Features of Slot Games

features of slot games
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The first slot machines, which have now become classics, had only three reels with few symbols. The player would win when similar symbols lined up. Since then, slot machines have evolved widely, and various features have appeared.

Some machines will display various game symbols; others will have only one. But most will have at least one. Ultimately, both can be just as valuable to you, but let’s see how they differ.

However, between the special symbols, the free spins, or the bonus games, it is somehow challenging to navigate. To not get lost, better know what features are included in the modern slots.

In this article, we will be covering the following aspects of slot game features:

1. Free Spins

When you play at modern Slots, the significant advantage is all that is special, like bonus games and free spins. Nowadays, bonus games are always more creative, more fun, and above all, very profitable.

A Free Spin can take place right there on the reels, as it can take you to a second screen with even more opportunities to win – it all depends on the slot machine you chose.

Nowadays, Free Spins are the most common and equally expected type of bonus game. Any number of spins can be touched, as long as you have the special chips, of course.

There is another feature of slots, which is known as ‘retriggering free spins.’

Some of the casino slots out there will give the punters a chance to retrigger the spins. Before you get hooked to a machine, check the pay table, and other details of the game. Does it allow retriggering of free spins? To retrigger spins, you may need a specific combination or the scatter.

Free Spins with Multipliers

Essentially, the multiplier in online slots doubles, triples, or increases your winnings up to x1000. Of course, that number depends on the slot machine as well as on your luck.

Some multipliers may have definitive rules; everything is described in the game information, while others may seem more complicated.

Besides, some multipliers increase your winnings, while other types of multipliers increase either the bet on the line or the total bet.

When Free Spins come with Multipliers, your payouts for the winning combinations are doubled or increased. In this case, there are two possibilities:

The first is to have the so-called “Fixed Free Spins with Multipliers” by which the number of Free Spins that include Multipliers is pre-determined.

The free spins multipliers are triggered during the free spins game and are usually attached to line wins and overall wins.

The combination of free spins and multipliers can result in huge wins with a relatively small bet, which is why it is such a popular combination among developers and players.

The second possibility is to get “Variable Free Spins with Multipliers.” In this case, the number of free spins is not defined, and their multipliers are triggered with large multiplier sizes.

2. Progressive Jackpot

What would the online game be without the promise of big wins? Each video slot has its Jackpot that can be won – if you are lucky enough – and you can find the amounts in the payout table.

However, when we talk about progressive slot machines, the story unfolds differently. Punters and experts in the casino world call it the ‘grand payout’ in the slot game.

Progressive Jackpots grow up every time someone plays the game and places a bet. It means that they are always on the rise, and if it is you who plays when the slot machine pays, there is a good chance that you are now a millionaire!

3. Wild Symbols

It is one of the most common slot symbols you will find is the Wild card, but what does Wild mean?

A Wild icon is another treasured symbol, and its primary function is to act as any other symbol to create a winning combination.

However, the Wilds will never replace the Scatter symbol.

Wilds have the ability to form their own combinations to reward you with higher payouts.

Wild slots are not hard to find, and the Wild symbol can also vary from one slot machine to another, as the next-generation games will have different types of Wild symbols, all with their features.

In some cases, a series of Wild symbols can also generate a win.

wild symbols

Random Wilds
Random Wilds can appear on any roll at any time. They function like ordinary wild symbols, but suddenly appear and disappear.

Expanding (Stacked) Wilds
Expanding Wild (or Stacked Wild) is used not only to replace other symbols and symbols, forming a winning combination. It is also a symbol that pays a Jackpot and increases winnings!

Shifting Wilds
Shifting Wilds usually appear on the last reel and move from one place to another in any direction on the next turn. Sometimes it can happen that the Wild symbol falls on the other side of the reel.

Transferring Wilds
Transferring Wilds are becoming increasingly popular. This very special system allows you to transfer a symbol to increase your winnings.

Sticky Wilds
Sticky Wild can appear and stay on the screen, activating additional features and triggering bonus rounds and free spins.

Walking Wilds
Walking Wilds gives a chance to win a free spin and can move in several directions, depending on the machine.

NOTE: The wild symbols are entirely random, and they may appear to replace the themed symbols. These wild symbols help in creating a winning combination! Hence, they are essential in the game.

Considering they appear anytime, it builds a sense of excitement in the game.

4. Scatters

The Scatter symbol allows you to win free spins. You just need to get 3 to 5 scatter symbols to start the free game mode. It will enable you to win up to 100 free spins, depending on the number of Scatters displayed on the reels.

