Healthcare 19-09-2018

5 Ways Hospitals Benefit From RFID Tracking

Keeping track of everything in a hospital is a significant challenge. Knowing the whereabouts of patients, staff, pharmaceuticals and life-saving equipment in these large and often complex buildings is crucial if the hospital is to function properly and provide the best care for patients. The solution for many NHS Trusts has been to implement RFID […]

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Business 21-06-2018

Glaxo claiming lead over Gilead in HIV drug race

Brentford-based pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline is touting a significant step forward in their race to develop an HIV medication with increased results and lower side-effects. The race is contested between Glaxo and rival company Gilead to see which company can take the lead in the HIV drug market, worth around £20 billion. Gilead has had the […]

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Healthcare 02-06-2018

Antibiotic supply chain crisis emerging

Antibiotic shortages may be imminent for many nations, warns a report from the Access to Medicine Foundation (AMF). “Antibiotic supply is patchy, complex and at risk of collapsing,” said the authors from the Dutch-based organisation. Supply chain complexities contributed to low transparency and accountability, as a result hampering volume and quality of medication. As antibiotics […]

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