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Video Poker is a good example of how games known for their long duration are transformed and completely renewed in our new electronic and computerized reality.

This game was introduced in the 1970s when the first video poker machines made their appearance in the casino rooms – with only a lukewarm appreciation at the very beginning, but it gained popularity over the years. Keen punters from all across the globe have appreciated the game and continue to be ardent fans.

If you have stepped into the casino world, it is important to know the video poker strategies. We are here to help!

In this post, we will cover the following aspects:

The Machine You Can Defeat

Whether you are visiting an online casino or a land-based casino, you will always have the opportunity indulge in video poker game.

In general, there are three types of slot machines:

  • Single hand: 1 line of 5 cards
  • Multi hands: 3 lines of 5 cards
  • Progressive: 1 line with common jackpot of several posts linked together

Once you head to the machine where cards are exhibited, your goal is to get a winning combination in order to receive the equivalent prize. As is the case for any online betting game, there are basic techniques and tricks that you can use to put all the odds on your side.

It is certain that a big win with a type of Video Poker will prompt you to make this your favorite machine. However, on second thoughts, is he fundamentally luckier? Maybe not, but if your pleasure to play is in this place, do not hesitate a moment, go for it!

Master the Rules of the Game

Each casino player has a unique profile and way of playing. It is obvious that he/she will have to go through all the variations and versions of Video Poker before finding shoe to his/her foot.

However, it should be noted that classic poker fans have more ease to learn and practice Video Poker. The knowledge of the different winning combinations and betting systems is a remarkable asset for anyone who wants to learn how to play Video Poker game.

Therefore, it goes without saying that to master the strategic subtleties of Video Poker a perfect knowledge of the rules is held by the player.

This means that you need to have a clear picture of how the game is going, know the card combinations perfectly, and also check the payout chart of the chosen game before betting.

Opt for the Basic Strategy

As in the Blackjack game, when you get in front of the machine, you have to know that all the decisions you make in terms of card exchange will obviously have a direct impact on whether you build a combination or not.

This is of course due to the various versions of the game that exist!!

  • Hit the Maximum Bet

If you play progressive video poker, you will have to bet a maximum of coins and realize the best combinations, that is to say the Royal Flush, to hope to win the Jackpot.

Indeed, to win the Jackpot, it is essential to wager the maximum number.

If you are on a progressive machine and you are not fully into it all the time, then it will not bring you more than a simple machine.

Don’t be afraid to bet hard. In addition, even if you don’t win the prize pool, with each winning combination you place, the win will be more important.

Don’t forget the ratio between the amount of your bet and the amount of the win!

Thus, it is important not to miss this chance to win a nice small fortune, via a single bet.

  • Choose the Finest Paytable

Each machine has a different paytable: choose well before starting a game.

Not all video poker games offer the same winnings. Indeed, from version to version and even between games of the same version, the distribution of winnings can be different.

So, remember not to rush into the first entertainment found once registered at a video poker casino: take the time to check the paytables of the different machines and then make your choice.

If you manage to start online video poker with an enticing video poker bonus, you can win more and more money. Check this aspect as well before registering.

  • Take Your Time

In video poker, you always need to think before you act. Building a hand in two runs can be quite strategic and you need to take your time to analyze the situation and not miss an opportunity to make money.

take your time

Also, take the time to learn as much as possible about dedicated websites. The more you know about video poker, the more you will increase your chances of winning money.

Furthermore, know that you can play on a free video poker casino that will allow you to hone your techniques. This is an option not to be omitted.

Sit down at each draw and imagine in your head all the possible moves with the cards that are out. Then, keep the ones that will be more interesting so that they are completed in the second draw and thus form a winning combination.

Learn as much as you can about techniques or other strategies. This is a must!!

  • Learn by Practice

It is not easy to become an excellent professional poker player from one day to the next. This requires the acquisition of a certain number of skills that goes far beyond mere knowledge of the game.

You must be able to quickly analyze your opponent’s game and be able to make successful decisions. You have to be able to imagine what configurations are possible from the cards, and you need regular training to acquire such qualities.

You must also be able to change strategy at any time if you want to become a poker Ace.

Practicing the game’s techniques allows you to adapt your strategy to each game so as to take over your opponent. All players who make a big splash at major tournaments have had to develop a competitive spirit by sharpening their mental agility in order to be on the attack.

You absolutely must have such quality to hope to win against the best players. Only long hours of training can help you reach the heights.

  • Hit the Right Combination

Repeating all the reasoning at each new turn to determine which card is good to keep and which card should be refused would be a bit tedious.

Also, use your memory instead and learn some typical situations with the corresponding decisions to be made so that you can react appropriately when the time comes.

And above all, a piece of advice is needed here that may seem ridiculous to some, but must be mentioned: reason “in the right direction” and click well on the cards you wish to KEEP and not the ones you wish to refuse.

In haste and under stress, ridiculous mistakes such as this are sometimes made. A little warning is better than a lot of frustration.

  • Regular or Progressive Jackpot Game?

Here is another way to determine which will be your Video Poker. Indeed, not all offer the progressive jackpot option. But what is it exactly?

With the progressive Jackpot, you are no longer alone in front of your Video poker. Indeed, the other players intervene to change this Jackpot. Depending on the number of players connected and the amount of their respective bets, the Jackpot can quickly take on gigantic proportions.

