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The Legislature of Bulgaria
Compliance 28-07-2020

The Legislature of Bulgaria Sanctions the Bill to Abolish Current Gambling Regulator

Last week, the Bulgarian National Assembly passed the amendments of second reading about the law on gambling. It aims to rebuild some resemblance of measures over the Bulgarian online as well as land-based casinos. Amendments in the Bill During Its First Reading The Bill 054-01-51 to supplement and amend the Gambling Act came into existence […]

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major league baseball
Casino News 28-07-2020

Analyst: New Jersey Sports Betting Sites Offers Attractive Odds For MLB Bettors

Baseball leads the resume of major sports events, followed by the start of the seasons of the NBA and NHL. Major sporting events worldwide postponed and canceled scheduled games in March following government mandate to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many sports betting operations attached to land-based casinos, without online platforms, halted operations. […]

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online casinos financial outputs
Casino Industry News 28-07-2020

Online Casinos Shows Great Financial Outputs

In its early years, the industry is linked to crimes and fraud, but, as technology rapidly develops, people are changing their outlook towards the billion-dollar industry. More and more countries see the potential of the industry as a contributor to the growth of the economy. State leaders in many parts of the world are pushing […]

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David Haye
Casino News 28-07-2020

Boxing Champ Represents Grosvenor Casino, UK Casino Lockdown Drains Million In Revenue

Meanwhile, casinos in the UK are losing millions in revenue because of the prolonged lockdowns imposed by the government. The gambling industry in Europe is becoming livelier. More and more casinos are reopening as countries loosen strict restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Poker tournaments started resuming following the events hosted […]

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gvc holdings
Compliance 27-07-2020

GVC Hires A New Chief Operating Officer

Apart from declaring its new chief operating officer, it has also declared several changes to its senior executive team. Now, the company is looking for another member in the place of CTO. The journey of Sandeep Tiku at GVC At GVC, Sandeep Tiku joined the company as IT Director in 2014. After two years, he […]

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a man stealed money
Casino News 27-07-2020

Man On Elderly-Man-Prosthetics Steals More Than $100,000 From VIP Casino-Goers

Casinos circulate a large amount of money on their daily operations. The vast amount of cash waged by the gamblers makes casinos livelier. Everyone goes into the casinos because of the chance to take home a large amount of winnings. It is an ideal place for fun and excitement and, at the same time, ideal […]

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macau casinos losses
Casino Industry News 27-07-2020

Macau Casinos See More Losses As China Reinstate Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Dreams for recovery shattered when the news that China plans to reinstate coronavirus travel restrictions circulated. Two weeks ago, authorities in the Guangdong province lifted the order that visitors from Macau needed to undergo a 14-day quarantine before entry to the mainland. China has shut down its borders to travelers from Macau on March 15 […]

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england casinos reopen
Casino News 27-07-2020

England Casinos Reopens August 1, Scotland and Wales Not Willing To Gamble

Casinos in the UK remained closed since March 21because of the threat of the novel coronavirus. Gamblers and investors are thrilled to hear the news except for gambling fans in Scotland and Wales. The shutdown of the casinos in the UK took away the jobs of thousands of people. Government lockdowns stole millions in revenue […]

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macau casinos lost
Casino Industry News 24-07-2020

Analyst Expects Macau Casinos To Post $1 Billion Losses In The Second Quarter

The gambling institutions closed doors to clients in mid-March because of the threat of the novel coronavirus. Casinos and its related sectors projected huge losses because of the prolonged stay-at-home mandates. Business operations remained in shutdown for months, dragging revenues down to almost zero levels. Governments decided to open the economy as treasuries near depletion […]

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germany online casinos regulation
Casino News 24-07-2020

Germany Goes Hard On Online Casinos

Nevertheless, the German government said that to avoid prosecution, online casino operators should just follow the new rules formulated under the new federal gambling treaty. The German media company NDR reported on Thursday that the country has established a working group composed of representatives from different state law firms. The report added that the group […]

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