George Mizzi

George Mizzi

Position: Chief Slot Analyst

Favourite thought: Beauty begins with the moment you start being yourself.

3 things that describe me: against racism, vegetarian, loves Japanese culture


Why the Career of a Casino Expert?

Slots have always been a passion of mine. Sure, I’ve enjoyed the odd game of roulette or poker, but there’s nothing quite like a good slot game to get your mind off things and help you unwind. And to me, they’re just so much more fun and complex than ordinary casino games. It makes perfect sense to me that they’re the largest category of casino games.

I became really fascinated with the way slot games are structured and the many types of different features they have – and the way it can all affect gameplay. So it seemed only natural to want to explore more of these numerous features and finer details of the setup.

Then one thing led to another; the next thing I knew, I was already recognizing different brands by distinctive traits in their games. And eventually, the game developers became the subject of my attention, and quickly I started to learn about their history and achievements in the industry. So when Jonathan proposed to start our own website where we could stockpile all our knowledge of the iGaming world, it clicked instantly with me.

My work at MoveYourMoney

My job here mainly has to do with sharing the knowledge base I’ve acquired over the years, thanks to my (borderline obsessive) fascination with slot games. I’ve gained more information about slots than will ever be useful to me on my own, so why not give it to the people? I like to dive deep into the worlds of separate online slots and see what they’re made of. And then I put my findings on the site for our users to read – hopefully, in both a fun and entertaining way. I also write about separate game providers because there is much to be said about the guys who make slots, too.

What I believe in?

When it comes to online gaming, pretty much the glue that holds our team together is the desire for players around the world to have more enjoyable gaming experiences. And I personally believe that what we do can contribute to that. By sharing what I know about slots, I’m sure someone out there will find the exact information they’ve been looking for. And that, in turn, may lead them to the perfect slot or the ideal developer for their unique style of gaming. Plus, we do often share tips and tricks you won’t find elsewhere, and those can prove handy when you’re playing different titles, as well.