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The Basic Blackjack strategy is a mathematical method that allows you to perform your actions according to the dealer’s hand. This strategy varies according to the rules and the number of card games included in the clog.

The left-hand column is the total value of the cards that make up your hand, and the right-hand column is the game strategy to adopt based on the dealer’s apparent card, shown on the top line.

Here, we reveal all the tricks to learn the basic strategy of blackjack game. In any case, you can increase your chances of winning by mastering this technique. Take advantage of it to develop your assets at your own pace!

Understanding the Basic Blackjack Strategy

Do you want to start Blackjack by winning your first games online? So you need to remember the basic strategy that will allow you to increase your chances of winning from your first bet around the table!

In any case, if you like statistics, you should know that the basic strategy makes it possible to lower the advantage of the Casino by 1%.

Knowing that this method remains essential and accessible to all new players, the basic strategy is a non-negligible if you want to earn money during a Blackjack game.

Thus, to adopt the basic strategy, you will have to memorize every possible game action during a Blackjack game. Considering that insurance is to be avoided, the basic strategy gives you the timeliest bets depending on the dealer’s hand.

Stay, give up, shoot, double or share, you will finally know what to bet!

Using the Basic Strategy

Do you know what the basic strategy is? It is, of course, the method to play Blackjack in the best way. In any case, this is a strategy to increase your chances of winning a game!

It is necessary to go back to the time of the first scientists who were interested in Blackjack to trigger the appearance of this basic strategy.

Indeed, it was first Baldwin in the 60s, who mixed all the game situations and variables in a game to develop a first basic strategy. Later, it was the aptly named Thorp, who made the method famous through his free book “Beat the Dealer”.

The basic strategy is, therefore, a technique that takes into account all the parameters of the game to reverse the trend and beat the Casino.

Even though the game establishments have innovated to regain their advantage over the players, the basic strategy has adapted to the specifics of the game. You will, therefore, be able to understand this technique, which serves as an anchor point before you start counting cards!

Remember the Basic Principles

To best remember the basic strategy settings, you need to familiarize yourself with the betting table (which is available online for free) based on the dealer’s cards.

counting cards blackjack

To make it simple and to detail this table:

  • You should never shoot if you have a hand between 17 and 21.
  • Also, do not pull if your hand is between 12 and 16, and the dealer’s hand is between 2 and 6. Unless you have an Ace in that hand!
  • If your hand is between 9 and 11 and the dealer’s hand is between 2 and 6, you must double. If the dealer has another hand, you must shoot.
  • If you have two 8, you must share if the dealer’s hand is between 2 and 8; otherwise, you must shoot.
  • When you have two nine, and the dealer has a hand between 2 and 6, you have to share or stay if his hand is different.
  • You should never share a hand composed of two 10.
  • You must share if your hand consists of two Aces, and if the dealer’s hand is less than 6.
  • If the dealer has a hand between 2 and 6, you must share your Ace cards at 4, double if you have two five, and stay if you have two six or two 7.

How to Read the Tables?

It is so simple!!

  • The left column represents your hand.
  • The first line at the top of the table represents the hand shown by the Bank.
  • You must, therefore, opt for the decision at the intersection of the row and the corresponding column. Let’s take an example; if you have 15 and the bank has a 4, you need to stop.

Counting Cards In A Basic Manner

The classical counting system is designed to find out how to count Blackjack cards that have already been taken out of the machine.

It is to determine the probability that the dealer will not draw any card.It also predicts whether he will have an advantage over the others or not.

The well-known Hi-Low counting technique of counting cards aims to give value by assigning points to each card to determine how to bet.

When you start counting, you will need to start from 0 after a mix of cards. The purpose of counting is to determine the advantage of the house. Because players play together against the Casino:

  • Count +1: for cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Count 0:   for cards 7, 8 and 9
  • Count -1:  for cards 10, J, Q, K, and A.

How to Win Blackjack Game

At Blackjack, the goal of the game is to beat the dealer without exceeding 21 points in your hand.

If you have over 21 points, you are told to go bust and lose your bet. If you go bankrupt, you lose automatically, and the dealer no longer has to show his hand. The essential advantage of the house (bank) to Blackjack comes from the fact that the player must play first.

When Blackjack is played, at least one deck of cards is used, but the bank can use up to eight decks of cards. Not all Casinos can offer both a single and double card game of only 21, and many will limit the number of Blackjack tables available.

Rules of Blackjack Betting

In order to play 21 and be distributed in a round, a player must place a bet or wager. In terms of winnings, a winning hand at Blackjack will receive a payout of 1:1.

