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Latest News 07-09-2018

8 Places with a Cost of Living So Low You Can Quit Your Job

Everyone has fantasized about just walking away from their job and going to somewhere beautiful to live out the rest of their days. Most people don’t actually go through with it because it just doesn’t seem possible. The truth is that there are a number of places all over the world with incredibly scenery and […]

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Business 06-09-2018

5 Tips for Increasing Contact Centre Efficiency

Dick Bourke explains how the average contact centre can increase their efficiency in a very noticeable way. The first impressions that customers get when dealing with representatives of a business shape how they view it overall. Those who want to make their call centre more efficient can follow a few simple yet effective tips. Bourke […]

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Business 31-08-2018

An Armchair Guide to Index tracker Funds Vs. Managed Funds

Armchair investors are always looking to take the hassle out of investing. Unlike an investment banker of hedge fund manager, they don’t have the time or inclination to spend every spare minute monitoring the performance of individual stocks and shares. If you’re time poor, you may be better off putting your money into a tracker […]

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Latest News 16-08-2018

Six Places You Must Visit when You are in the Palm Springs

Undoubtedly the most precious retreat at the heart of Florida, The Palm Springs is a true picture of serenity. Our urban lives do not allow us much respite, and we must allow both our body and our mind breaks from our hectic schedule and take a small vacation. Palm Springs is a perfect place for […]

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Banking 16-08-2018

Tips on how to reclaim unfair bank charges

Banks provide an essential service to the public and businesses. They let us use our money through current accounts and to keep some money safely locked away making a little interest. They also loan money so that we can purchase big-ticket items. However, banks are also for-profit companies that want to make as much money […]

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Aviation 05-07-2018

Ryanair crew threatening to join pilots in striking

As 100 Ryanair pilots approach a walkout, cabin crew and ground staff have set out a list of demands for improved terms and working conditions. A document released called the “Ryanair Crew Charter” sets out 34 demands that require action if a further strike is to be avoided. Demands include a fair living wage, predictable […]

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Automotive 05-07-2018

UK car sales drop amid Brexit uncertainty

A report from the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows the number of new car sales in the UK is falling. Car sales for June fell by 3.5%, with 234,945 new cars registered, down almost 10,000 from a year ago. Total sales for the year so far fell by 6.3%, to 1.3 million. […]

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Banking 05-07-2018

Lloyds slammed for proposed timeline on HBOS investigation

Lloyds Banking Group have been the subject of criticism for the pace of their independent review into the HBOS fraud case. Dame Linda Dobbs is chairing the review, and recently announced the review was not likely to be finished until the second half of 2019. The Treasury Committee is asking for a quicker completion of […]

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Business 05-07-2018

UK economy looking up on the back of services growth

IHS Markit’s latest Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) figures have shown positive news for Britain’s economy, with a stronger than expected growth in the services sector. The services PMI came in at 55.1 for June, after sitting at 54 in May. A number higher than 50 indicates growth for the sector. The figures recorded at the […]

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Automotive 05-07-2018

Jaguar Land Rover says UK investment in jeopardy with hard Brexit

Britain’s largest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover, has said £80 billion investment plans and 40,000 UK staff could be in doubt if Brexit plans don’t go well. “Jaguar Land Rover’s heart and soul is in the UK. However, we, and our partners in the supply chain, face an unpredictable future if the Brexit negotiations do not […]

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