netherlands european commission
Compliance 20-07-2020

Netherlands Extends Gambling Act to Get approval of the European Commission

Now, the European Commission will make its mind whether the current Dutch gambling act is in accordance with the European Union laws. As of now, Dutch Minister, Sander Dekker has already accepted the legislation. Also, several interested stakeholders and parties were invited to give their ideas and opinions on the nation’s proposed regulations. The act […]

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online casinos us
Casino News 17-07-2020

Online Casinos Strengthens Influence In The US

Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries which followed the fast development of gadgets and technology. Fast internet speed and innovations like virtual reality and video chats paved the way for the development of online gambling. The novel coronavirus contributed a lot to the goring fame of the industry. The volume of searches for […]

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ukraine gambling
Betting 15-07-2020

A Landmark Decision Reshapes Ukrainian Gambling

On July 14, the committees at the Verkhovna Rada voted in support of country-wide gambling right after the 248-95 success at second reading. Market Potential of Ukraine The beginning of a reliable and transparent regulated betting sector is the great news for the country. Ukraine showcases that now they are wide open for the business. […]

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Ukraine Legislation
Betting 15-07-2020

Ukraine Legislation Green Lights Bill For Gambling Expansion

The 2285-D Bill was first introduced by Oleg Marusyak. In fact, it is one of the six reforms that were introduced into the Ukrainian Parliament since last year. The bill is backed by the Servant of the People Party, the party with significant backing from the government. The bill went through several controversial stages. The […]

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spain complete ban on la liga sponsorship
Betting 14-07-2020

Spanish Minister Calls For A Complete Ban on La Liga Clubs Sponsorship

The act would be followed by a set of restrictions and also applied to the firms that sponsor cubs on youth apparel. Ban on Shirt Sponsorship and Gambling Advertising Alberto Garzón is the Minister of Consumer Affairs in Spain. He has proposed several measures and controls which will set strict regulations on betting firms along […]

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spain online gambling
Betting 13-07-2020

Spain Online Gambling Revenue Surges

Many market experts believe that the surge in online gambling in the country can be attributed to the coronavirus lockdown. Spain is one of the hardest hit country during the early months of the pandemic. This caused the government to shut down non-essential industries and establishments, a decision that have severely hurt the traditional casino […]

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spanish regulations
Betting 10-07-2020

Operators Unite As Spain Imposes Strict Regulations on Gambling Sports Sponsorship Deals

A draft of the new regulations were sent to the European Commission for approval on Thursday. Spain’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs have hinted a while back that it is planning to impose new regulations in ad limits that are stricter that the one which was lifted last month. Advertisement bans One of the most controversial […]

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online gambling is the new normal
Casino News 10-07-2020

Bragg Gaming Group Subsidiary ORYX Sins Deal With Game World To Strengthen Influence In Romania

The gambling industry landscape is now moving towards digitalization. Online gaming is becoming the new trend. More and more people get hooked to online gaming as fueled by the novel coronavirus government restrictions. The lockdowns trapped people in their homes with only their gadgets and the internet as their primary source of entertainment for months. […]

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Problem Gambling Center
Casino News 09-07-2020

New Problem Gambling Center Opens in London

Problem gambling is one of the risks the gambling industry brings. Regulators pushed the control and regulation of the gambling industry to reduce the cases of problem gambling. The risk of problem gambling is higher in illegal gambling facilities and platforms because of the absence of rules and guidelines to follow. Most illegal gambling sites […]

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problem gambling program
Betting 08-07-2020

New South Wales Supports Problem Gambling Projects With $1.5 Million Grant

The initiative is called the Local Prevention Grants Program and it has so far distributed funds to at least 14 different initiatives. With its massive scope, it allows these initiatives to cover a diverse population of people who are in need including Aboriginal communities. Helping problem gamblers Problem gamblers are recognized as people whose gambling […]

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