How To Play Baccarat?

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‘Life is like playing cards. It’s not the cards you are holding that make you win or lose; it’s how you play it.’

Being a card enthusiast brings plenty of joy and thrill in your life. Your mind is constantly involved in the process, trying to get the best combination. Since you are an ardent fan of playing cards, you might have heard of the ‘Baccarat’ card game. Of course, you have heard of poker as well, but that involves a lot of plotting and planning. Baccarat is a fun, easy-breezy, and light game.

Are you trying to be a PRO in Baccarat? For starters, learn the workings of the game. Make sure you know how to deal with the cards, what the value is, and the basic rules.
Let’s understand how to play Baccarat. Always remember – ONE STEP AT A TIME!

A stroke of luck and less focus on strategies – that’s what Baccarat is all about!

Before we move forward, here are some terminologies to get familiar with:

  • House Edge – No matter what casino game you play, the casino always has the edge over you (the player). It is called ‘House Edge.’
  • Banco – ‘Banco’ is another name for the dealer (in Baccarat). That’s a very suave Spanish word.
  • Bankroll – The amount you intend to spend on gambling/playing casino games. Tip: Spend it wisely!
  • Face cards – All cards that have a face imprinted, such as the King, Jack, and Queen
  • Natural – When the cards that have been dealt with are either 8 or 9. That’s a natural win!

Get familiar with these terminologies as you might just come across the words in the post (and the game).

What’s the Goal?

Some novices want to play Baccarat like James Bond! Well, you would need extraordinary looks, a casino setting, and beautiful women around you.

NОТЕ: You don’t have to be a secret agent to play this game, nor you require an intellectual propensity to win a game of Baccarat.

On a serious note, the goal of Baccarat is to come as close to a point count of nine. The fast-paced game has the easiest rules, and the whole idea is to have fun and bag lots of money.
Since the pace is quite swift, players will never get bored of it. Let’s not forget that the rewards are sweeter.

Punters can also indulge in Baccarat free play online.

Understanding The Rules Of Baccarat

First and foremost, Baccarat is played on a massive kidney-shaped table. This can accommodate up to twelve players and two dealers. The game also includes a caller.

In front of each player, there will be a banker and a player. Now read this carefully before you jump to another section:

There are three bets in the Baccarat game – 1. You can put your money on the Banker (the dealer of the game) 2. The player (you) 3. Tie

Let’s understand the values of each card:

  • Ace = 1
  • 2 to 9 cards have their respective face values.
  • Face cards/10 = 0

Is that easy to comprehend? Moving on, players need to understand the house edge.

In case there is a tie, betting on it will have a house edge of about 15.75%. Player’s hand bet has a house edge of 1.29%.

If the player bets on the banker’s hand, then there is an edge of approximately 1.01%.

How To Play Baccarat

Bets will be placed at the beginning of the game. There are certain variations in the game, but the standard game is played with eight decks of cards.

baccarat winning

Firstly, the dealer will deal two cards to the banker and two to the players. The cards which are dealt with will be face-up. The first card is placed for the player and then for the banker. The third is yet again for the player, and fourth is for the banker. This way, both players and the banker will get two cards each.

The winner will be announced as per the card value. Who is closest to the nine-point? That’s the person who wins the game!

What happens when a player/banker gets a two-digit number? In this case, only the last unit is counted. For example, if the player/banker gets a total of 12, then the hand value will be the last unit, which is 2.

To win the game, one has to place a bet as to who would win – the banker or the player. You could also predict whether it is a tie or a clear win.

When one deals with two cards and either the player or banker gets an eight or a nine, the winner is announced.

It is known as a ‘natural win.’

The payout depends on the player’s placed bets.

Take a quick swig of water as we are going to tell you about the ‘third card.’  Note: Once you understand how to play baccarat, it will be easy to become a PRO in a short period.

Drawing The Third Card – Both banker and the player can draw a third card. In case the player is not taking a third card, the banker will do so. However, they are only entitled to draw a third card if the value of their existing cards is between 0 to 5. The banker will take a third card if the value of his existing cards is 6/7.

There are certain rules to abide by. Take a good look at the existing rules for drawing out the third card.

The following table is meant for the player’s hand.

The total value of the first two cards: Recommended Action:
0,1,2,3,4,5 Draw a card
6 or 7 No card required
8 or 9 No card required

The banker has a chance to draw a third card based on the value of the player’s third card. For example, if the player’s third card is eight, and the bankers are 0-2, then he can draw. In case the value is between 3 to 7, then the banker does not draw a card.

If the player’s third card value is a six or a seven, and the banker’s cards are between zero to six, then they are entitled to draw the third card.

In case the player’s third card is four or five, and bankers are zero to five, then he can choose to either draw a third card or stay.

Perhaps these are certain gameplay rules that the banker and player need to understand. The game comes to an end when all the cards are dealt with. Whoever is closest to nine points wins the game. Simple!

The goal is straightforward, and so is the gameplay.

Useful Tips To Win The Game

Once you have understood the gameplay, it’s time to learn the tips to win the game. We would recommend players to indulge in the free play version before they can jump to land-based casinos or play with real money. Isn’t it safer?

Nonetheless, here are some tips that allow the players to master the game.

