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Why Choose Zimpler Casinos?

The internet is a place where you can find just about anything you need. It’s also responsible for the growth of new businesses and the evolution of old ones. For decades, brick and mortar casinos would attract players from all over their respective countries and even bring in travelers from across the globe.

In the case of Las Vegas, millions of players would flock to this electrifying city each month for a shot to win big at slots, poker, baccarat, and more exciting games.

But as the internet evolved, more and more businesses found a market online. The world was changing, and the name of the game was being more convenient.

Being able to get what you wanted without having to spend money on flights, gas, and even the cost of missing work became a fundamental way in which people did business or purchased goods. The casino world was no exception to this ever-changing world we live in.

Online casinos began to flourish and gave players a chance to enjoy the excitement of potentially winning big, right in their living rooms. Over time online casinos became bigger and better. The best software developers in the world were hired and taken to task in making games more interactive and fun for players.

Brand new casino games that weren’t even available in brick and mortar locations were made available to players, as well as the classics that we all know and love.

But with the explosive popularity of online casinos emerged another necessary product. And that was the system in which players would transfer money to and from their online casino account. The platforms needed to guarantee that the safety of player’s information was always protected and that transactions could happen as quickly as possible.

Many platforms from big corporations developed payment methods available in countries across the world. But other, smaller companies, like Zimpler, opened up to select countries as a boutique option, with hopes of expanding.

In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of ZImpler as a payment method and give you the player a detailed account of our findings.


As online casinos grew in popularity and became available in more European countries, developers and entrepreneurs knew that there would be a large demand and necessity for reliable and safe payment methods. Two such entrepreneurs from Sweden, Johan Friis, and Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, capitalized on this growing need and decided to create the online payment system Zimpler in 2012.

Since then, Zimpler has seen its number of customers grow to a respectable 112,000 users (approximately), and their customer base spans across Sweden, Finland, Germany, and a few other countries across the globe.

The company started with a deposit-only service but, after a short while, introduced a withdrawal option as well. This increased its popularity with online casino players who preferred to use one trusted method to handle both transactions.

Zimpler was created to serve as a dependable deposit method for online casino players, and also handle other online purchases. However, for the purpose of this article, we will focus solely on Zimpler’s functionality for casinos and the benefits it provides. Zimpler is well known to be an easy to navigate payment method that allows players to deposit money into their online casino account quickly and with no hassles.

But Zimpler does solely rely on their ease of use as a selling point for their payment method. The company also puts customer safety at the top of their priority list. That’s why all personal data of their clients is protected under the Swedish Financial Services Authority. This governing body also regulates all of the banks in Sweden. So with that in mind, players can rest assured that Zimpler takes their privacy very seriously.

Advantages of Using Zimpler

Zimpler allows players to cut to the chase and transfer money easily to and from their online casino account. Here are some detailed advantages that Zimpler provides its customers:

advantages of using zimpler

  • Easy to use and saves time. When using Zimpler, you simply click and transfer. You don’t have to continuously enter your financial information every time you want to deposit or withdraw money from your online casino account.
  • The system works fast to deposit your money, so you don’t have to wait several hours before playing your favorite casino games.
  • Zimpler’s customer support can be fairly characterized as “the first-class service.” Any questions or concerns players have are promptly handled by a friendly customer service representative that can be reached via email, phone, or live chat.
  • We’re not always gonna win big when we’re betting, and Zimpler does its best to help players curb their losses. The company does this by offering players a budget feature that allows players to put a spending cap on their daily bets. This can help prevent a player from spending more than he/she can afford to lose.

More Advantages through Casino Bonuses with Zimpler

With so many online casinos vying for new players, they often offer bonuses to help get more people through their online doors. It wouldn’t be uncommon for these bonuses to be applied to the payment method players choose.

For example, a player who deposits using Zimpler could receive a 100% match welcome bonus from the casino. That means if you deposit $100, the casino will match it. Another bonus could be a free spin on a random day if a deposit is made with Zimpler. Bonuses will vary between casinos, and players can check each one out before making their decision on which to play with.

Disadvantages of Using Zimpler

The major drawback we found with Zimpler as a payment system is that it is only available to users with bank accounts in select European countries.

However, the company has stated that it plans to expand its service in the coming years, and this could be great for North American players who are interested in using Zimpler as a payment method.

