Adam Beaufort

Adam Beaufort

Position: Chief Casino Analyst

Favourite thought: When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

3 things that describe me: loves fishing, spending time in nature, family guy


Why the Career of a Casino Expert?

I’ve always had a thing for skill games growing up, and once I was old enough to play casino games – I discovered roulette, which completely blew me away. It’s a fascinating game to me, and I love the probability aspect of it. And it’s the same analytical part of me that also drew me to law, which I later earned a degree in. With that said, my entry into the iGaming industry as a professional and not just as a player was made possible due to the mixture of both these things. I have an almost annoying interest in reading the fine print. And to be honest, I think that’s the only reason my friends tolerated me enough to offer me this job.

On a serious note, though, like it or not, the gaming world is subject to very strict rules and regulations – and with good reason. So it’s very fulfilling to be able to kind of bridge the gap between unclear or complicated-sounding laws and regular players who want to have a good time. Oh, and making sure that the casinos we list here are all licensed and regulated is a huge part of it, too.

My work at MoveYourMoney

My degree comes in handy more often than not in this job. Mostly what I do here is take care of all the legal parts of the casino reviews and ratings. Gambling legislation and rules change very often, and there has to be someone on board who can keep up with all these changes. And sometimes, these changes can mean that certain online casinos can no longer be fit to offer their services, or their services may be limited, and so on. So I help make sure all the information we publish is in alignment with all the latest rules and regulations.

What I believe in?

I believe in fair gaming, just like my fellow team members at MoveYourMoney. I’ll never understand how certain casinos can gather up the audacity to set up shop with the intention to cheat players. So I make it a personal mission of mine to do what I can to impede that as much as possible. It’s my belief that the law is put in place for people’s protection, so the best way to protect other players such as myself is to do what I can to make sure the law isn’t breached.