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You should know that a ‘Cashback’ bonus is different from the registration bonus offered by the majority of online casinos. On some of them, the cashback depends on the initial bet of the player. It will add to the balance of the player account or serve as a game credit.

The ‘cashback’ bonuses vary a lot from one casino to another, but overall, the idea is the same – to recover your losses and earn money.

Let’s take the example of a little boy losing a dollar. What if grandpa handed over two dollars in return? Punters get attracted to cashback bonuses because it keeps their spirit alive. When you are constantly losing, you feel like quitting and not playing any other game. To boost your confidence level, the casinos have started offering cashback bonuses.

At the periodicity level, it also changes depending on the casino – some distribute ‘Cashback’ bonuses every week, others only once a month – or even just a few days a month for other casinos. In general, the periodicity of the Cashback bonus is capricious.

In this article, we will tackle the following points:

What Does Cashback Bonus Mean?

Cashback Bonus is an offer that has been developed over the past ten years before becoming a standard bonus that makes the rain and shine of casino players. This bonus has evolved a lot.

Initially, it came from Anglo-Saxon casinos, and it was offered to loyal players. Now the Cashback Bonus can be offered on a particular day every week. So, it has become more common.

A Cashback Bonus allows players to see some of their losses reimbursed by the casino. It is the level of these refunded losses that will evolve according to the player’s seniority and loyalty to the casino.

Speaking of loyalty, we are talking about an active player who regularly plays on different games and, of course, with real money.

A player with a dormant account is not likely to benefit from this type of bonuses and other promotions. On average, the Cashback Bonus level is between 10 and 30%.

For example, if you lose 1,000 dollars, with a 30% cashback, it is 300 dollars refunded. This offer allows online casinos to be much more generous in payout rates than its hardcore counterparts.

The Cashback Bonus is sometimes called a “refund bonus” on French-language casinos. If you are wondering why casinos offer this bonus, the answer is simple: to build loyalty and encourage players to be active.

Here’s a quick note for you (do not skip reading this):

Some online casinos do not like cashback bonuses. The reason is clear: it does not benefit the casino in the longer run. Yes, the player is making merry with this cashback, but not all casinos are in favor. What do you do? You spend some considerable amount of time to find an online casino that is happy to offer deposit and cashback bonuses.

Where Can You Find a Cashback Bonus?

Cashback Bonuses are only available at online casinos. It is not available in bookies or online poker rooms. However, they are efficient in live gaming rooms.

This type of bonus is like a label, and it allows seeing the quality of the casino and especially its reliability. If an online gambling room allows itself to offer such a generous bonus, it is that it has this bonus under the foot.

To claim a Cashback Bonus, you must necessarily open a real money account and make your first deposit. It is, then, by betting that the player can unlock the Cashback Bonus depending on the type of refund bonus offered by the casino operator, as follows:

The Cashback Bonus of the VIP club: The bonus is earned by accumulating loyalty points. The more the player makes bets on the different games, the more VIP points he/she will earn, and the more important his/her cashback will be.

The daily Cashback Bonus: This cashback bonus is efficient over a set period. For example, it can be from Thursday 11:59 pm to Friday at 11:59 pm. It means that all your losses will be refunded, depending on the refund bonus. The latter can be fixed as it can depend on your ranking in the online casino’s VIP program.

General Conditions for Cashback Bonus

Like all casino bonuses, there are conditions to unlock the Cashback Bonus and withdraw it. They already pay you back some of your losses, so don’t be too greedy.

conditions of cashback bonuses

Registration at the casino: The Cashback Bonus is not part of the so-called free or no deposit bonuses.

You must have an account at an online casino that offers this type of bonus to be able to enjoy it. It seems logical, since the purpose of the cashback is to give the player a percentage of his/her losses in real money, and you can only bet in real money if you are registered.

Bet limits: It is necessary to always read the conditions and especially the paragraph of bets. There may be a minimum and a maximum bet amount for the Cashback Bonus to unlock.
If the player does not respect the limits, he/she will not benefit from the bonus.

A limited duration: The cashback bonus is limited in time. You have to look at what period, it works, and obviously, you have to play at that time.
It’s often over 24 hours. Some can last a weekend, and for the VIP cashback, casinos offer a full week of refund bonuses.

The cashback level: There are no immutable rules. Casinos do what they want. Yet, in 90% of cases, losses are calculated as gains – losses. And yes, the casino still withdraws your winnings before calculating what it will reimburse to other players.

