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Video poker is a fun and automated version of the traditional game, available at virtually all online casinos. Although the game has several similarities with the classic version, playing on a computer screen means that it is necessary to go through a learning step if you want to make gains.

Here are some useful video poker tips and secrets to help you get started.

Video poker, some call it the slot machine of poker. These players are not entirely wrong in reality! At first, indeed, the physics of a slot machine and that of a video poker machine are identical. Then, it is also true that the player will be alone facing the computer. On these two points, there are indeed similarities.

On the other hand, in the game itself, everything is very different. Video poker requires reflection, unlike slot machines.

Video poker has been around for the last four decades. Has the craze for video poker gone down the drain? It is quite the opposite, actually!

Grinding out a profit is not going to be a cakewalk. However, players enjoy gambling against the house to get a trivial edge. We are here with a super interesting post on, ‘How to Play Poker.’ Are you ready for this?

This article will tell you the rules and secrets of video poker. Read on to know more!

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What Is The Goal Of Video Poker?

Your goal in video poker will be to build a combination of poker with the cards that will be given to you. For this, you will have at your disposal two distribution towers.

It will, therefore, be imperative to know for the first time the combinations in poker. If you do not know them, rest assured, we will come back to them in the next part.

Also, remember to check the paytable to see what the minimum combination is to be able to “enter the paytable,” which means making money.

The Popular Versions of Video Poker

Video poker comes in several versions that have slightly different rules. Some of them have additional features such as progressive Jackpots, wild cards, and multi-hand options.

The good news is they are free to play. So, you can try it first to get a good understanding of how it works and fine-tune your strategies before considering taking advantage of them for real money-making.

joker poker

Discover below some of the most popular versions of this online casino game.

  • Jacks or Better: This is the most popular version for beginners because of its ease and simplicity. As its name suggests, it allows you to win when you get at least a pair of Jacks. It even presents fascinating progressive jackpots versions.
  • Tens or Better: This game has rules identical to the classic version. However, you must have at least a pair of 10 to hope for winnings. Likewise, it offers smaller payouts and is suitable for anyone who wants to experience video poker.
  • Aces and Faces: Presenting a principle of operation similar to that of the Jacks or Better, this variant focuses mainly on the figures (Ace, Queen, King, and Jack). It allows you to earn exclusive winnings when you find winning hands formed using these cards.
  • Deuces Wild: This is one of the most cost-effective variants, as all two cards act as wildcards during sessions. They can replace other cards in the winning combinations. On the other hand, to win a prize, you must get at least a Three of a Kind.
  • Joker Poker: Just like at Deuces Wild, this game is perfect for those who wish to use the “Wilds” or the Jokers. Unlike other versions of video poker that is played with 52 cards, Joker Poker is played with 53 cards, including Joker. This additional Joker card serves as a wild/wild. That is, you can use it to create a winning combination with the cards you have received.
  • All American: In this American version of video poker, there is no rule change compared to the classic variation. Yet, there are significant changes in terms of compensation. Some hands pay you a lot more, while others are less lucrative. One thing is sure; you will have a real pleasure playing it.
  • Other versions: Among other quality games, we recommend the ‘Bonus Poker’ that pays more when you find a square. You can also try the ‘Double Joker,’ which has two extra cards playing the role of Jokers.

The Hand Rankings: Video Poker Combinations

The combinations are identical to the ones you can make in a real poker game. Here they are in ascending order of importance:

  • Pair: It is a hand of two identical cards. It is called a Pair of Kings when you manage to get two kings.
  • Double Pair: It is a combination of two different pairs of cards. It is rarely obtained.
  • Three of a Kind: It is a hand of three cards of the same value. If you manage to find three cards of 8, we talk about three cards of 8.
  • Straight: It’s a combination of five cards that are in a sequence. For example, you can get straight with cards 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • Flush: Here, instead of the value of the cards, it is their color that counts. To form this hand, you need five cards of the identical color.
  • Full house: This hand combines one Pair with one Three of a Kind.
  • Square: It is a hand of four identical cards
  • Straight Flush: As its name suggests, this hand combines a Straight and a Flush. It means that it consists of five cards that not only follow each other in terms of value but are also of the same color.
  • Royal Flush: It’s the best hand you can train. It usually wins the Jackpot of the game and consists of the following five cards of the same color: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10.

Understanding The Game Play

The advantage of a video poker game is that you will not be bored because it is swift. And remember, you are the only one playing, so you will always be a part of the action.

