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Why Choose Euteller?

Are you an online gambler who loves the action and excitement of playing casino games, like poker, blackjack, baccarat, and more, in the comfort of your own home?

If so, you probably know that online casinos offer a wide variety of payment methods that allow players to transfer money into their online casino accounts. This saves a lot of players time and money from having to pack their bags and travel to popular gambling destinations such as Atlantic City, Reno, or the most notorious of them all, Las Vegas.

Online casinos are huge across many European countries. In fact, it is estimated that 26.7 billion Euros will be gambled by people across Europe. Players are always on the lookout for payment methods that guarantee quick transfer times, ease of use, and, most importantly, high levels of security.

This last point is extremely important because, in this modern era of sending information through the internet, the last thing an online casino player needs to worry about is losing their money due to fraud or some hackers breaking into the system.

To address these needs, online casinos work with many reputable payment platforms that players can choose from. The Scandinavian country Finland has one payment method in particular that is quite popular for the people of its country. The payment method in question is called Euteller, and it is provided by many of the big banks that Finland has.

Euteller is a trusted source that is heavily regulated, and online casinos take comfort in that. It possesses other advantages as well as disadvantages that we’ll explain in detail throughout this article.


In 2007, the payment institution Euteller was created as a private company. Its transactions are regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland, and they are fully licensed by the Finnish government.

Euteller has found its place in virtually every major bank in Finland, which means if you’ re doing an online transaction in the country, you could be a potential customer of the service. Currently, an average of 3 million Finnish citizens prefers online banking and purchasing. This makes for a rather large potential target market and customer base.

In terms of online gamblers in Finland, Euteller is not available for casino players outside of the country. Finnish players can use the service to transfer and withdraw money from their bank account to their online casino account.

In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of how Euteller works with online casinos, and the steps involved when depositing or withdrawing cash, and fees/withdrawal times associated with Euteller. We will also provide you with a list of the top online casinos that accept Euteller as a method of payment.

For the most part, the top casinos that offer Euteller tend to correspond with the best Finnish gambling sites. To offer Euteller improves the credibility of a casino since it is widely regarded as one of the most trusted online payment methods in Finland.

If you’re playing at a Euteller online casino, it’s more than likely that the Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission is regulating it, but even state-run online casinos will offer Euteller as a payment method.

Finnish Banks That Support Euteller

The following list represents all of the major banks in Finland that allow their customers to use Euteller as a payment method:

  • Aktia
  • Alandsbanken
  • Danske Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • Nordea
  • POP Pankki
  • Sampo Bank
  • Siirto
  • S-Pankki

Advantages of Euteller

As far as Finland goes, there are very few online payment methods as trusted as Euteller. This goes a long way for Finnish online casino players who want to know their data and funds are completely secure, so they can bet freely and focus on winning big.

advantages of euteller

Another big part of why Euteller is so popular is that user identity is completely protected, which helps to prevent fraud or identity theft.

Any discrepancy regarding payment is handled by the bank the player has an account with.

Online banking security is easily one of the best a player can rely on.

Hackers usually don’t even bother wasting their time trying to get through those firewalls, and if in the unlikely event that an account is compromised, banks take action swiftly, and customers are reimbursed as well.

Euteller allows for all deposits into online casino accounts to happen quickly and process instantly. This means players can start using those funds to play with minutes after they have been deposited.

Disadvantages of Euteller

Euteller does have some fees associated with it, and although they aren’t very high, players would rather pay no fees than pay at all. Another negative point for Euteller is that the payment method is for deposits only. You cannot directly withdraw your cash using Euteller, but we’ll go into more detail about both of these points later in the article.

Another disadvantage of Euteller is its exclusivity. Only online casino players that live in Finland have access to this trusted and well-regulated payment method.

How to Deposit with Euteller

In order for a player living in Finland to deposit money into their online account using Euteller, they must first ensure that the casino offers this method of payment. They can find this information by checking the casino’s “cashier page.” If it does offer Euteller, the player only has to follow a few simple steps to successfully transfer the money and start playing.

Players will first have to open an account with the online casino by inputting some basic information which typically includes (but is not limited to):

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone number

The entire process of opening an online casino account should not take more than 5-10 minutes. From that point, players can choose Euteller as a payment method from the cashier page and enter the amount of money they would like to deposit into their casino account. The player will likely then be transferred to their online banking website. They will be required to fill out some standard forms to authorize the deposit.