If the player has had more gains than losses, he/she is not eligible for cashback.

The conditions for withdrawals: Again, it is necessary to know how to take the time to read the conditions in the rules of the bonus, because there are two schools.
The first considers cashback bonus as money back, and is therefore credited to the player’s account and can be withdrawn.

For the second school, the cashback bonus is a bonus like the others, and it is, therefore, subject to the conditions of withdrawals of a deposit or Welcome Bonus. It will, therefore, be necessary to play it X times to have the right to withdraw it, without forgetting the conditions that depend on the domestic policy of the casino.

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

The Cashback Bonus is one of the easiest bonuses to claim. You can do it simply by playing and losing. Although no one likes to lose during a bet, this type of Casino Bonus is there to cushion the blow a bit. This refund bonus is calculated up to a certain percentage, usually between 10% and 30%. That is, it is based on their aggregate losses.

Indeed, the cashback bonus is indicated as a percentage, which indicates the percentage of the total of your losses that you will be able to recover.

The Cashback Bonus will be automatically deposited to your user account at the time indicated by the casino you are playing in. The amount depends on how much you lost during this period and what the casino’s reward system is based on.

At some online casinos, players can withdraw cash from the Cashback Bonus, but not until they have wagered a number of times before. Indeed, it is the famous wagering conditions that exist at any online casino, which impose a minimum number of wagers to be made before being able to withdraw the money from the bonus.

For example, at some casinos, you must have wagered the entire cashback balance before you can withdraw the winnings obtained with this bonus.

On the other hand, other casinos only offer cashback to VIP members of a certain rank, as they have already funded their account sufficiently to qualify for such an offer. This means that Cashback Bonuses are particularly attractive for big players, meaning “high rollers.”

This brings us to another question – How often do these cashback bonuses appear?

It is usually in cycles wherein you may be granted the cash back bonus on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis. Punters can claim these bonuses at the cashier. Some of the online casinos shall return it via real money, while others might give you extra spins, chips, and wagers. Whichever way they recover the losses, it is beneficial for the players because they stay motivated to play further.

Now you know the meaning of cashback bonuses and how often they appear. Let’s find out the advantages of these cashback bonuses. Do the punters gain anything out of these bonuses? You will find that out in the next section.

Advantages of Cashback Bonus

The main advantage of the Cashback Bonus is that it allows playing twice.

Some Cashback Bonuses are meant to be replayed only and can only be withdrawn under certain conditions – usually only after wagering 20 or 30 times the bonus plus deposit, depending on the casinos.

Other Cashback Bonuses are in real money. In the latter case, this means that the player was able to play for free and can then recover his money.

For example, a player who has deposited $100 on a Blackjack table and lost them can be compensated by the casino of $25 in real money. This means that the player has lost $75 and not the $100 that he deposited.

It is, indeed, a fruitful and much-utilized bonus in table games as it has another advantage of significantly reducing the casino advantage on you.

Please note that there are two aspects – the cashback bonus and deposit bonus. Do not be confused between the two!

These are two entirely different concepts in the online casino world. The deposit bonus is offered just once, and the cashback bonus will be applied for a longer time.

The casino (land-based and online) likes the punter’s money. Gambling is all about luck, but there is strategy involved too. There will be days when you will win, and other days you might lose. The online casino world offers a solution to this to make the punters happy.

Cashback bonuses work as a motivation to play the game! Once there is a loss, some percentage of the money goes back into your account. It is a good strategy to motivate the player!

All the casino players (high rollers and low rollers) benefit from this bonus. Let’s be candid here – nobody can get lucky all the time! There will be days when you will lose money, and this bonus can act as a positive ray of hope.

The whole idea of giving you a cashback bonus is to allow you to try out certain slot games. If you continue to lose, there will be a sense of dissatisfaction. Hence, it is required to give a cash back bonus on certain games.


Cashback Bonuses are a good way to recover some of your losses. Well used, they cushion the damage and strengthen you against the opponent – that’s why this offer is a real bargain. Because some online casinos have put the Cashback Bonus into their VIP program – the more you bet, the more loyal you are, and the more privileged you will be.

The benefits can vary from one casino to another. Some casinos can credit your account with cash that you can cash through the refund. Yet, often the cashback is offered to you in the form of bonus money that you need to save.

It is noteworthy that Cashback Bonus is never offered for Video Poker games or Slots as the Welcome Bonus is the bonus offered to players there.


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