The Best MuchBetter Casinos for 2021 Listed and Reviewed

Looking for a way to play your favorite casino games with only your phone or other smart device? Then MuchBetter has just the solution for you! We have reviewed this payment provider in detail to explore all its benefits such as instant transactions and no transfer fees. Check it out to see for yourself.

Last Updated on 01/09/2021 by Adam Beaufort

MuchBetter – The Better Payment Solution

MuchBetter sounds like a bit of an immodest way to market yourself, but in truth, this payment provider does make a valid point. Although still very new on the market, MuchBetter is well on its way to make its mark as a reliable and ultra-convenient payment method. First launched in 2017 in the UK, the company has rapidly expanded the scope of its services. And today it is available in almost 150 countries worldwide. While you can primarily use MuchBetter as an e-wallet, there are also other products to enjoy.

For instance, MuchBetter has a prepaid and debit cards that also allow you to make payments online, as well as on physical locations. Furthermore, the card can even be used to withdraw cash at ATM’s. And then last but not least are the highly fashionable wearables that company has released. In this respect, MuchBetter is well ahead of many of its competitors. There’s a watch, a contactless key fob, and even a smart shirt that enables you to make payments from its cuff.

What You Can Do With MuchBetter

To start using the service, you will have to set up an account with MuchBetter first. And then it’s up to you whether you would like to use it as an e-wallet, or use any of the other available products to make payments and transfer money online. The provider supports a wide range of different currencies. However, one thing to note is that conversions will cost you a fee (we’ll cover that in more detail further on). Other than that, transactions take place in real-time, making the service highly convenient. The only issue with MuchBetter, however, is its availability at UK online casinos. Because it’s still such a new payment method, online gaming platforms haven’t been so quick to adopt it on their sites just yet. But there is certainly a tendency for that to be changing as time goes by.

Countries That Accept MuchBetter

MuchBetter is available in almost 150 countries around the world. But there are the odd few that do not allow the use of this payment method for various reasons – legal ones for the most part. For the full list of countries we recommend having a look at the company’s terms and conditions. And if you happen to be located in or residing in any of the restricted regions, then you will have to opt for one of the many alternative payment providers out there. But it is worth noting that MuchBetter already enjoys an outstanding global reach as it is. And it’s especially impressive given the company’s very short – thus far – history.


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Making Your MuchBetter Deposit & Withdraws

Ease of use is one of the most desired qualities in a payment provider. Just as real-time transactions. And lo and behold, MuchBetter can offer a terrific combination of both. To get started, you will need to register an account with the service. This is done on the website, or you can download the app to your smartphone or other device. In any event, it’s a simple process that won’t take much of your time. And if you choose to, you can also order a physical card from the provider to use it just as you would a regular bank card. Speaking of which, MuchBetter’s cards are supported by MasterCard.

Then all you need to do is find a quality online casino that supports MuchBetter payments. And from that point on, topping up your casino balance is easy. All you have to do is navigates to the respective section in your casino account. Then choose MuchBetter as your desired banking method and select the amount you would wish to transfer. After you confirm the transaction, the funds will hit your account immediately. And here is the whole process described step by step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deposit at a MuchBetter Casino

Follow These 5 Steps
1 Log in to your online casino account using your login credentials and click on Deposit in the cashier section of your account.


2 From the list of available methods, select MuchBetter and put in the amount that you would like to deposit.


3 When redirected to MuchBetter’s page, use your login details to confirm the payment.


4 Alternatively, enter the details of your MuchBetter card to make the payment.


5 The funds should be visible on your casino balance now.

Is It All Just As Easy With The Withdrawal Process?

Yes, but to a certain extent. When it comes to online casinos, withdrawals are typically always a little more complicates, but only a little. For starters, note that when you request a withdrawal from an online casino – you can only do so using the same payment method you used to deposit. Luckily, MuchBetter is available for both deposits and withdrawals. And assuming your already used the provider to make a deposit, cashing out should be a breeze.

Just keep in mind that you will most likely need to provide KYC documents to the casino in order to have your account verified. This is a standard procedure followed by all reputable online gaming platforms designed to ensure the safety of players and their funds, but also to protect the platforms from fraudulent activities.

