Best High Roller Casinos July 2020

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What are the High Rollers?

High rollers. Whales. Heavy hitters. You’ve probably seen movies where they walk through the casino, passed the slot machines and 5-dollar tables, and into an exclusive lounge where the other guys dressed wearing $50,000 watches are betting hands that could change a normal person’s life. But to them, it’s just another day at the office.

Have you ever wanted to sit at the table with the high rollers and have a shot at those kinds of winnings? Well, you have the perfect opportunity to do that from the comfort of your own home with online high roller casinos!

Getting hooked up with the Best High Roller Casinos

One quick search of “high roller casinos” on Google and you’ll be bombarded with ads on websites claiming their high roller casino is the best and the only one you need to consider. But the truth is, not all online casinos are treated equally, and this rings even more true for high roller casinos!

For an online casino to properly qualify as such, it needs to offer its players specific games, limits, bonuses, and other features that make them distinct from normal online casinos. This article will provide readers with links to reputable high roller casinos, along with a wealth of information for players to learn about what makes high roller casinos different, and what to look for when choosing one to gamble with.

The Difference Between Good High Roller Casinos and Bad Ones

This article provides readers with a lot of information on High Rollers Casinos. But it’s important to recognize the features that separate the good Casinos from the bad ones. Knowing how to spot bad high roller casinos could save you from bad experiences (i.e., slow payouts or putting your personal information at risk).

From an entertainment and accessibility standpoint, the best high roller casinos tend to have excellent bonuses for their players, along with various fast and easy payment methods so players can deposit money into their gambling account quickly, and take profits just as quickly as well. Other great features could include but are not limited to:

  • Reward points that can be exchanged in the future for certain items or trips
  • Free stays at Las Vegas hotels
  • Special cashback bonuses
  • The Perks of a High Roller

No matter whether you’re playing 25-cent slots or $5 blackjack, every gambler hopes to eventually be able to sit at the big tables and play monster hands with other high rollers. The image of a high roller commands respect and in the back of every gambler’s mind, is the ultimate goal.

And can you blame them? Imagine sitting amongst other whales in a custom-tailored suit, at a 6-star hotel-casino, while your waitress brings you a class of the finest single malt whiskey. This kind of lifestyle is what one sees in movies, and it comes with many amazing perks.

But while luck is a part of successful gambling, there is also a strategy to getting to the high roller level. Finding the right high roller casino can give you more opportunities to sign off richer than when you signed in. You just have to know how to work the system and take advantage of the bonuses they offer.

The Higher Roller Lifestyle is Attainable

Brick and mortar casinos work tirelessly to show their appreciation for the high rollers who patron their venues. High rollers often show their appreciation through generous tips to the waitresses or dealers that serve them during their time in the casino. Living the life of a high roller means being able to spend money in places that other people normally wouldn’t.

It’s widely regarded that casinos are some of the most secure places in the world with state of the art surveillance and round the clock security personnel. However, a high roller would typically have their own security to watch over them and their belongings because that’s just what high rollers do.

But this level of appreciation and notoriety can also be experienced by gambling through an online high roller casino. Your winnings and bonuses with an online high roller casino are much higher than normal online casinos, and once you’ve reached that status, you can be gambling from the comfort of your own mansion, sipping whatever bottle of champagne you choose.

Plus, with the bonuses you receive from online high roller casinos, you could find yourself winning a free stay at a 6-star casino resort.

The Best High Roller Casino Games

A little known fact about online casinos is that they offer a wider selection of casino games for their players. This is possible because developers don’t need to construct the hardware and deliver them to brick and mortar casinos. They can just update them immediately to the high roller casino websites. Online casinos will inform you when new games are available, and you can navigate the games to see which ones are right for you.

Online High Roller Slots

High roller slots come packed with great music, fun themes that catch your attention, and plenty of different versions of this fun casino game. Players play the traditional 3-wheel slots or more modern versions of this exciting game.

The minimums and maximums are higher for this popular game, and some high roller casino slots can go as high as $5000 per spin! This translates to million-dollar jackpots, and when you take into account progressive slots, there’s no telling what the jackpot could be

Online High Roller Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular card game where players need to have a little bit of luck and strategy to win. It’s a very popular game enjoyed by whales, and when you play online, you’ll have no problem finding an online blackjack table with the stakes you’re looking for. Since you’re playing online, the maximums will generally be higher than brick and mortar casinos, so you’ll have more chances to win big and claim big bonuses too!

