parimatch license ukraine
Casino Industry News 12-08-2020

Parimatch to Bid for Operating License Following the Legalized Gambling Industry of Ukraine

One of the global betting and technology firms, Parimatch is known to be the first bookmaker in the region of CIS that had quickly inclined towards the online betting platform. Now, the company has extended its reach globally to become a worldwide betting and software provider. By receiving the license, it will expand its supply […]

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online casinos trend 2020
Casino Industry News 12-08-2020

Online Casinos Becomes The Trend In 2020

Large cities build casinos to boost their economy as it develops tourism and infrastructure. Casinos have catered entertainment needs of many places for decades. As the world turns digital, the gambling landscape has also changed. The rapid development in “the internet of all things” and “mobile gaming” drastically altered the gambling industry. People are shifting […]

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macau casinos covid
Casino News 12-08-2020

Macau Casinos Are Ready To Operate Amidst The Coronavirus Threat

The country reported 46 cases of the novel coronavirus, and its last case went home from the hospital in March. There was no reported of a confirmed new case of infection on the island over the previous 28 days. China’s special administrative zone reported zero casualties from the deadly virus. However, its casinos saw massive […]

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biometrics and artificial intelligence
Casino Industry News 12-08-2020

Casino’s Use Of Biometrics And AI-powered Identity Verification In Online Gambling

Social media and other platforms raised the risks of identity theft and other forms of digital crimes. Without proper identification and verification software, the risk of addiction and minor exploitation rises. Many online casino platforms have an underperforming customer identity validation system, which increases the subscriptions of underage gamblers. Criminals, such as money launderers, flooded […]

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black market germany
Compliance 11-08-2020

New Gaming Laws May Fuel Black Market in Germany, Says GVC

As per the new law, it would enable the registration to a specific number of online poker games, virtual slot machines, and sports betting providers. The regulation will also allow a selected number of online game suppliers. The Purpose of German Gambling Laws The emergence of gaming laws in Germany is an outcome of an […]

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macau tourist visas
Casino Industry News 11-08-2020

Macau Partially Resumes Tourist Visas, Hopes For Gambling Industry’s Recovery

The prolonged travel restrictions from and to the country have caused massive damage to its casinos’ revenue, which dragged down its economy. Casinos in Macau shut down operations in mid-March because of the government’s battle against the novel coronavirus. Travel restrictions were imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The neighboring nations banned […]

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European Gambling Commissions
Casino News 11-08-2020

European Gambling Commissions Adapts Strict Rules On Legal Online Gambling

More countries worldwide are moving towards the legalization of their online gambling industry. The world’s outlook towards online gaming changed from a more positive perspective because of its potential to produce massive revenue if adequately regulated. Countries with legislation on online gambling, such as Macau and the US, proved the industry’s capability to stimulate growth. […]

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india online gambling legal
Casino Industry News 11-08-2020

Impact, Legality Of India’s Online Gambling Industry

Currently, India has around 70 crore internet users, projected to reach 97 crores by 2025, in which the majority are mobile device users. The rapid development in the “internet of all things” and gaming technology caused a snowball effect on India’s online betting industry. Almost everyone has access to mobile devices, and gambling applications popped […]

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gambling in germay
Casino News 10-08-2020

Gambling in Germany – Favourite Games & Gambling Industry Statistics

Since its early days, gambling has found a way to move with the times and allow easier access for players to enjoy a chance at winning big. From its early beginnings as traveling riverboat casinos to online video slots that players can enjoy from their homes, the gambling industry has always found a way to […]

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spanish gambling market
Compliance 10-08-2020

CT Gaming Interactive Receives License To Operate Across Spanish Markets

A few days back, the company has secured a license to offer its online content to the top regulated markets of Spain. Under the license, the company will exploit the potential of Spanish markets and grow its business to the next heights. CT Gaming Interactive’s broad range of games will soon be available and live […]

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