Libra Method Review 2020

NOTE: Libra Method is an unregulated trading robot with a flashy method that might turn out to be dangerous for traders. That’s why we advise you to select a better, safer, and regulated alternative.

Libra Method Scam Warning!

Libra Method rode the wave of the hype created by Facebook’s announcement that they are going to release their own cryptocurrency. The scam creators took the name and even had the audacity to claim they are endorsed by Facebook, and that the software’s been created with their help.

In an effort to further claim their association with Facebook, the owners have supplied testimonials from the website. There are two things wrong with these. When you click them, you stay on the page, it doesn’t transfer you to real profiles. And second, the images used for the photos, are stock. Meaning what? All of the testimonials are fabricated.


If you’re looking to spread bet using the software, you better quit while you are ahead. There are betting systems assisting people with making bets in the regular gambling industry. But spread betting in the financial world, using such scam tools, can lead to the complete loss of money. Simply because the automated options take all of the control from you, and the viability of the active algorithms cannot be confirmed.

Libra Method is an automated system designed to trade Bitcoin and it works on autopilot. The developers claim that it works perfectly and that it can generate solid daily returns for the investor.

The developers also claim that the system uses artificial intelligence to detect profitable movements in the market and then capitalize on the information to make a profit.

To use it, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 in your account before you can start using what this robot has to offer.

Considering the associated risk, we decided to thoroughly review the system before we dare recommend it. The following Libra Method review will discuss whether you should choose a better alternative. Read carefully for all the facts.

Is Libra Method Legit? The Verdict!

No Transparency: Libra Method fails to disclose every relevant detail that a trader needs to know before trading Bitcoin and this is a red flag, which indicates the reliability of the robot for trading is questionable.
Risk of Loss: The many reviews available about this robot indicate that it cannot perform well enough.
No Regulation: The Libra Method is not monitored by the FCA or other financial authorities. This means that you won’t be able to retrieve your funds if they get unlawfully spent or lost.
Pushy Marketing: You will be pressured to sign up or deposit due to ‘limited spots’. No self-respected firm for financial services would pressure you into a sign-up, they would wait as much as you need to make up your mind.

Proceed to a Safe Alternative
Remember: If something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably scam. If you’re searching for a reliable trading platform, that can cater to your needs and various levels of experience, we suggest regulated and safe platforms.

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Is Libra Method a Scam?

We have taken the time to investigate this robot to know if it is a scam or legit. None of our investigations have pointed out any solid proof that Libra Method is worthy of trust.

Our research revealed a series of feedback, overwhelmingly negative, with the clients claiming to have generated painful losses using the software. Our research was also conducted through neutral sources of information and we could not find any viable info to support that Libra Method is safe.

Background of Libra Method

The name of the system created lots of noise, and rumors were immediately sparked. In our investigation, though, we found no relation between this system and a popular cryptocurrency in-development by a popular social media.

In fact, the background of the Libra Method is not clear. It is unknown what’s the company holding it, who are the developers, and what’s the expertise of these people. That raises numerous questions in regard to the claims made.

Our suspicion is that the name has been purposefully chosen to attract users, without bringing in any value for the users.

What Is Libra Method?

Libra Method is an automated system designed for trading cryptocurrency on behalf of the trader. It should run on autopilot to detect market movements and capitalizes on the movements to make investments. As a result, you are promised to never have to lift a finger to trade Bitcoin by yourself as the robot should do all the work.

You will only need to make a deposit in order to start the process. But given that the software is not regulated, nor its background is clear, there are a lot of differences between claims and reality.

Additionally, the setup process of the Libra Method is also claimed to be very easy and straightforward. The system plays the ‘user-friendly’ card. Trading online requires a lot of features and tools, and that simplification of the Libra Method convinced us that it is not a wholesome trading tool.

Libra Method also claims that is users don’t need previous experience or knowledge to start using the system. But it also doesn’t provide any investment resources that can help traders gain some basic minimum of skills and knowledge.

Our advice is to only join platforms that recognize the importance of preparing their traders for everything. You don’t have to be an expert to trade, but you need a trading partner that can gradually turn you into an expert, if you want to consistently participate in the online trading industry.

How Does Libra Method Work?

Libra Method is designed to trade Bitcoin on your behalf so that you will not have to lift a finger to make a trading decision by yourself. If you have limited knowledge about Bitcoin trading, you are still promised to make money from Bitcoin trading by using the software.

Supposedly, it is designed based on a very powerful algorithm and should successfully study the market and use the data obtained to buy or sell. It should be able to equally carry out trading activities using both technical and fundamental analysis, according to the claims.

We were unable to confirm that operational process. Just as the background of the system and the creators’ background and expertise cannot be confirmed, we cannot confirm what they’ve done is of quality.

Given all that, users should not expect a system like that would be able to help with investments. Libra Method doesn’t provide tutorials on how to use and doesn’t offer additional guidance to help around the system.

In other words, it’s less user-friendly, and more useless when it comes to trading efficiently, unless you’re willing to let Libra Method deal with your money at its own accord.

Alternative Betting Systems 2020

The Sporting Predictor – an all in one solution for sports betting. Whether it’s football betting or horse racing bets, you can count on numerous strategies, forecasts, and automation.

