Jason Worrell

Jason is MoveYourMoney’s engine, the driving force behind your all-in-one gambling website. He’s a betting analyst with a passion for sports and games who’s been following the industry developments since it made its first steps.

Danny Nolan

Count on Danny to find the best places to give your cash a spin while staying safe and complying with the law. He’s our betting editor, always keeping an eye on casino betting developments. Following his topics would always help you be up-to-date.

Evelyn Powell

For anything casino-related, count on Evelyn to keep you on top of the wave. Latest trends and news are her forte, but she’s also a real hound, guiding you in the bog of casinos with professionalism.

Michael Larson

Passionate about football, horse race and eSports betting. Digging the web about best odds, bookmakers and latest sports news on a daily basis. Likes Gourmet Restaurants and mountains.

Author: Jonathan Cortis
Chief Editor
Jonathan Cortis was an avid online casino player. He had already been sharing and discussing experiences with a group of like-minded friends that had the same interest. And so it seemed only natural to take a fun hobby to the next level. Jonathan decided to create a website where he and his friends could publish reviews of the casinos they've played at.