How to Deposit Using Zimpler

We have provided a step by step guide to help you fully understand the process of making your first deposit into your online casino account using Zimpler.

1. Select a Zimpler casino from the list we have provided and proceed to the cashier page. Choose Zimpler as your preferred payment method to deposit money into your account.
2. Enter the amount of money you’d like to deposit into your online casino account.
3. At this point, you will be asked to enter your phone number. After entering it, a Zimpler account will automatically be created for you.
4. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS message with instructions on how you can confirm the new account that has been created for you.
5. After your account has been activated, enter your Visa or Mastercard information to allow for payments to be made.
6. Your account is now live, and you can now enter the amount of money you wish to deposit along with the phone number. From this point on, Zimpler will send a one-time confirmation message to your cellphone to approve each transaction you make.

How to Withdraw Using Zimpler

how to withdraw using zimpler

The process of withdrawing your money from your online casino account is similar to the deposit process.

1. Go to the cashier page of the online casino you play with
2. Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw and select Zimpler as your preferred payment method.
3. Enter your phone number and verify the confirmation code you receive (via SMS message).
4. Confirm the transaction.

Fees and Timeframes

Zimpler is a great payment method that offers users fast deposit and withdrawal times. It’s usually very common for other payment services to offer instant deposits and slight delays on withdrawals, but this is not the case with Zimpler.

Not only are deposits instantly processed, but withdrawals also get posted within minutes of confirming the transaction.

Like most financial services, there are fees that customers must pay, and Zimpler is not any different. Customers will need to be between 1.50 – 4.90 Euros per transaction, depending on the amount being transferred. This isn’t a huge amount of money, but over time it does add up.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

Online casino players who have the benefit of using Zimpler as a payment method, can see a detailed history of their transactions on their monthly credit card statement. Zimpler itself is not a bank or an account in which players can store their money.

Instead, it acts as a middle man between the credit card and the online casino. At this moment, Zimpler does not have a mobile app that players can access.

Customer Service

Players who have troubles using Zimpler are able to get in touch with a customer service representative via phone, email, or live chat. Players that choose the phone as an option should know that there are working hours in which they can be attended. These hours can be found by visiting the Zimpler website. Zimpler offers customer service in Finnish, Swedish, German, and English.

It should be noted, however, that players can find a long list of questions and answers on the FAQ section of their customer support page on their website. There is a good chance that players will find the answer to their questions on that page.



Why is Zimpler So popular?

Zimpler is a popular payment method for several reasons. It offers a two-way money transfer system for online casino players to fund and withdraw their cash, and does so in a very short time period. Zimpler also has very low fees and no deposit limits, so players can enjoy making larger than usual deposits into their online casino account. Zimpler also puts customer safety at the top of their priority list and keeps all data confidential.

How Safe is Zimpler?

As far as safety and security go, Zimpler is one of the best payment methods players can rely on. Players who use Zimpler need not concern themselves with foul play as it is regulated by the FSA, which is the same federal agency that regulates all the banks in Sweden. Government regulatory bodies have the strictest policies to ensure that proper business methods are applied at all times.

How to set up a Zimpler account?

A Zimpler account can be set up in one of two ways. The first method involves setting up through the Zimpler website, where customers can open a free account and enter the required information.

The second possible way to open a Zimpler account is to make a deposit to your online casino account and select Zimpler as your payment method. When you do this, the system will automatically take you through the steps to set up and account, and you can enter all the required information to complete the task.

Who can open a Zimpler account?

Zimpler accounts can be set up by people who live in the designated countries where Zimpler is available and are over the age of 18. A credit card (Visa or Mastercard), will also be needed to allow for transactions to be made.

How fast are transactions processed?

Unlike many other payment methods, Zimpler provides the benefit of instant deposits and withdrawals. Other payment methods usually have delays when withdrawing money that can sometimes take up to 5 business days.



There isn’t an online casino player in the world who wants to worry about the safety of their data and funds while playing some of their favorite casino games. Whether it’s blackjack, poker, roulette, or more, you need to know your payment method will give you quick access to your funds and not charge you an arm and a leg in service fees.

Luckily for players in some European countries, companies such as Zimpler aim to meet every single one of their needs with fast transaction times, state of the art security, transparent regulations, and first-class customer service.

Zimpler gets two big thumbs up from us as a reliable payment method, and we hope that the company follows through with its plans to expand into other countries, so more players can enjoy the benefits their platform provides.


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