You will have to bet for the first time the number of coins that you have decided to put. This amount depends on the machine but also your budget. The machine will activate.

You will receive five cards; this is your first draw. You can either keep the five cards or exchange them. Simple? This decision will be made depending on the situation: do you have a suit in front of you or not? If you do not have one, what maps would be useful to create one?

Once this is done, you will select the cards you want to exchange, and at the touch of a button, you will have your new cards displayed. Note that you can decide to trade everything.

Once you get the second distribution, you just have to build the hand that will bring you money. Hence, your vital goal in the game is to create the best possible combination, starting with a starting hand of five cards.

Video Poker Machine: How It Works

First, press the INSERT COINS button to insert the coins into the slot and decide the amount of his bet. You can add as many coins as you want and choose the value of your chips.

Choose the value of your chips. For example, if you put $15 in the machine and select $1 as the chip value, your chip credit will be 15. Video poker machines generally accept values between $0.25 and $5. The value of your chips is displayed on the BET counter.

Set your Bet value for the game. The number of chips you bet for each game goes from one to five and is displayed in COINS BET. Press BET ONE or BET MAX to bet the maximum directly. The machine will use the value you set for each game.

If the number of chips set is four, and you want to change the number of chips for the next game, click BET ONE. When the counter arrives at five chips, and you click again, it returns to one.

video poker machine

Click the DEAL button to start playing. The machine will hand you five cards, uncovered. Carefully look at the cards and select the ones that interest you (HOLD button).

Whenever a card has a high value, press the HOLD option.  When you choose the cards you wish to keep, you press DEAL (or PULL, GIVE…) to change the others.

Check if your hand is winning and what is the win associated with that hand. Payouts are associated with the WINS or WINS meter. If you win, you can make a Jackpot and double your win.

Do you choose to double your win? Press the DOUBLE button. Five cards appear on the screen, one of them uncovered. You have to return one of the four remaining cards: if it is more reliable and heftier than the returned card, you double your bet. Otherwise, you lose your winnings.

You can choose not to double and just keep the winnings. Press the COLLECT button (or COLLECT WIN) for this. Some Video Poker games offer to double on only half of the winnings.

You can keep playing as much as you want. When the hand ends and has collected your winnings, you receive a new game of five cards. You can safeguard the value of your chips and your bet, or change them. Then, repeat the last step.

When you finish playing, click on the CASH OUT button to redeem your credits in the machine. Your remaining chip credit will come out of the machine, and your winnings will be displayed on your balance.

The Jackpot

As a player, when you win a game, you become free to hit the “Jackpot.” It consists of doubling your winnings. You then receive five cards, one of which already has the face.

If the card you choose has a higher value than the card that is already overdrawn, you win twice your initial bet. If the card is less than the value of the card in the dealer’s hand, you lose all of your winnings.

In case the card values are identical, there are two possible options for you – you can pocket your first win or try doubling the game again. What would an ardent casino player choose?

Double or Nothing

It is quite common to find video poker games that, in case of victory, will offer you to play the “Double or Nothing.” It is a bonus game in which the virtual dealer (i.e., casino software) will show you a card.

You will then have to choose one of the four cards placed on the table. If the card you select is more potent than the dealer’s card, your winnings will be doubled. Otherwise, you lose them.

You can repeat this challenge as many times as you want, as long as you win. It is a pretty exciting bet as it is one of the only two types of bets in the casino universe that does not grant any home advantage.

In other words, it is 50 – 50 percent. You play equally with the casino!

The Paying Machine

There are machines that pay better than others. So, you will have understood what your interest is: playing on these machines.

There is a reference that says “that on a game of Jacks or Better, for example, you must receive six winning units to get a ‘Flush’ and nine units if you build a Full.” Read the winning table before inserting your coins. It will be helpful!

The Reasons Why Players Are Enthusiastic

A simple game to take in hand:  Indeed, to play video poker casino, you just need to know the winning combinations of classic poker.

Attractive winnings: Winning money is a possibility, thanks to video poker!
It is proven that the progressive Jackpot for video poker is one of the best techniques. Although casinos do not like this technique too much, it allows players to earn money.

Different video poker versions: Each player will be able to choose the version he/she wishes to play. ‘Variety is the spice of life, mate!’

The video poker bonus offered by many online casinos: The bonus offers you to increase the number of winnings, thanks to “free spins.” In other words, bet without spending a penny!

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