But, the payout for a perfect score of 21 can be higher. Many Casinos offer a payout of 2:1 or 3:2 for a score of 21.

If a player receives a “blackjack” hand with his first two cards (an Ace and a 10-point card), the player will be paid 3:2 or maybe even 2:1 under ideal circumstances. For example, if a player bets $20 and receives a blackjack hand, his/her win will be $30 to 3:2 and $60 to 2:1.

Winnings of 3:2 and 2:1 for Blackjack are a tradition that goes back to the origins of the game.

However, while Blackjack information has been released and players have improved on average, some Casinos have turned to smaller Blackjack wins as a way to protect their profits.

You will often see Casinos pay 6:5 or 7:5 for blackjacks now instead. The big numbers are not better. It means that you will have less money for your win. A $10 bet would only bring in $12 at Blackjack 6:5 and $14 at 7:5.

The Basic Strategy: Soft and Hard Hands

The hands without Aces are simple to calculate:

  • D-5-2 is 17;9-9 is 18;
  • K-2-2-6 is 20, and so on.

blackjack hands

If you have an Ace in your hand, which can count as both 11 and 1, your hand can have two values at the same time. It is called a “Soft Hand” or “Soft Ace” and means that you can hit an extra card, without risk of ongoing recession (exceeding 21).

Let’s suppose you are treated A-5. Now you have 16 or 6 and can pull another card safely. If your third card is a 5, you have 21 with the count as 11. If your third card is six or above, the Ace must be considered 1; otherwise, your hand would be dismantled.

When you have an Ace that cannot be counted as 1, you have a “Hard Hand” or “Hard Ace.”

The difference between soft and hard hands is essential when studying the Blackjack strategy chart. Both are treated very differently in the game.

Player’s Choices at Blackjack

Hit: Hit means you shoot an extra card, which adds to the total value of your hand.

Stand: means that you will have finished with your hand, and you let the dealer complete his hand.

Double Down: Double down means that you make another bet equal to the original and get one more – and only one – card. After that, you are finished and not allowed to shoot anymore. This can be very cost-effective if used in the right places.

Let’s say, for example, the dealer shows a six, and your first two cards total 11.

It is an ideal time to double. The chances are good that the dealer bust, and if you pull a ten or any card face, you will have 21.

Split: When you get a pair on the first two cards, you are allowed to divide them into two hands and play them independently. Say you get two eight, which basic blackjack strategy advises you always to divide, you match your first bet and then get one more card out of every eight.

Now that you play first with both hands, and when that is done, you move on to the second. Still, different Casinos have different rules regarding hand slot:

  • Some allow you to double after a separation and others not.
  • Some allow you to split again if you get another pair, and some don’t.

If you get 21 on the first two cards in a separate hand, this is usually not treated like Blackjack. Instead, you have a standard 21.

Insurance: When the dealer’s visible card is an Ace, players are offered insurance. But as always, when it comes to insurance sellers, you should be careful. It also holds true in Blackjack.

Surrender: Naturally, this applies only to games that offer the ability to surrender. Usually, this is not the case. However, some online Blackjack websites have this type of Blackjack.

Surrender essentially means that you can get rid of your hand for the price of half the original bet. Say you have 16 and the dealer shows an Ace, so you should probably consider waving the white flag and betting half.

However, there are two versions of “surrender”: “early” and “late.”

At the “early-surrender” games, which are much better for the player, you are allowed to lay your hand before the dealer checks whether or not he has Blackjack. It is a huge advantage and why this game is rarely offered.

At the “late-surrender” games, the dealer first checks his hole card for Blackjack, and if he has a natural, you are not allowed to hand in. The “surrender” rule should not be confused with insurance, which is always a bad deal. When used correctly, the abort increases your expected value.

5 Tips for Playing Blackjack Online

First of all, get to know the game. And why don’t you try playing Blackjack for free, as often as you like?

  • Check out Blackjack’s strategies and learn all the ‘tricks’ that can help you increase your chances of winning. Because digital cards are mixed with each hand, there is no way to count cards at online Blackjack.
  • Enjoy all the Blackjack bonuses that online casinos often offer.
  • But be careful!! In general, online platforms only unlock the bonuses according to the number of bets made by the player with his/her funds.
  • Avoid the common mistake of starting to run after your losses by trying to recover “whatever happens.” Remember that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose even more, no matter how good a player you are.
  • Blackjack is a fun game while you’re playing. Don’t expect the “grand prize” to feel the pleasure.

It’s easy to spend all your money in a few minutes and not even enjoy the fun of the game. Enjoy every moment with small bets instead of just giving the money to the house with two or three crazy moves.

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