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The editorial team of MoveYourMoney started out as a just-for-fun initiative of four online casino enthusiasts. Namely, the founders were a group of friends that shared a common interest and had made a hobby out of trying new online casinos and sharing their experiences with one another. It all went on until one of them, now chief editor Jonathan jokingly proposed to start a website where they could compare all the casinos they’ve tried for everyone to see. However, the idea was taken seriously by the rest of the group, and so it was decided. As a result, today, all four friends have made a full-time job in this venture.

Jonathan Cortis

Jonathan Cortis, Founder and Chief Editor


By the time the idea to create a casino comparison platform had dawned on him, Jonathan Cortis was an avid online casino player. He had already been sharing and discussing experiences with a group of like-minded friends that had the same interest. And so it seemed only natural to take a fun hobby to the next level. Jonathan decided to create a website where he and his friends could publish reviews of the casinos they’ve played at. At first, it was thought of as somewhat of a joke, but things developed quickly. And what began as a fun side project turned into an actual day job and a company with three employees.

George Mizzi

George Mizzi, Chief Slot Analyst


When it comes to slot games, no one knows them better than our chief slot analyst George Mizzi. George started playing video slots back in 2011, and since then, he became inquisitive about all things slots. He became entrenched in the mechanics of them and quickly became an expert in how slot games work. Moreover, George is very familiar with most of the game developers in the industry, and most of the time, he can tell you which slot belongs to which brand simply by looking at it. So he is our go-to person for everything related to slot games.

Adam Beaufort

Adam Beaufort, Chief Casino Analyst


Online gaming is all about having fun, but it needs a specific dose of reason and clear thinking. And that’s where Adam comes in. Adam Beaufort is a passionate roulette player with an inclination for skill games over slots. And as a BA in law, he is in charge of keeping things transparent, fair, objective, and safe on our site. He is well-versed in the art of compliance and regulatory requirements. So when it comes to determining whether an online casino is in line with legal regulations, there’s no better person suited for the job.

David Pace

David Pace, Online Casino Researcher


While most of the team is busy playing casino games and paying close attention to the fine details of every online casino, David Pace maintains a view of the bigger picture. He makes sure that we never miss out on the latest industry trends and are always up-to-date with any new development in the iGaming world. David is strongly focused on data analysis and research, and he always has something interesting to share with us. Whether it’s a fun fact related to the most famous casino buildings or it’s a new casino payment method that just became available, he’s always there to provide valuable information for the team and our readers.

Why We Started This Website

Before we started this site, we all had regular day jobs and played at online casinos in our spare time. And every now and then, when we’d end up on a rogue or untrustworthy gaming site, it felt terrible. So when the idea came about to launch this site, we decided to make it our mission to prevent other players from having that same kind of awful experience. And once our activity of rating and reviewing online casinos picked up, we were able to quit our old jobs and do what we were genuinely passionate about – providing reliable, unbiased reviews for fellow casino players.

What We Believe In

We believe that every online casino player has an inherent right to fair play and access to safe and secure gaming sites. Just like any other type of product out there, we think that gambling must be of a certain quality. And it’s our belief that players shouldn’t have to enter new online casinos as a shot in the dark. That’s why we actually launched this site with the slots “Move Your Money out of Rogue Casinos”. Hence, we are dedicated to delivering unbiased reviews of tried and tested online gaming sites that players can trust.

Casino Analyst Team

As the company grew and became more successful, the workload increased dramatically. And as a result, today, the site employs a team of five full-time casino reviewers. All of them share a passion for online gaming. But even more importantly, they follow a strict 21-step process with very high standards to create objective and quality casino reviews. Every reviewer on the team spends an average of around 8 hours delivering a casino review in accordance with these 21 steps. And on top of that, everyone has the task of regularly updating their reviews.

Slot Analysts

As far as online casino games go, slots are the vastest category. That is why we have a dedicated team of three people working exclusively on reviewing all the latest slot games and the evergreen titles in the industry. Thanks to their efforts, our readers can enjoy a detailed analysis and dissection of every game feature these is. Furthermore, the team is also focused on in-depth research of every one of the game providers we have listed here. So, in addition to the individual specifics of every slot game, you get the broader picture of the manufacturer behind it.

Our Research Process

We have a wholesome and very complex approach to the way we rate and review online gaming sites. In fact, we have even dedicated a separate page to describe precisely how we do things here, which you can check out if you want to learn all the details. But to sum it up very briefly, we have a handful of steps that are strictly followed by all our reviewers and analysts. Most notably, these steps relate to the casino’s safety and reliability. If there is one thing we cannot compromise on – it’s that.

So we take extra special care to ensure proper licensing and other necessary security aspects. In addition to that, however, much of our attention is also paid to the payment section of every online casino. Then we spend a large chunk of our time examining the game section and last but not least – we assess the available promotions.

Why Trust Us

We are a team of experts, each with over 10 years of experience researching and reviewing online casinos. As casino enthusiasts ourselves, it has always been of utmost importance to gain the most accurate and unbiased perspective of the gaming sites we’ve played at. So with that in mind, we strive to provide that same kind of perspective to our readers. And the knowledge and experience obtained over the years have given us the skills and means to do so on a professional level. It is crucial to us that we be able to maintain this high level of content now and in the future.

How We Make Money

Our services on this site are offered to users completely free of charge. And we strive to continue offering them for free. But for that to be possible, we do charge fees from some of the online casinos that we list on our site. These are advertising fees that allow us to support ourselves and continue our work. And the fees are charged when users sign up or deposit at these casinos. With that said, these charges do not in any way influence our reviews of these online casinos. But they may impact their positioning on the site.

Responsible Gaming

As expert casino players, we know the value and meaning of responsible gaming. And so we recognize how crucial it is that the online casinos that we list take gaming responsibly and have the means and desire to help players who’ve crossed the line between gambling for fun and problem gambling. This means that we prioritize things such as self-exclusion mechanisms at online gaming sites. And in addition to that, we deem it essential that every online casino also provide links to gaming organizations dedicated to dealing with gaming issues. These should be easily accessible on the online casino sites so that players who feel the need to reach out to a counseling organization can do so whenever that need arises.

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Author: Jonathan Cortis
Chief Editor
Jonathan Cortis was an avid online casino player. He had already been sharing and discussing experiences with a group of like-minded friends that had the same interest. And so it seemed only natural to take a fun hobby to the next level. Jonathan decided to create a website where he and his friends could publish reviews of the casinos they've played at.