finance concept, business man analyze graph chart with using calculator and computer laptop for profit forecast in the future.
Accountancy 24-03-2020

How to Plan Your Financial Future

Financial planning is an incredibly important skill and one which could have an enormous impact on your life in both the short and long-term. Despite its importance, financial planning is an area that many people struggle with because it is not taught in schools and many people never take the time to learn how to […]

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Banking 25-02-2020

How Bitcoin Is Better Than Cash?

Investing in the digital currency is the trend of the generation. People have slowly become more aware of cryptocurrency and have started to invest in it. Gone are the days when people were a bit paranoid about cryptocurrency and it did not have a good reputation. Especially Bitcoin, as it was used for illegal activities, […]

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Banking 25-02-2020

Unknown Facts About Facebook’s Libra!

With so many cryptocurrencies slowly making way into the finance and trading market following Bitcoin, how could Facebook be left behind? Yes, you heard it right! Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms in the entire world has launched it’s very own cryptocurrency Libra! Facebook announced last year about its plan to launch Libra […]

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Accountancy 27-07-2019

 The Different Rounds of Startup Funding

 The Different Rounds of Startup Funding Whilst so-called Brexiters may continue to suggest that the UK has nothing to fear outside of the European Union, it’s fair to say that the vast majority of the business community do not share this sense of optimism. In fact, the prospect of a disorderly Brexit is having a […]

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Banking 28-03-2019

The PPI Deadline and Future of Claims Companies

The PPI Deadline and Future of Claims Companies Just five months remain until the impending PPI deadline. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) set 29th August 2019 as the official cut-off date for individuals to submit PPI claims to their bank. The deadline aims to encourage people to make a claim, rather than put it off. […]

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Banking 13-12-2018

Are Expats Returning To The UK?

Are expats returning to the UK? The effect of Brexit is set to have many implications, but an area proving to go under the radar is the effect this will have on British expats. It appears that expats are selling their European properties and returning to the UK, due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, currency […]

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Banking 17-10-2018

Bridging loan FAQ’s

What is a bridging loan? This a short-term loan secured against a property usually between 12-18 months (depending on whether the loan is secured against your current property or an investments property) to solve a temporary finance need such as a chain break during house move, auction finance, property purchase, refurbishment and more.  There are […]

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Banking 16-08-2018

Tips on how to reclaim unfair bank charges

Banks provide an essential service to the public and businesses. They let us use our money through current accounts and to keep some money safely locked away making a little interest. They also loan money so that we can purchase big-ticket items. However, banks are also for-profit companies that want to make as much money […]

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Banking 05-07-2018

Lloyds slammed for proposed timeline on HBOS investigation

Lloyds Banking Group have been the subject of criticism for the pace of their independent review into the HBOS fraud case. Dame Linda Dobbs is chairing the review, and recently announced the review was not likely to be finished until the second half of 2019. The Treasury Committee is asking for a quicker completion of […]

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Banking 30-06-2018

Bank of England warned over lack of senior diversity

Treasury Select Committee chair Nicky Morgan has extended a warning to the Bank of England, saying that future appointments may be blocked if the Bank doesn’t satisfy gender diversity representation. The statement comes after recent appointments of Professor Jonathan Haskel to the Monetary Policy Committee and Bradley Fried to the chair of the court of […]

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