcoin Halving Takes Place on Monday

Bitcoin is the most popular among the cryptocurrencies. The popular cryptocurrencies has undergone adjustment on Monday. The adjustment reduced the rate of new coins creation. The process of reducing the bitcoin rate is called halving. The halving of bitcoin occurs exactly every four years. As the outcome of the halving event, bitcoin fell into volatile […]

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COVID-19 Takes Losses on Bitcoin Halving
Cryptocurrency 12-05-2020

COVID-19 Takes Losses on Bitcoin Halving; Pandemic Won’t Lift The Show

The sequence of the pandemic and halving could render an absurd tailwind to the crypto trade at large as miners took a dual hit. Usually, little is unexpected concerning the conventional, pre-programmed benefit of the Bitcoin network’s mining award size, otherwise identified as halving. The anti-inflationary device gets triggered once every 210,000 blocks mined, implementing […]

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Investors are Anticipating Bitcoin Halving
Cryptocurrency 12-05-2020

Investors Anticipate Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin (BTC) had created a big name in the cryptocurrency industry. Having the most users worldwide. It is considered as one of the major cryptos that powered this industry. BTC is the poster boy of virtual currencies as to some analyst. For the development of other cryptos had been fueled when BTC had entered successfully […]

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Abrupt Bitcoin Crash Stir Coinbase Outage
Cryptocurrency 11-05-2020

Abrupt Bitcoin Crash Stirs Coinbase Outage

In the last few days, Bitcoin price has rally over $10,000 per bitcoin. After this rally, Bitcoin price suddenly crashed back. The soared Bitcoin price was a strong contender for 2020s best performing asset. The rally of Bitcoin price over $9,000 per bitcoin was a first since late February. More than 10% was lost in […]

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Crypto Miners Expects Number Of Crypto Buyers To Rise
Cryptocurrency 08-05-2020

Chinese Crypto Miners Expects Number Of Crypto Buyers To Rise

Known Chinese crypto miners expect an influx of new buyers six months after halving. RockX, a crypto services firm, released a survey report on May 4 that claimed that 57 percent of Chinese crypto miners expect a large number of new Bitcoin purchases to join the market. The survey was conducted on 42 Bitcoin miners […]

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Blockchain Integration in Fintech Development
Cryptocurrency 07-05-2020

Moonsoon Blockchain Integration in Fintech Development

Online financial investments are on trend this days. With most people around the world having access with the internet. This business venture is growing widely worldwide. Emergence of this new financial industry leads to developing of Fintech or Financial Technologies. Fintech is mainly utilized to automate the delivery of financial services and transactions. Great innovations […]

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Europeans Shows Optimism Towards Bitcoin Future
Cryptocurrency 30-04-2020

Europeans Shows Optimism Towards Bitcoin’s Future

Cryptocurrency trend had been paving its way in the business seen. Most countries are now giving more and more interest in integrating cryptocurrency in their services. Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most used cryptocurrency globally. Investing in BTCs are the new business opportunities for traders worldwide. This cryptocurrency is most widely used in Europe, […]

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