Consumer Advice 06-03-2020

Some Genius Apps To Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Some Genius Apps To Make Your Everyday Life Easier Time has fast become the most valued currency in the fast-paced and digitally connected world we live in today. Consequently, almost everyone is in search of new ways to boost productivity, so that they can live smarter to enjoy their time. Thanks to the digital revolution, […]

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Consumer Advice 08-07-2019

How Embracing Diversity in Business can Lead to Success

How Embracing Diversity in Business can Lead to Success Diversity has become something of a buzzword in recent years. It’s often presented as a social good, which businesses should pursue regardless of the financial incentive. This view neglects the crowning virtue of a diverse workforce, however: it achieves better results than a non-diverse one. Given […]

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Employment 24-06-2019

How to Retire When You Are Single

Being single is a growing trend, especially amongst the younger population. At the minute, only about 50% of the adult population over the age of 18 are married. This is significantly lower than the number of married couples in the 1960’s, which was between 70% and 80%. Nevertheless, being single doesn’t have to stop you […]

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Healthy & Beauty 12-09-2018

Why So Many People Don’t Get Results with Time Management

A lot of people try their best to manage their time as effectively as possible, but for many it just doesn’t seem to work. Ana Calle, who is s a current PhD student in Texas, says that everything she has tried works for a while, but then it just doesn’t. Today there are tons of […]

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Latest News 08-09-2018

Deciding When to Retire: When is it Time?

There always comes a time when everyone has to decide when they are going to hang it up and stop working. It can be difficult to make this determination, and there are a few key things that workers should keep in mind. How exactly do you know if the money you have in your bank […]

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Latest News 16-08-2018

Six Places You Must Visit when You are in the Palm Springs

Undoubtedly the most precious retreat at the heart of Florida, The Palm Springs is a true picture of serenity. Our urban lives do not allow us much respite, and we must allow both our body and our mind breaks from our hectic schedule and take a small vacation. Palm Springs is a perfect place for […]

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