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Although roulette is essentially a game of chance and luck, there are many strategies that you can use to improve your chances of winning.

On this page, we will take a look at some of the most popular roulette strategies. We will also find out how they work and see the results you could get if you apply them.

What is a Roulette Strategy?

The term, roulette strategy, stands for any method that a player applies to try to win at the table. Roulette strategies are based on a set of rules that are often mathematical. Players will then bet according to these rules.

Your Best Roulette Strategy Options

Once you have mastered the rules of roulette, you may start looking for the optimal strategy that ensures you to win. The choice of one or another depends a lot on your game style.

Some strategies are very aggressive and could pay you big. However, you will have to be willing to risk your money.

Other strategies are considered much safer, and players who practice them bet in a more conservative way to collect smaller prizes.

In this article, we discuss the most popular roulette strategies you can use. You can also take a look at some quick tips to improve your game or learn how to better control roulette odds through our guides.

Otherwise, if you first want to see these strategies in action, there are many tools online that allow you to quickly calculate what will happen to your bet using the main roulette strategies available to you.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale method is one of the oldest and best-known roulette strategies.

For example, you placed a bet of $5. You lose this game, so you bet with $10. Now you lose once again, so you bet with another $20. You lose once more, so you bet with another $40. You lose, and you bet with an additional $80. You think to yourself, ”What’s wrong with the night?” That’s when you win! The total net win is $5, which means you are five dollars ahead.

With this method, every time a player loses, he doubles his bet. Therefore, when he ends up winning, he gets back all the money he had lost before, as well as an additional profit that will allow him to recover his initial bet.

Still, this method has some flaws, too. Indeed, it only works in the ideal case where your bankroll would be unlimited!!

Even if, for example, the player continuously bets on a red box, there is no guarantee that the dealer will not shoot a black box again and again.

Besides, the player should rely on statistics that prove the unreliability of the Martingales, as follows:

  • Let us assume that the roulette player would have a budget limit and could not exceed a wagering limit of 500 credits. If the latter starts with a single credit and doubles continuously following the instructions of the Martingales, he can only do it nine times.
  • By the tenth bet, the player will have exceeded the limit. Not only will he/she have spent 511 credits, but if his ten bets fail, he will have lost a lot more because of the house advantage.

The Labouchere strategy

This betting system is worth trying if the Martingale seems a little too aggressive.

Labouchere is known as a relatively complicated roulette strategy, due to the rules on which it is based. However, this does not mean that a novice player cannot successfully apply this system to the roulette table.

The player sets a goal of how much he/she wants to win, and then he divides this amount into a series of smaller sums of money. That money will accumulate to achieve that goal.

After that, the player adds the numbers to the far left and far right of the sequence to determine the first bet.

  • If the bet is successful, the numbers are crossed out, and the next bet uses the next two numbers on the far left and the far right.
  • If the bet is unsuccessful, the bet amount is added to the far right of the sequence.

The Reverse Labouchere

Labouchere is a negative progression system. It works if you have unlimited boundaries for your money loss, but its great flaw is that you can suffer a massive loss that will ruin you.

strategy roulette

For this reason, the system of positive progression known as the Reverse Labouchere, was invented.

By applying this new strategy, you can expect to lose small amounts quite often, but you will recover all your losses with an occasional big win. If you manage to win several times in a row, you can win a lot of money using the Reverse Labouchere.

The Fibonacci Strategy

Based on the famous mathematical sequence, the Fibonacci betting system is a strategy that is highly appreciated by experienced players.

It is simple to learn and easy to memorize. Once you know how the sequence works, you can easily understand how it works.

With Fibonacci, each number is the sum of the two preceding figures. So, it is going like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.

The strategy of Paroli

The Paroli betting strategy is remarkably admired in roulette establishments. This system is simple, easy to learn, and even easier to memorize once you have mastered it.

The Paroli implies that the player doubles his/her bet each time he/she wins the bet. He/she will continue to do so until he/she gets three consecutive wins.

D’Alembert’s strategy

D’Alembert is another roulette strategy based on progression theory, but it is not as aggressive or risky as the Martingale.

This strategy requires that the player place bets ‘Even Money’, and that he/she continues to bet the same amount as long as he/she wins.

If he loses, he/she will bet on an extra coin, and continue to do so until he/she wins again.

The Reverse D’Alembert

The Reverse D ‘Alembert is, as its name suggests, quite simply the inverse of the traditional system D ‘Alembert.

This strategy is based on a positive, progressive system, but it is one of the least aggressive versions of this type of system.