  • Forget the tie bet: Experts believe that making tie bets is a waste of money. However, it does have a huge payout attached to it. But, there are cases where the tie bets have been a total bummer!
  • Betting on the banker can be fruitful. It is estimated that the banker has a 50% chance of winning.
  • Managing the bankroll is a task, but you need to do it efficiently. If you are playing with real money, there is a lot on stake. You need to make smart decisions while playing Baccarat for real money. Don’t forget to have fun! Also, it is important to understand the rules and values of each card.
  • The six-deck Baccarat version has better odds. Additionally, the banker’s bet commission is lower (up to 4%).
  • The eight-deck game is most commonly found in casinos. If you get a chance to choose between six-deck and eight-deck, then you must choose the former.
  • If you are with a live dealer (live casino or a land-based casino), then you can also count cards. Yes, it is legal, but you need to be extra careful with the whole act. Card counting is used for the approximation of cards that have been dealt with and the cards that remain. Although this method is used in Blackjack, one can also make good use of it in Baccarat.
  • Winning streak – Banker will win a little less than 50% of the time. The player wins about 44.62% of the time. And, 9.52% of times end up with a tie.
  • There is a simple playing rule. Since Baccarat is a swift game, you must keep it short. If you indulge in a lengthy game, you might exhaust the existing bankroll.

Once you follow the tips mentioned above, you will be able to bag a fruitful win.

Exploring The Variations Of Baccarat

Firstly, you will come across Baccarat variations everywhere you go. You could start playing Baccarat online for free. The game is also available as a live casino game. Additionally, you can fly to Vegas or any casino nearby to indulge in the game.

Players will always come across variations along the way. Interestingly, the classic game has been modified over the years. But, we will tell you about the variations in simple words.

Since we are a novice-friendly platform, the variations we have listed below will be easy to comprehend. Let’s begin!

baccarat hands

1. Mini-Baccarat – Say hello to the ‘mini version’ of the classic American Baccarat. The table size is pretty much the same as a Blackjack table. The advantage of playing the casino game is that punters can place lower bets. It means that low rollers can indulge in the game without shelling out big bucks. The point is to enjoy the game! All of the cards in the game are dealt with by the dealer himself.

They will announce whether there will be more bets or not. Players do not get the chance to draw out additional cards. Let Lady Luck be by your side.

2. Punto Banco – Punto means ‘Player,’ and Banco means ‘Banker.’ Well, the American Baccarat is most commonly known as ‘Punto Banco.’

It came into existence in the early 1950s. In the classic Punto Banco, the deal shall rotate around so that everyone gets a chance. In this particular variant, the croupier runs the show.

The rules are supremely easy to follow. The players don’t have to ‘know’ when to draw a third card because the croupier will announce it anyway.

3. Baccarat Chemin de Fer – New players consider this as one of the most complicated variations. It IS the most difficult variation because everyone who is playing the game has to be at a player’s position. It means that the players take turns to play the role of the banker.

The game was much-liked by the French nobility, but just like the American blue jeans made its presence felt in different countries, the ‘Chemin de Fer’ reached the United States of America and England.

The difference between Chemin de Fer and all other versions of Baccarat is that players are playing against each other here.

If more than one person says, ‘BANCO,’ then the player sitting at the right side of the banker gets the preference. In case the player wants an additional card, they say, ‘CARTE.’ The banker reveals the cards, and then the player shows his cards.

4. Baccarat Banque – You will find this version in many European casinos. A total of 10 seats are there, and two tables are joined to form the ‘Deux tableau.’ In this variation, three decks of cards are present.

Who is the dealer in the game? Well, that’s the interesting part because an auction is held for the dealer position.

Additionally, the players can only bet on the player’s hand.

Few decks = High bets

NОТЕ: In traditional Baccarat, there is six to eight deck of cards.

Baccarat Banque is akin to Chemin de Fer. Of course, there are slight differences between the two. In this particular variant, the banker can only place a bet on the banker’s hand, and the players can only place bets on the player’s hand.

In case any of the hands have a natural, the player/banker would need to show their cards and compare it. If one has an eight and the other has nine, then the latter wins.

Playing Baccarat Online Is A Breeze

There are two hands in the game: player and banker. The first hand dealt with is that of the player and then the banker. Either the banker would win, or the player would win. The third possibility is a tie between the two.

The objective of Baccarat is to get a value close to 9. The two-card value (together) should be close to nine.

The good news is online casinos offer bonuses! The live dealer casinos give you the same feeling of being in a casino. Plus, you save some extra bucks by not indulging in drinks and food.

Playing Baccarat online is not complicated! The rules are the same, but the only confusing part is when to draw an additional card online. Use a copy of the drawing third card rules and refer to it whenever you want.

Gear Up For Some Fun

At the end of the day, the goal remains the same. Anybody who has a natural or is closer to nine will win the game.

If you have the opportunity, bet on the banker’s hand and not the player’s hand, this is because the banker has more chances of winning (50% of the time).

A smart move is to pick a table wisely or choose an online platform where there is no 5% commission.

Even when you indulge in live casinos, the Baccarat game will be extremely swift. It might even end within a minute. It does not take much time to announce the result.

So, manage your bankroll efficiently and practice the game beforehand. You might have noticed that Baccarat is not as complicated as other popular card games.

Some of the best online casinos offer live baccarat game. When you head to a land-based casino, the seats are limited. If you are playing online, the dealer has his focus on YOU.

Pull up your socks, skim through the terminologies, and rules YET again. Get familiar with the variants and start playing the swift and exciting game called BACCARAT.


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