GrooveGaming Signs Deal With BetConnections

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GrooveGaming recently confirmed that it is signing a deal with BetConnections, a prominent online casino operator in Latin America. The deal states that GrooveGaming will supply new content for BetConnections to deliver into its market.

GrooveGraming is considered as a major aggregator when it comes to prominent brands in the business. Among the brands under its umbrella are iGP, Everyatrix, ProgressPlay, Microgaming, BetConstruct, Alea, and Quickfire. BetConnections is the company’s main pipeline into the Latin American market.

A prominent player in the game

BetConnections is also a major player in the Latin American market. It comes as no surprise why the company choose to partner with GrooveGaming, considering its reputation.

GrooveGaming boasts platform that includes more than 4,000 games in its library. Among these are popular titles including live casino, online casino, poker, table games, and slots. The company has also developed a technology that allows easy integration in order to increase revenue and player engagement.

Earlier this year, IndustryEra recognized GrooveGaming as one of the best solutions provider in the business. This simply shows how reputable the company is in the industry. Moreover, the company has decades of experience in the industry that no other firms can challenge.

Many market analysts have noted that the service provided by GrooveGaming is one of the best in the industry. The company is known for its innovation, a trait that helped its partners and operators gain the upper hand in the industry. Moreover, the company also focuses deeply on developing strategies that will deliver the best customer experience.

GrooveGaming has built its reputation as one of the best in the industry. It has also built an infrastructure that supports thousands of live dealers that provides on-demand services. Among which are live roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat. All of these services generate significant amount of income over the years.

The company is also known for its wide ranging selection of virtual sports. Among the most popular options are virtual football, cycling, horse racing, tennis, and greyhound racing. The company is also planning to roll out cricket into its platform soon.

An industry leader

In a recent statement, BetConnections chief executive officer Jesus Campos Briceno said:

“There’s nobody in the industry that doesn’t know about GrooveGaming’s groundbreaking technology, commitment to customer service, and rich multi-layered content powered by a single integration.”

Although BetConnections is only around starting in 2012, the company has rapidly grown into a major player in the industry. Despite the challenges of entering the global market, the company stepped up to the challenge and aced it.

Some analysts have noted that the recent coronavirus pandemic have, in one way or another, helped online platforms to grow. While this is certainly the trend, studies are still undergoing in order to prove that.

The partnership between GrooveGaming and BetConnections is getting stronger by the day. With the mainstream audience already getting aware of the online casino platform, it is inevitable that the industry will make a huge splash this year.

Based on recent developments, GrooveGaming and BetConnections are making the right decision in order to capitalize on the current rise of demand.

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