It is based on the fact that players bet a little more each time they win, and a little less when they lose.

The Andrucci Strategy

If you know anything about Chaos Theory, you will know that over an infinite amount of time, all the roulette numbers will appear the same number of times. Andrucci is a betting system based on this, but with a crucial difference.

With Andrucci, players notice that some numbers appear more often than others, in a short period of time. Some believe that some figures will appear up to 8 times in 35 turns.

Andrucci then depends on a player’s ability to recognize these numbers and bet accordingly.

Constant Bet Strategy

This strategy is mainly targeted for those who just want to have fun and do not think much about how they should play to maximize their chances of earning their money.

They just use it!!

This strategy is simply about betting and repeating the same bet over and over again. It is then crucial to choose the right type and the amount of the bet to increase the chances of victory.

The All-In Strategy

roulette all in

This strategy is hazardous, and you probably lose everything after a few rounds.

This is a very simple strategy. It essentially consists of betting with your entire budget, depending on what you want to win.

The All-In strategy has only two possible results: either you lose everything, or you reach your goal and leave the game with a big prize.

Aspects that Influence Roulette Strategy

Minimum and maximum bets

All casinos, whether terrestrial or online, have a minimum and maximum betting limit for their roulette games. And as you might expect, this can make or break a roulette strategy.

You will often find a minimum bet of around $10, while a maximum bet will be about $60,000, but these vary from one casino to another.

Take the example of the Martingale. You may be left blank if you are unlucky enough to reach the maximum bet limit without recovering your previous losses.

The Roulette Version

There are several variants of the roulette game, and with each of them, the home advantage is slightly different. These subtle differences can affect roulette strategies.

For example, if you use a strategy such as Andrucci, you will opt for choosing the numbers that appear most often. Thus, you should be aware of the fact that in some versions of roulette, American roulette, for example, there are additional numbers (i.e., an extra 00).

The payouts

When applying any roulette strategy, you should be aware of the payouts you can expect for a given bet.

At roulette, it is not as simple as it looks.

For example, on roulette versions that have 37 numbers, the payout remains at 35:1.

Similarly, the payouts for specific bets, a bet on five numbers, for example, are standardized (in this case, it is 6:1 – making it a bad bet).

Tips and Tricks to Win

  • Remember to vary your techniques and gaming systems.
  • A roulette strategy like the Martingale is not highly recommended.
  • Players have a better chance of winning on a single Zero roulette (0). That is why we advise punters to play on European or British wheels.
  • Play for fun, and never try to do it again, because it is the biggest trap when playing at an online live casino.
  • Remember that the only big winner is the casino.
  • The laws of probability are always on the Casino’s side. So, stay reasonable and do not seek to make 50-fold gains.
  • Consider putting a budget in place that you will never exceed. You have to admit that you can lose!!
  • Consider setting a maximum gain to achieve so as to stop in time. This is the best way to know how to stop a game and be satisfied with its profits.
  • Control your emotions, especially when you are in a bad streak. Losing your composure is a terrible mistake when playing online roulette.
  • Learn the maximum bet amount in order to manage your strategies. Knowledge of the rules of the game and the strategies you want to implement remains essential.
  • Play with the bonuses offered by the casinos so as to increase your chances. Under certain conditions, bonuses allow you to start playing with a higher bankroll.



Is It Possible to Implement a Strategy of Roulette Casino Both on the Web and in a Land-Based Casino?

Before the punters indulge in roulette games using these techniques, they need to know if it is legal to use a roulette casino strategy; let us take stock without further delay!

While a 'casino roulette strategy' is identical for both land and online casinos, it is not possible to use these methods under the same conditions.

It should be noted that not all casinos allow the use of gambling methods: if you are caught red-handed, you will certainly be excluded.

Regarding the online roulette techniques, be aware that using an online roulette strategy is prohibited by 90% of online casinos. However, no one is tracking you. So you can try it from time to time but do not play too long following a strategy as you could get spotted.

Is the same roulette casino strategy applicable to all versions of roulette?

Playing roulette according to strategies and methods is good, but knowing if the roulette casino strategy you use is adapted to the version of your choice is even better, isn’t it?

As you already know, there are several types of roulette. The major difference lies in the organization of the game mat and in the organization of the cylinder (if it has only one or two 0).
Thus, all strategies are applicable to the various versions!

Still, it must be remembered that their effectiveness will not be the same according to the game table. Indeed, the odds of exiting bets differ depending on the type of roulette.

Finally, the best way to test the strategies and probabilities is to train on a website, via the free mode, for example, before betting afterward on real money gambling tables.

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