If you opt for this type of Video Poker, plan your game sessions at times when there are the most connected users. As soon as the Jackpot is won, things start with a very small amount and go up again. It’s infinite and very exhilarating!

Tips to Win with Basic Strategy

Here are some tips that you make use while adopting the basic strategy in video poker game:

  • If you have nothing, that is, no combination, then we advise you to exchange everything.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Hand Rankings, and master the combinations
  • Use logic and leave emotions aside
  • If you have a large card, that is to say a figure or an ace, then keep there and exchange 4 cards
  • If you have two figures or Aces, or a pair, in this case, exchange 3 cards. You could maybe build a Three of a Kind or even better, a Square
  • If you have a Three of a Kind, or a few cards in a color suit, then exchange only two cards. You will have the opportunity to go to a full house or a color suite
  • If you have two pairs or a nearly made suite, then you will only exchange 1 card. Again, you aim for the full or suite (a sequence)
  • If you have a suite or better, then it will be better to keep your combination and ensure with it.

Calculate Your Outs

In poker, when you have an incomplete hand, your hand is often beaten but still has the ability to catch the opposing hand.

To do that, you must touch, on the Turn or the River, a card allowing you to make your draw a handmade. It can, for example, act of a color, or of a straight. Each of these cards transforming a hand-drawn draw is called an Out.

To do this, there are many free Apps and Websites that help you to calculate the Outs, and even feed you with all the needed formulas and rules to learn the calculation method.

Practice before Playing for Real

Many players forget that they have the ability to play free video poker without downloading, while this is the ideal way to practice combinations without paying any bets.

Indeed, free online video poker is available at most online casinos, and you will be able to access most without even having to register. Do not look for any particular section on free video poker; you will have access to every “free video poker” on the home page of the online casino.

Besides unlimited entertainment, video poker without free download is also used to test new variants you don’t know of, or even train on strategies you might have heard about.

You will see that both the Jacks or Better as well as the Deuces Wild are available on online casino platforms.

deuces wild

Here’s something you need to know about Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild:

1. Deuces Wild – Deuces Wild is a much-loved video poker game variant. The goal is to get the best hand, but there is a twist in the game. All the Deuces in the game are wild cards. Each of these deuces cards are necessary as they help you to build a strong hand. Well, now you know why the name is the a giveaway!

The winning strategy for Deuces Wild is not complicated. You just need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Four deuces is the second strongest paying hand. It consists of four 2’s.
  • The Royal Flush ‘without a Deuce’ consists of King, Jack, Queen, Ace, and a ten. This is the highest paying hand.
  • Wild Royal Flush is when you get two or more number of 2s.
  • In case you do not have deuces, a combination, or any pair, then you must discard all the cards.
  • In case you have four Deuces, do not take new cards. You can already collect a profitable hand with these.
  • If you have three Deuces, keep the card. It is possible that you might get a royal flush or five-of-a-kind. Even if you are unable to get a high paying hand, keep the Deuces anyway.
  • Let’s say you have 2 Deuces. Idea it to keep these and exchange the rest. You might get four of a kind later on.
  • In case you do not have any Deuces, keep four cards at least for a straight flush. Straight flush is nothing but a hand of cards in a sequence such as seven, eight, nine, ten, and then Jack of Spades.
  • If you do not have any worthy cards, keep the senior cards with you. These include Ace, King, Jack, and Queen.
  • In case you feel none of the cards are worthy, just substitute them.

2. Jacks or Better – Jacks or Better, also known as Draw Poker, is another variant of the standard Video Poker game. Five cards are presented to each player and they can decide which ones to keep.

The return chances are 99.54%. The question is – How do you win? What is the most effective strategy?

The whole is to get a royal flush. Even on the pay table, you would find that Royal Flush is the highest paying hand.

Three terminologies are important here – Inside Straight, Outside Straight, and High Card.

  • Outside straight is when you have four consecutive cards like 5,6,7,8.
  • Inside straight is when one number is missing from the series such as 6,7,9,10.
  • High cards are the ones that include Ace, Jack, King, and Queen. It is worth holding on to these cards.

Here are some winning tips and strategies to follow:

– If you have no combinations or a higher cards, it is best to draw five new cards.
– In case you have four cards to a flush, then do not discard any card.
– Always keep a pair of Jacks (or higher).
– Keep 3 cards to a flush safely.
– Keep the higher cards even if they are unsuited.

4 cards or 3 cards to a flush will eventually help you to win. The key is to be patience! In video poker, patience really matters.

All this being said, nothing can replace the experience!!

Feel free to take the time to try out each Video Poker at different online casino sites.

Be Focused during the Game

When you play an online poker game, one of the tricks is to stay focused so you can watch your opponents’ game, as the slightest inattention can be fatal in the end.

It is true that some gamblers, especially those who play simultaneously on multiple tables, have the ability to win while being less focused, but they will certainly be more efficient if they focus all their attention on a single table.

It would be nice if you start playing poker on a single table for a good mastery before moving on to the multi-table version.

Practice these different tricks in poker and you will perform exploits!


In summary, gamblers looking for how to win at video poker can count on several winning tricks and techniques. It’s not a very complicated game to understand, and if you take the basic precautions, you can really have a very high chance of getting prizes.

The most important is to find free demo versions of video poker with which you can practice, and to adopt the basic strategy. This will allow you to spend very pleasant moments and to get big prizes.


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