Latest News 11-11-2019

Snappy Guide to Search Finding The Mortgage Deal You Want

When looking for mortgages there are hundreds of different comparison sites, such as GoCompare, CompareTheMarket etc all offer  standard comparison algorithms but what happens when you are looking for a quality more personal to your needs provider for a specific product such as a bad credit mortgage or lower deposit than these comparison sites have […]

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Consumer Advice 07-02-2019

Is a Current Account Mortgage Right for You?

Is a Current Account Mortgage Right for You? As mortgage rates rise throughout both the UK and the world, borrowers are looking for a way to save money and lower their payments. Buyers should look beyond the traditional mortgages to reduce the obligations on a mortgage. In rising interest rate environments, unconventional mortgages may help […]

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Latest News 02-07-2018

Government proposes minimum-term tenancies for renters

A new proposal being introduced to parliament will have rental contracts offered with a minimum term of three years, if passed. Introduced by housing secretary James Brokenshire, the plan is a way to offer tenants greater security in a market where less and less have the ability to buy. Special concern is being paid to […]

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Latest News 27-06-2018

UK house price growth at five-year low for June

Nationwide’s monthly house price index for June shows the UK housing markets growing at the slowest rate since June 2013. Annual growth for June came in at 2%, dropping from 2.4% in May. The figure is the lowest since 1.9% in the aforementioned period five years ago. The organisation expects the market to continue along […]

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Latest News 18-06-2018

Property prices in Scotland surging to record levels

New research is showing significant growth in the Scottish property, increasing at the fastest since 2015. According to a report from The Property Monitor, the nation’s average house price sits at £166,075, a 7 percent increase from January to March – the largest jump since the beginning of 2015. The figure was up around £11,000 […]

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Latest News 31-05-2018

UK house prices dropping, per Nationwide data

Nationwide Building Society released figures showing a seasonally adjusted drop of 0.2% in house prices in May. Statistics had price growth at 2.6% in April, which was now sitting at 2.4%. The decline comes amid rough economic conditions for UK residents, including tight household budgets and potential interest rate increases. The mortgage lender’s findings showed […]

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