During these free spins, you will receive more free spins if you get more Scatters on the reels. Besides the free spins, you will also have the opportunity to win coins, even without forming a winning combination since this symbol has its value.

5. Cascading Reels

‘Cascading Reels’ is a relatively new and quite revolutionary slot machine feature. It looks straight out of the Candy Crush video games because the principle is the same.

The Waterfall Wins feature, also called Avalanche Mode, acts when you see a winning combination displayed.

The symbols stop on the reels; all winning symbols are removed and replaced by new symbols that fall.

6. Split Symbols

A Split symbol is a symbol that can clone itself on the screen to appear in several places. It stands for a situation where a reel symbol is split into two or more icons. Sometimes, these icons can appear as Wilds or even as Scatters.

Split symbols allow players to significantly increase their winnings if the winning combination comes out obviously.

7. The Respin

Some slot machines allow what is called a Respin. Thanks to Respin, you can replay when you have missed a very little gain.

Depending on the expected gain and the machine type, the breathing conditions vary. Here the player is truly the master of his/her destiny. However, he/she must know how to keep a cool head so as not to spoil any chance as well as to limit his/her risks.

8. Gamble Feature

Many Jackpot video slots feature a Gamble Feature. Sure, you are already betting by playing with a slot machine, but the betting feature gives you a chance to increase your winnings.

gambling feature

Gamble Feature usually appears when you get a winning combination. A screen will then display and offer to bet on your winnings.

You will often be offered a deck of cards where you must guess the color that will come out. These types of features are usually found on low-volatility machines that allow you to earn small but frequent gains.

9. Winning Tricks

243 Ways
The beauty of playing the two forty-three ways 243 ways to win slots is that only a small number of coins are needed to play them.

720 Ways
International Game Technology (IGT) has launched many ways to win the seven twenty ways 720 slot games, and the popularity of their online slot games is because these slot machines initially start as terrestrial slot games.
Thus, when you play on a site offering their suite of games, you will encounter many slots that you may have been played before.

1024 Ways
You will often find that you need to bet more coins in the game if you choose to play slots with 1024 ways and, as such, if you have a limited budget. Otherwise, you can consider playing the 243 ways to win slot machines.

10. Megaways Slots

In 2015, the Australian slots developers Big Time Gaming (BTG) released an innovative online slot machine called Dragon Born.

Dragon Born introduced the unique Megaways of reel mechanics, offering players up to 117,649 ways to win each spin.

Megaways games are revolutionary 6-reel slots with a reel modifier that randomly changes the number of symbols (from 2 to 7) appearing on each reel at each spin.

Hence, it dramatically increases the number of ways to win.

Useful Terms You Must Be Aware Of

Now you know about all the features of a slot machine. How about understanding the basic terminology?

Let’s take a quick look at the basic terms that you will come across during the gambling session.

1. RTP – ‘Return to Player’ is nothing but the expected payback to the player. Let’s say if the RTP of a particular slot is 95.10%; then this means that the house edge is supposed to be 4.90%. Punters always opt for a slot with a high RTP. It is an important concept in the gambling world, and you will see it time and again, especially when you are reading the details of a slot.

2. Win both ways – Did you read the winning tricks? If the answer is a YES, you must understand the concept of ‘win both ways.’ The player can claim wins from both sides – the right to left and left to right. Don’t take this concept lightly because it will help you to win some serious bucks!

3. Volatility – Please note that ‘volatility’ is not a feature of the slot. However, it is essential to know what it means. If a slot has high volatility, it indicates that there will be fewer wins. Low volatility slots will pay you more often. Don’t get us wrong, but the high volatility slots DO payout, but grabbing a huge win is a rare instance. In case you are a low roller and have a budget to abide by, then opt for a low volatility slot. The wins will be smaller, but you will get to enjoy the slot.

When you are a PRO in the online casino world, you can opt for high volatility slot games.


In short, remember that, although luck plays a significant role in slot machines, it is possible to concretely increase your chances of winning more often by applying certain tricks and abiding by the pre-mentioned features.

Skim through the terminologies, and slot features YET again before you start playing. Our suggestion to new players would be to try out the free play version to understand how these features work. The online free play version allows you to follow the rules too. Hence, never miss a chance to try out the game before you place all the eggs in one basket.

Take into account all the tips and information provided on this page and apply them daily during your different game sessions. You will surely experience significant winnings.


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