Online High Roller Roulette

Roulette is a popular game for high rollers because of the many different ways and odds it gives players to win. Online high roller casinos will feature a wide variety of roulette games for players to enjoy. Each game will feature different minimums and maximums, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Online High Roller Baccarat

This is a notorious high roller game that whales love to bet big when they play. Many online high roller casinos will have a variety of baccarat tables available. Each one will typically feature a low house edge along with the different minimum and maximum bets for you to work with.

Famous poker player Phil ivy once one $9.6 million playing baccarat! So keep your eyes open for baccarat games when you sign up to the online casino of your choice.

Why These Casinos Made Our List

When looking at high roller casinos to recommend to the public, certain elements must be made available from the casinos to the players. In general, whales have different betting needs than regular players, so being able to identify those needs and preferences will make it easier to suggest the best online high roller casinos that are open today.

Reputation is King

Having a good reputation is good enough for most people. But in the world of online high roller casinos, having just a good reputation is the fastest way to lose potential players. When sifting through all the options available, it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

The internet has more online casinos that we’re willing to count, so it’s important to go straight to the ones that have nothing less than a perfect reputation. That’s where you see many others fall by the wayside, and only the best remain as an option for you to choose from.

Since high roller players are betting with much higher amounts of money, they need to know the casino they’re playing with won’t rip them off or put their personal and financial information at risk. Whales also know that betting big means winning big!

So they need to play with a casino that won’t have any issues paying out those big winnings in a quick and timely manner. The casinos on this list meet those criteria, and high rollers can rest assured that their information and payouts will be safe and secure.

A High Roller Needs to Bet Like a High Roller

Online High Roller casinos have another important responsibility, and that is allowing the whales to bet like whales. While a $1000 bet per hand is quite an impressive chunk of change, high rollers have been known to spend up to 5 times that much and even more in some cases!

A proper online casino knows this and allows maximum bets that are much higher than what a normal player would expect.

Quick and Easy Cashout

High roller casinos know that big-time betters want to have quick access to their winnings. This is a problem for smaller casinos because they impose smaller withdrawal limits, and in some cases, withdrawals with smaller casinos take an inconvenient amount of time.

A perfect online high roller casino will allow for big and fast withdrawal limits, so whales can cash out when they want to.

High Roller Bonuses

One of the best perks about playing with an online casino is the fantastic bonuses you are eligible to receive. Regular online casino may offer bonuses such as:

  • A welcome bonus
  • Re-buy in bonus
  • Cashback offer

But if you’re betting upwards of $2000 a hand, these kinds of bonuses may not have very much appeal! Furthermore, these bonuses are often associated with casinos that have low bet limits, which is another setback for high rollers. High Roller casinos will offer much higher bonus percentages on initial deposits and better prizes for frequent players.

Online high roller casinos also offer their gamblers the bonus of being able to bet the way they like to- for much higher stakes.

Unmatched Customer Service

A top online high roller casino will ensure that customer service is provided at the highest level. In most cases, players will have their very own personal contact representative that they can communicate with, should they have any questions or problems while playing. The representative will be available every day, and at whatever hour they are needed.

High roller casinos will also ensure that the contact person will speak the native language of the player fluently to ensure that there are no communication barriers. The customer service representative can also provide a wide range of other services apart from tech support. For example, they can also look into flight and hotel reservations if the player chooses to book a trip to Las Vegas or another gambling destination.

Getting Registered with an Online High Roller Casino

1. Choose Your Casino: Check out the wide variety of options available in this article and select the casino that’s right for you

2. Registration: Enter the information required. This will usually consist of basic contact info, including your full name, address, email, phone number.

3. Make Your Deposit: Use one of the casino’s trusted payment methods to make your initial deposit. Top high roller casinos make information security the highest priority. Their entire reputation is built on it. So you can rest assured that your money and information will be safe from hackers.

4. Head to the Tables and Play: Now that you’re registered and have made your deposit, you’re ready to put your gambling skills to the test and win big!

The life of a casino high roller is one of excitement and luxury. While some players have the option of playing at brick and mortar casinos, the option to become an online high roller has just as many perks and payouts!

Take a look at some of the options provided within this article and elevate your gambling game to high roller status. Before you know it, you could be placing $5000 bets, winning millions of dollars, and turning your dream life into a reality.


Top High Roller Casino for July