Latest News 27-02-2020

Post Brexit Taxes – What Next for UK Expats in Spain

While the war to secure Brexit may fundamentally be over, the question of who will win the peace remains a viable one. After all, the UK only has until December 31st to secure a free trade agreement with the EU (following a self-imposed and immovable deadline), while the failure to achieve this will lead to […]

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Business 26-06-2018

Harley-Davidson planning to move production out of the US

US motorcycle staple Harley-Davidson have said they will begin producing more of their products in the EU, as a response to recently announced tariffs on US exports. The export tariffs, which include motorcycles, are expected to increase costs by US$2,200 per exported unit. The company says the extra costs could add up to $100 million […]

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Business 23-06-2018

BMW follows Airbus in issuing Brexit warning

German carmaker BMW have become the latest big manufacturer to warn Britain about the potential impact of a no-deal exit. The company’s UK boss Ian Robertson told the BBC that clarity is needed on how regulations are going to operate once Britain leaves the EU in March next year. “If we don’t get clarity in […]

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Latest News 13-06-2018

Justice minister Lee resigns ahead of Brexit vote

Government justice minister Phillip Lee has walked out over the handling of Brexit, ahead of a key vote on amendments to the upcoming EU withdrawal. The move is a blow to Prime Minister Theresa May, as Lee is set to join the rebels to the government’s planned Brexit directions. The upcoming vote covers 15 amendments […]

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Business 06-06-2018

European Union warns businesses against using UK-made components, due to Brexit

Businesses operating in the EU are being told to consider turning away from parts made in the UK, ahead of the their impending exit. Sky News reports that these businesses will risk losing the benefits of free trade arrangements if they do. They revealed that the Dutch government is warning businesses about the prospect of […]

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Latest News 05-06-2018

UK government considering nuclear plant involvement

In what would be a significant change in policy, the UK may inject taxpayer funds to take a stake in a new nuclear power plant being constructed in Wylfa, Wales. Government officials revealed that discussions were ongoing with Japanese conglomerate Hitachi over their potential involvement in the project, which could include the state taking a […]

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