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Claimed Features of Libra Method

Check below for some of the aspects the creators of the Libra Method claim would be beneficial for you.

According to our investigation, Libra Method is not transparent enough, and this is not a good sign. For example, the developers have hidden their identities. They’ve also spared users important details like the level of risk and the number of retail traders that lose money when using Libra Method. This prevents people from making an informed decision.

There is also no information on which exactly are the integrated exchanges and brokers. You get a broker assigned automatically with no say on the matter. And we know that only sketchy platforms partner with sketchy systems.

Claimed Performance
Libra Method claims a very high win-rate but we were not able to confirm those. There’s plenty of evidence according to which positive results are only claims, and the high loss-rate has not been disclosed as to not lose customers.
Sketchy Reputation
We went through all the reviews we could lay our hands on as far as this software is concerned and we noticed lots of sponsored claims and very few authentic feedback, which turned out to be predominantly negative. Libra Method cannot compare with the regulated platforms that treat their clients equally and provide transparency. Only that can boost the reputation.
The security of the investors has not been properly assured on the platform. The platform claims to be GDPR-compliant but given that it’s not regulated, this is just that – a claim that cannot be confirmed. That means the handling of your personal and financial information is questionable.

Is Libra Method Profitable?

We have gone through several reviews about Libra Method and we are forced to conclude that it is not a profitable robot for trading cryptocurrency. The biggest red flags are the lack of regulation and withholding withdrawals.

The name of the robot was derived from Libra Coin, which is the upcoming cryptocurrency from a huge social media. But that’s just a marketing trick to attract attention. The software is neither related nor holding the same potential as the cryptocurrency.

Libra Method exposes the investor to several security issues that legit and safe investment platforms can’t afford to create. That’s why, if you’re looking for a safe and secure trading platform, we advise you to choose a better alternative. Only this can help you start on the right course to making profits from trading cryptocurrencies online.

How Does Libra Method Compare to Legit Robots?

  • Libra Method is not very transparent and there are some hidden charges you might come across when trading with the software and its counterparts. The investor will be required to pay commissions on the profit made.
  • The platform doesn’t disclose the risks involved with using the Libra Method for online trading, endangering the money of retail investors.
  • The robot creates unrealistic expectations for profits, given how simplified and limited the system is.
  • Investors can place test trades only if they deposit first. That’s a huge drawback since the problems that might follow from the inability to withdraw the money, are serious. What happens if you don’t like the
  • Libra Method? Choose a platform that will allow you a look into the system and a look around before you make a deposit.
    Libra Method has a rather poor reputation with many of the people who’ve given it a try. The rest are paid ads and sponsored feedback.
  • The security of the investor is not assured on this platform because it is not clear if it’s GDPR compliant. Just like many other robots, Libra Method is unable to assure their investors complete security.
  • The customer support with Libra Method is not responsive. That can cause lots of troubles for the users. Reliable platforms respond within seconds and can be reached via multiple channels, including live chat, email, and even phone, depending on your location of residence.



Is Libra Method a Scam?

Libra Method became popular due to its name, not so much its features and concept. The association with the Libra coin is a marketing trick. But these are just some of the pitfalls of it the software. Check out our review for the full picture and all the red flags.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for Libra Method?

The minimum deposit is $250 or £250, but we advise you against depositing money with the system, due to the withdrawal concerns we’ve raised in our review.

Should I Pay Fees to Use Libra Method?

The software is proclaimed to be free, but the reality is that the Libra Method charges fees when you trade on the platform. That lack of transparency is a problem since it raises questions about what other hidden charges there are.

Is It Possible to Withdraw My Profit at Any Time?

There have been sufficient complaints that state there are delays and problems with withdrawals. We give that to the fact that the Libra Method is not regulated. Be very careful with putting your money in scam systems, and check our alternatives for safe and regulated platforms.



From the information provided above, you would have learned a thing or two about how Libra Method works and why you should choose a better alternative. To put it in a nutshell:

  • No Regulation: Libra Method is not controlled by regulatory bodies and financial institutions like FCA. This poses a huge risk for your finances and creates the inability to get them back if something unregulated goes down.
  • Commission Fees: Despite the statement that the software is free-of-charge, Libra Method actually charges fees without stating so in advance.
  • No Transparency: When it comes to the risks of loss, the fees, and the overall background of the system, Libra Method lacks a lot in terms of transparency.
  • Fake Ads & Reviews: To boost the sense of popularity and the desire to sign up, the Libra Method is surrounded by paid hype and ads, claims it’s endorsed by celebrities, and so on. There’s no merit to any of these promotions.

You get enticed with promises to join a free and profitable platform, but Libra Method doesn’t warn you of the levels of losses that can be achieved using it. Reliable trading platforms are always transparent about these things since it’s crucial to be informed.

That’s why we advise you to turn to proven-to-work, well-known platforms, brokers, and exchanges with a proven track record. Whether it’s a platform that offers you professional assistance, the tools to develop your skills, or social trading to help with your first steps, you can find such a better alternative.

What we CAN guarantee you is that you will be able to find betting systems outside of this sketchy territory:

Alternative Betting Systems 2020

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