Latest News 27-02-2020

Post Brexit Taxes – What Next for UK Expats in Spain

While the war to secure Brexit may fundamentally be over, the question of who will win the peace remains a viable one. After all, the UK only has until December 31st to secure a free trade agreement with the EU (following a self-imposed and immovable deadline), while the failure to achieve this will lead to […]

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Banking 28-06-2018

UK government may have lost money on Lloyds share sale, contrary to Chancellor’s comments

A report by government spending watchdog the National Audit Office claims the government’s sale of Lloyds Banking Group shares cost taxpayers almost £6 billion. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond earlier claimed the government had recouped the £20.3 billion spent bailing out the group as part of the 2008 financial crisis. The government stated that […]

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Finance News 27-06-2018

Watchdog warns Brexit bill may be £10 billion higher than estimates

The government has said the amount paid as part of Britain’s exit to be in the range of £39 billion, however a report from a group of MPs says this figure is too light. The report by the Public Accounts Committee warns that initial estimates are missing approximately £10 billion worth of costs associated with […]

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Automotive 26-06-2018

Brexit uncertainty halving automotive investment, putting 860k jobs at risk, says industry group

The government has been warned of Brexit’s impact on the automotive industry, as uncertainty around exit negotiations continues. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) told Theresa May the almost 860,000 workers employed in the wider industry were at risk if they did nothing to boost investor confidence. Figures released by the group showed […]

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Business 26-06-2018

Harley-Davidson planning to move production out of the US

US motorcycle staple Harley-Davidson have said they will begin producing more of their products in the EU, as a response to recently announced tariffs on US exports. The export tariffs, which include motorcycles, are expected to increase costs by US$2,200 per exported unit. The company says the extra costs could add up to $100 million […]

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Business 23-06-2018

BMW follows Airbus in issuing Brexit warning

German carmaker BMW have become the latest big manufacturer to warn Britain about the potential impact of a no-deal exit. The company’s UK boss Ian Robertson told the BBC that clarity is needed on how regulations are going to operate once Britain leaves the EU in March next year. “If we don’t get clarity in […]

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Finance News 22-06-2018

Historic debt relief plan in place for Greece

Eight years of financial crisis for Greece appear to be coming to an end, as 19 Eurozone ministers have agreed a plan to end the nation’s bailout program. Having received €275 billion in support over the last eight years, the program will end on August 20, at which time Greece will once again face the […]

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Finance News 21-06-2018

European Union launching counter-tariffs against the US

The EU is set to kick off a number of tariffs on US imports this week, a counter against duties placed on EU products earlier this year. The bloc will launch tariffs of 25% on €2.8 billion (£2.5 billion) worth of US goods, beginning on 22 June. The goods affected include jeans, bourbon, make-up and […]

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Finance News 17-06-2018

US fires first shot in trade war, says China

The possibility of a trade war between two of the world’s biggest powers is looking more and more likely. US President Donald Trump announced come July the nation would place a 25 percent tariff on imported Chinese goods, worth US$50 billion. The tariffs would apply to imports containing “industrially significant technologies”, the White House said. […]

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Latest News 13-06-2018

Justice minister Lee resigns ahead of Brexit vote

Government justice minister Phillip Lee has walked out over the handling of Brexit, ahead of a key vote on amendments to the upcoming EU withdrawal. The move is a blow to Prime Minister Theresa May, as Lee is set to join the rebels to the government’s planned Brexit directions. The upcoming vote covers 15 amendments […]

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