gambling in germay
Blog 10-08-2020

Gambling in Germany – Favourite Games & Gambling Industry Statistics

Since its early days, gambling has found a way to move with the times and allow easier access for players to enjoy a chance at winning big. From its early beginnings as traveling riverboat casinos to online video slots that players can enjoy from their homes, the gambling industry has always found a way to […]

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UK’s Gambling Stats in 2020
Blog 04-08-2020

Understanding the UK’s Gambling Stats in 2020

With different ways and odds to add some excitement to a horse race, a sports game, or a game of cards, players can enjoy the thrill of winning for bragging rights and for money as well. There are many ways a gambler or player can wager to win. When most people think of betting, the […]

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Online Gambling Before the Pandemic – Facts & Figures
Blog 02-07-2020

Online Gambling Before the Pandemic – Facts & Figures

It’s an undeniable fact that gambling and betting took a major hit from the Coronavirus outbreak. With major gambling venues closed and live events cancelled or postponed, betting and wagers took a sharp drop. The real effects of the pandemic on gambling will be most visible somewhere this time next year. But for now, we […]

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Blog 11-06-2020

Online Gambling & How Did Covid-19 Affect It in 2020?

One of the major consequences of the health crisis was the cancellation of huge sports events like UEFA Euro 2020 and the Olympic Games, both postponed for 2021. That tanked betting on live events and closed land-based casinos across the globe. The damage to the industry is mind-bending. But with the enacted stay-at-home orders, the […]

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