Education 23-01-2020

How To Use Psychology In Every Aspect Of Your Career

How To Use Psychology In Every Aspect Of Your Career When you’re looking to improve your career prospects, usually you think about gaining new qualifications or networking more, but there are other ways to get ahead. One key factor that many budding professionals overlook is the impact that psychology can have on every aspect of […]

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Consumer Advice 26-11-2019

5 Business Benefits of a Strong Workplace Health and Safety Culture

5 Business Benefits of a Strong Workplace Health and Safety Culture A healthy and safe culture is desirable in every organization, and for a very good reason. Workers want to feel and be safe while in their workplaces. When the employees in your business feel that you care about their well-being, they will be willing […]

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Education 19-09-2019

3 Ways to Improve Language Skills Using Picture Books

Many parents recognise the importance of improving the language skills of their children. Picture books can be useful building blocks for child literacy. A good picture book will be colourful, easy to read, and include high-frequency words. They are usually used in many early childhood classrooms to teach reading, writing, listening, speaking and even critical […]

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Education 28-06-2019

Full Time vs Executive MBA

An Executive MBA is a great choice for those who want to upgrade their current skill set once they have been a professional for a while in their chosen industry.. It’s for those who are executives or managers in business or who have the prospects of becoming so within the organisation they work for.  Executive […]

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Consumer Advice 28-03-2019

5 Things You Need to Budget for at Uni

5 Things You Need to Budget for at Uni In order to make it through university, you will need to develop a number of new skills. Among these, budgeting is one of the most useful in your day to day life. When your student loan money comes in, it may well be more money than […]

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Education 26-09-2018

Best student towns to invest in student accommodation revealed

Student towns have long been hot spots for buy-to-let investment and it’s easy to see why, students are natural renters and in some areas they may well stay on after they finish their degree either for post-graduate study or for work. These days, however, the fact that student towns are such thriving buy-to-let markets means […]

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Education 12-09-2018

The Explosive Popularity of International Online Teaching

Technological advances throughout the years have made it possible for teachers to break out of the classroom with their lesson plans. Today there are numerous websites that offer students all over the world the chance to learn a wide variety of things from American teachers. VIPKid is just one example. This wewebsite helps Chinese students […]

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Business 07-09-2018

Is the Government Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Technology has progressed at an unprecedented speed over the past several years, which has resulted in numerous innovations in robotics and machine vision. These advancements mean that Artificial Intelligence is smarter than ever. In fact, AI is superior to humans in some regards, including translation and speech recognition. Many firms have started investing a lot […]

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