EGT Establishes Its Office in the Czech Republic

EGT Establishes Its Office in the CR
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Euro Games Technology has established its new office in the Czech Republic. The main purpose behind its opening is to offer services and sales facilities in the markets of the Czech Republic.

Adam Vajdak and Ivan Grigorov are the general mangers at EGT in the Czech Republic.

They will be leading a group of around 13 experts, who will maintain its global standards and accomplish its mission to offer the best range of gaming content. The gaming products will be aligned with the latest features.

What are the Major Objectives of EGT?

The Czech’s market region is well saturated as well as developed and all other local manufacturers have already built a good reputation. However, the region still lacks sufficient presence of best known global brands and EGT will tend to find their potential.

All gaming requirements and regulations are stringent and specific. There are also severe entrance challenges for all new providers in the region. As a result, the company is seasoned to fulfill the explicit criteria and are confident enough to obtain satisfying outcomes in the upcoming years.

In order to move the company and reach maximum heights, the mangers and their team will rely on the company’s key R&D sector. They will also work closely to customize their products and services according to the local requirements, especially in the areas of software designing.

Moreover, the company will have a major benefit in terms of the huge experience and practical knowledge that they have gained from their global operations. While working on the operations, they have obtained a quick speed of service and built a good reputation among its players and customers. The achievement has been possible due to the involvement of Grigorov and Vajdak in the casino businesses for several years.

Services Offered By EGT

EGT’s office in the Czech Republic will offer a comprehensive portfolio of EGT along with its Multiplayer products and online games. Recently, the company has provided a multigame that is combined with Blue and Green collection. Each game will present 12 highly appealing and diverse titles. In addition to titles, players can also access cabinets including P-27/27 St Slim, P-24/24 Up, and P-27/32H St.

On top of that, the company’s upcoming plans will include the progressive expansion of its product outlines along with advance gaming and machine content. These services will be based according to the players’ preferences as well as clients’ expectations.

Statements Made by Ivan Grigorov

According to Grigorov, the Czech market is significantly oriented to incline upright and best cabinets along with fruit-themed games which is why, EGT has a lot to offer. In accordance with the local standards, they have an advanced range of products that are incorporated with high-end technologies.

They further look at their products as the future of the regional gaming industry. These products were built to enhance the comfort and foremost satisfaction of their players as well as operators. The simple slogan on which the company rely is- “We give more,’ speaks volumes”.

The insistence of EGT’s professional strategies in the country will be the expansion of its products’ performance. EGT further plans to launch over 300 gaming machines in the next couple of months to the best places in the Czech markets.

Unluckily, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has influencedthe entire gaming industry including the EGT. In the Czech Republic, the most prevailing calls during this crisis were ‘Together we will manage’. But now, several casino businesses seem to slowly come back to their regular operations.

EGT’s mangers have handled their operations properly. And, now they will celebrate the success of their Czech’s office with several satisfied customers. This is their only major goal and priority

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