Once everything is completed, the funds will be deposited within a few minutes, and players can begin to play with the online casino.

How to Withdraw Using Euteller

As stated in a previous section of this article, Euteller does not allow for withdrawals from your online casino account. This means Finnish online casino players will have to select a different option to perform this kind of transaction.

Although Euteller is a deposit – only system, online casino players should not hold any fears of being ripped off or defrauded in any way. Euteller is well regulated and performs millions of transactions per month.

Fess and Timeframes

Euteller shares similarities and, at the same time, differentiates from other payment methods. Like all payment systems and financial institutions, there are usually fees when it comes to transactions made on their online platforms. This rings true in the case of Euteller.

But unlike most online casino payment methods, Euteller doesn’t charge fees for withdrawals, because that service is not available.

fees and timeframes euteller

Instead, Euteller charges a 1.9% deposit fee of the total amount each player deposits into their online casino account.

Some could consider this to be a relatively small amount of money however, fees do add up.

Deposit time frames are very fast and almost instant. Players will have quick and easy access to their funds once the transaction is completed.

As far as Euteller transactions are concerned. Finnish players are able to deposit a minimum of 1 Euro and a maximum of 20,000 Euros.

This may, however, differ from the limits placed by the online casino they bet with.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

Accountability and record-keeping is an important part of knowing your funds are safe. Finnish online casino players who use Euteller, have the benefit of knowing all of their transactions with this payment method are directly recorded by their home bank.

This is because Euteller itself does not hold any of the money it transfers. It is simply the mailman in this situation, and the “mail” in question is the money the player is depositing into their online casino account from their bank account.

This greatly benefits Finnish players because online banks are very strict and organized when keeping records of transactions that take place within their customer’s accounts. A player can check to see if their bank offers a mobile app for them to check their account transaction history anywhere and anytime. This feature is pretty consistent with most banks in today’s age of smartphone technology.

Customer Service

While problems with Euteller are not very common, Finnish players can contact a customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can be done through live chat, email, or phone. Customers also have the option of contacting customer service through the channels provided by their local banks.


Gambling at an online casino should be fun and provide a person with a convenient way to kickback and add some excitement to their life. Whether they’re playing blackjack, Pai Gow, or slots, Players shouldn’t have to worry about long transfer wait times, high fees, and worst of all, fraudulent activity that puts their data, and money into the hands of hackers.

We’ve determined that if you are an online casino player who resides in Finland, you can put your trust in Euteller as a reputable payment method to deposit money into your online casino account. Although you will have to find another method to withdraw your funds, Euteller is still an excellent method to use to deposit them.

Don’t let hackers ruin what should be a fun and exciting experience. Deposit your money with Euteller instantly and safely, and place your bets to win big.



Why is Euteller So popular?

In terms of Finland's online gambling community, Euteller is very popular among its players. This can be explained due to the ease of use and the fast deposit time involved when players transfer money into their online casino accounts using Euteller. It gives players instant access to the cash, and they are able to bet and win sooner.

How Safe is Euteller?

Euteller is an extremely safe payment method for Finnish online casino players to use. Not only is it regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland, but they are also fully licensed by the Finnish government. Further adding to this security is the fact the Euteller works in tandem with the biggest online banks in Finland. These systems contain the highest levels of internet security available. Player's data is kept confidential, and because there is no third party host involved, fraudulent activity is virtually impossible.

How to set up a Euteller account?

Euteller differs from other online payment methods in the sense that Finnish online casino players are not required to open an account with the platform. Since Euteller is implemented in many reputable big banks in Finland, it is likely that players already have access to the platform if they have a Finnish bank account.

Players will, however, need to open an online casino account and check to see that the casino offers Euteller as a payment method.

Who Can Open an Euteller Account?

As mentioned earlier, accounts with Euteller are not “opened” as it acts as a transporter of funds that are provided by many of the major banks in Finland. For online casino players to have access to this trusted and secure payment method, they will need to have a bank account in Finland with one of the major banks that support Euteller. While a minor is able to open a bank account, a person must be of legal age to gamble at an online casino.

How Fast are Euteller Transactions Processed?

Euteller gives Finnish online casino players the benefit of instant deposits into their online casino accounts. This allows players to access the funds quickly and start betting.

There are no withdrawal times since this feature is not provided by Euteller. Players will have to select another payment process to withdraw their funds.


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