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Why InstaDebit Casinos?

Walking down the Las Vegas strip is an experience some people are lucky to live in their lifetime. Never will you find a moment in time where the strip isn’t full of lights, people, and excitement. That sums up the spirit of Las Vegas and the amazing casinos they boast.

People travel from all over the world to catch a glimpse of that lifestyle and try their luck at winning big in any one of their favorite casino games. But when online casinos emerged in the mid-’90s, the gambling industry was changed forever.

Online casinos gave players the ability to save time and money from booking expensive flights and hotels and bringing the action and potential winnings into the comfort of their homes.

Over time, the business of online casinos grew in popularity and developed more sophisticated software. This gave players a chance to play all the games they loved, as well as try new games they had never seen before.

But the explosive popularity of online casinos wasn’t all fun and games. Earlier on, players would frequently have issues with depositing and withdrawing cash to their casino accounts. And it took some weeding through bad casinos, and implementation of regulating bodies to ensure player’s data and finances were safely transferred.

Out of this evolution came a wide variety of payment method companies that promised customers speed and safety when it came to depositing or withdrawing money to and from their online casino account.

InstaDebit is one such example of the many payment methods online casinos provide. It’s based out of the friendliest place on earth, Canada, and works with Canadian online gamblers who love to hit those online slots, or any other online casino game they fancy.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the history behind InstaDebit, how it functions with online casinos and allow you to decide whether this option works for you,


As online casinos grew in popularity and multiplied by the day, so did the number of different payment methods from various different countries. While there were universal payment methods that crossed country borders, others that were developed remained exclusive to the citizens in the countries they were established.

It wasn’t long before Canada decided it was time to provide it’s online casino lovers with a dependable payment method they could rely on.

InstaDebit was developed in Toronto, Canada, in 2007 and is considered to be a medium-sized player in the online payment market. Their annual revenue is almost $12 million and is offered as a possible payment method by a large number of online casinos.

While a player can use this service in any part of the world, they will need a Canadian bank account in order to transfer funds to and from their online casino account with this method.

Online gambling is regulated by the government in Canada but not on a federal level. Canada has 10 provinces and 2 territories, and each region is responsible for governing with its own specific set of rules. However, InstaDebit works in all the provinces and has developed a solid reputation as a safe payment method for players.

In an age where big companies and hackers alike are always trying to get your data, InstaDebit comes in handy. Players’ personal banking information is kept totally confidential with this method. It is very similar to the way in which PayPal works, except PayPal is available in many more countries around the world.

While InstaDebit is not as renowned as other debit companies like Visa Debit or Maestro, it is still a reputable company that serves a large number of Canadian players. There are various advantages and disadvantages to this service, and we’ll discuss those next.

Advantages of Instadebit

InstaDebit is a The InstaDebit payment method that provides its users with a list of great benefits.

advantages of instadebit

  • The security system it uses ensures that player data and money is completely safe at all times. Furthermore, players are working with money from their bank account. Banks have the benefit of using the highest state of the art security systems available.
  • The payment method allows for both deposits and withdrawals. Some payment methods only allow for deposits, which can be an inconvenience.
  • Money is transferred from your bank account, but entering your personal bank information is not required with InstaDebit. Personal information stays confidential and encrypted every step of the way.
  • InstaDebit does not charge fees, although the actual online casino may charge a small fee per transaction, and banks may charge small fees for withdrawals. This may vary between casinos and banks, and it is best to double-check in their terms and conditions.
  • Large deposit maximum limit of USD 50K. This is considerably larger than most other payment methods.

Disadvantages of Instadebit

No payment method is perfect, and InstaDebit does have some flaws, although not very detrimental. The biggest drawback we could find is that it is only available to those players who have a Canadian bank account. Players with bank accounts outside of Canada will have to use another payment method.

Another disadvantage of using InstaDebit is that there are small fees that are charged for certain transactions. The fees are small, and we will discuss them in detail later in this article. Even though the fees are not a large sum of money, they do add up over time, and if a player deposits and withdrawals money frequently, they could begin to notice the total fees adding up.

How to Deposit Using Instadebit

To start using InstaDebit as a payment method for your preferred online casino, you need to first open an InstaDebit account, which can be done on their main website. This process involves entering some basic personal data, such as:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Date of Birth

You’ll also be required to enter the bank account information of the account you wish to use, as well as the last 4 digits of your social insurance number. Once all that information is entered, you have automatically opened your account.

