New Safety Measures Protects Casino Customers From Themselves

New Safety Measures Protects Casino Customers
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The coronavirus pandemic threatened the lives of people and the economy of nations around the globe. The virus has contaminated around seven million people, killing more than 300 000 in the world.

Sectors and industries saw a massive decline in revenue as people stayed in their homes, scared of the virus.

The casino industry is one of the first to shut down following government mandate to halt operations. The nature of some games in the gambling facility poses a high risk of the transfer of the fatal virus. Guests and employees of the casinos are eager to go back to the gambling venues since they were shut down in mid-March.

After almost three months of no business activity, casinos saw a chance when the states loosened stay-at-home measures. The states needed to choose between people’s health and the losing economy.

The casinos were given the signal to resume operations, given that they implement health and safety guidelines to protect the lives of its employees and its patrons.

New health and safety protocols in place

Casinos in Missouri resumed business on Monday, and new guidelines that prevent the spread of the virus welcomed guests. All the casinos in the area heightened their security, and everyone is required to undergo a thermal test before entry.

In Century Casinos in Caruthersville and Cape Girardeau, Missouri, anyone with a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees needed a second screening and restricted from entry if it remained high.

Everyone is required to wear a mask and needs to pull it down briefly at the entrance for security reasons. Barriers were placed between slot machines, and gamblers were limited in table games. Only a small area of the bar was opened to offer drinks in a disposable cup. Prepackaged foods are available to guests since the casino kitchen remained closed.

Alcohol and socializing increases coronavirus risk

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with the World Health Organization, warned people against close contact with others and reminded the need for safety protocol in indoor entertainment facilities.

People in entertainment venues, like casinos, bars, and clubs, want to socialize and enjoy. Typically, alcoholic drinks are a necessity in these venues. The WHO warned that drinking alcohol increases the risks of contamination of coronavirus since it decreases the immune system.

The Associated Press reported the link between new outbreaks in South Korea and people’s visits to clubs and entertainment venues after the lockdowns were lifted.

The American Gaming Association President and CEO Bill Miller said that casinos studied health risks and developed guidelines to protect guests from one another. The casinos seriously imposed social distancing in their gambling venues while assuring that guests experience the best casino experience.

The American Gaming Association revealed that 519 casinos across 26 states resumed their operations. Nevada Resort Association President and CEO said that the tourism industry is the lifeblood of the state.

The President revealed that the industry contributed an economic output of around 68 billion every year. He noted the industry’s contribution to the General Fund revenue, nearly 40%, through taxes.

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