Now you’re ready to use InstaDebit to deposit money into your online casino account. Head over to the cashier page of the casino website and select InstaDebit as your payment method. A window will pop up, asking you to enter your InstaDebit username and password.

Select the Instant payment option and enter the amount of money you wish to deposit. Once you have confirmed the amount, it should post immediately to your online casino account, and you can access the money right away to start betting.

How to Withdraw Using Instadebit

So you’ve just won big at the online blackjack, and you want to cash out those winnings and buy that lovely patio furniture you’ve been eyeing. Well, if you’re using InstaDebit to handle that transaction, you’re in for a smooth ride.

withdraw using instadebit

Withdrawing money using InstaDebit is a very similar process to depositing money. Once again, you will need to find the cashier page on the casino website and select the withdrawal option with InstaDebit as the method of payment.

When withdrawing money from an online casino account using InstaDebit, players will have the option of transferring their money to an InstaDebit account, or directly to their personal bank account in Canada.

Withdrawing money to your personal bank account will result in a charge of $2 CAD. After players make this choice, they can enter the amount of money they wish to transfer, and all that is left is to confirm the transaction.

One perk of using InstaDebit is that withdrawals get processed relatively quickly, and it should not take more than 48 hours for the funds to post into your account.

Players who use InstaDebit have no need to worry about being ripped off while waiting for the transaction to be processed. InstaDebit has a flawless reputation and has never defrauded clients who use their platform.

Fees and Timeframes

Like virtually all financial institutions and payment services, fees are charges for various types of transactions. There are some fees associated with using InstaDebit. Some casinos will charge a small fee of 1-2% per deposit into a player’s online casino account. If a player is withdrawing money into their personal bank account, a $2 CAD charge will apply.

Deposit transactions are processed instantly, while withdrawals can take anywhere between 24-48 hours. Although these fees are not a substantial amount, they do add up over time, and this can be viewed as a disadvantage.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

InstaDebit is a safe and reputable payment method that registers all transactions through a player’s personal bank account. This allows players to check with their personal records from their financial institution to get a detailed account of deposits and withdrawals made with InstaDebit.

Most financial institutions also have mobile apps that can give players the chance to check their transaction history from their smartphone or mobile device.

Customer Service

InstaDebit is an absolute gem when it comes to the level of customer service they provide their customers. It has several avenues in which a player can contact a representative 24/7, 365 days a year. Players have the option of finding their question on the FAQ page, but if they aren’t able to find it, they can reach a customer representative through live chat, toll-free phone number, or email.

Often time customer inquiries include questions regarding payment information and how exactly the system works with casinos.

Customer support is offered in English and French since these are the two official languages of Canada.



Why is InstaDebit so popular?

InstaDebit is a popular payment method for Canadian online casino players because it offers players quick transaction processing for deposits and withdrawals. The system also provides players with high-level security.

How Safe is InstaDebit?

Canadian online casino players that use InstaDebit can play freely without having to worry if their personal information or money is at risk. InstaDebit keeps a player’s information confidential at all times and uses state of the art security to ensure hackers cannot penetrate their system.

Since InstaDebit works hand in hand with a player's bank account, players can also rest assured that their finances and info are doubly protected. This is because very few institutions have access to the level of internet security that banks do.

How to set up an InstaDebit account?

Opening an InstaDebit account is a simple process that involves going to the InstaDebit website and entering some brief personal information. Once their basic contact information is entered, players will then be required to enter the banking information of the Canadian account they wish to use to fund their online casino account. Lastly, players will be required to enter the last 4 digits of their social insurance number. This number is exclusive to Canadian residents only.

Once this information is confirmed, they are free to use InstaDebit to fund their online casino account.

Who can open an InstaDebit account?

Canadians over the age of 18 are able to open an InstaDebit account. The bank account that the player will link with the InstaDebit account must also be a Canadian account.

How fast are InstaDebit transactions processed?

Luckily for Canadian account holders, InstaDebit processes deposits and withdrawals relatively faster than many other payment methods. Like almost all payment methods, deposits are processed instantly. Withdrawals take a little bit longer, taking anywhere from 24-48 hours.



You don’t have to take time off work and book a vacation to a gambling destination to play your favorite casino games. Online casinos are an excellent way to kick back and enjoy some fun while having the chance to win big.

If you have a Canadian account that you use to fund your online casino account, don’t take chances with your time, data, or money. InstaDebit offers its clients a fail-proof payment system that protects all transactions and personal information every step of the way.

InstaDebit gets 2 thumbs up from us as a reputable payment method that Canadians can trust while they bet big and win at their favorite online casino.


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