So if you’ve met the above criteria, then all you need to do is head over to the payment section of your online casino account. Then select MuchBetter as your payment method of choice. And finally, let the casino know how much you would like to cash out and confirm the transaction using our login details. Better yet, here are the necessary steps at a glance.

How to Withdraw with MuchBetter

1. Use your login credentials to access your online casino account and go to the cashier section.
2. Click on Withdrawal to request a payout and choose MuchBetter from the list of available options.
3. Fill in the exact amount you wish to withdraw and enter your respective MuchBetter payment details.
4. Confirm the transaction and wait for the casino to process your withdrawal.
5. Once that happens, the funds should hit your e-wallet instantly.

Waiting Time for MuchBetter Payments

One of the main advantages of this payment provider is that all transactions are instant. So whether you choose to make a deposit via the e-wallet directly or using its prepaid or debit card, you can count on seeing your funds hit your balance in an eye-blink. Of course, as you can tell from the process described above, it’s not quite the same for withdrawals. There is always a certain waiting time for cash outs that is necessary for the casino to approve of the transaction. Generally, we always give preference to fast paying casinos (within 24 hours). But it’s always a good idea to check with each separate site what their processing time is. And then once the withdrawal has been given the green light, the money will arrive on your balance pretty much right away.

How Do You Choose The Best MuchBetter Casino?

There are a few important things to consider in combination when choosing an online casino. These will ensure that you not only have a good time playing at the site, but that you won’t encounter any issues along the line. With that in mind, first and foremost you will need to pay attention to the casino’s safety. We’ll cover the different things that make a casino safe in a little bit, but this is certainly one thing you can’t compromise on. Then we also emphasize on things like the casino’s game selection, promotional offers and available payment methods.

Editor’s Choice MuchBetter Casinos UK for October:

Casino Planet
A great platform to get started on, no matter if you’re new to gaming or a pro. The user-friendly layout and fairytale theme create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The site greets new players with a generous first deposit bonus and free spins.
Casino Gods
The site has a bouncy design with vibrant colours, and a whole sea of different exciting titles to choose from. And on top of that, here players get to enjoy fast withdrawals and top-level welcome packages.
Spin Rio Casino
A very safe online gaming platform that’s already been around for a number of years and has a proven track record of fair play and excellent player treatment. The site offers a truly impressive selection of games.


Things That Tell You A MuchBetter Casino Is Safe

The first thing you want to check before even considering any online casino is its license. Ideally, it will even have more than one. But in any event, the license should be active and should be issued by a respected gaming authority, such as the UKGC or MGA. This is important so as to ensure that in the event of any disputes, there will be an authoritative regulator who can help protect your rights. Then with that in mind, it’s also a good idea to look out for any other certificates that ascertain fair play at the platform. Certificates issued by organizations of the rank of eCOGRA, for example, are a good indicator.

Then the technical aspects are not to be downplayed either. In order for the casino to be able to ensure your safety and the safety of your personal information, it needs to use industry-standard encryption technology. Very often you can judge the security levels at a casino also by checking its payment section. Partnerships with certain payment providers can serve as a good enough sign of a casino’s reliability, like for example with PayPal. And on that note, fast paying casinos are also, for a number of reasons, generally safer and a preferable gaming destination.

Bonus Offers at MuchBetter Casinos

It’s good to consider the available promotions and bonuses at a given online casino. Very often that is, in fact, what may have the final say in our choice of a gaming platform. But aside from what the promotion can give you, you should also consider the fine print. Namely, some bonuses can be tied to given payment providers. And likewise, there may be bonus offers that exclude specific payment methods. So be sure to carefully check this information beforehand, to avoid getting involved with a bonus offer that, for instance, does not apply to MuchBetter deposits.

How to Start Using MuchBetter at Online Casinos

Nobody wants to get involved in rocket science to be able to play at their favorite online casino. And with MuchBetter – you won’t have to.

  • Step 1. First off, you will need to settle on an online casino that accepts MuchBetter payments. Then you need to register an account at that casino, using your real details and valid email address to confirm your registration. Then after you’ve completely set up your casino account, you will need to top your balance.
  • Step 2. To top up your casino balance, you will need to make a deposit. Make sure you know what the minimum and maximum deposit limits of the casino are for MuchBetter specifically. Then click on Deposit and choose MuchBetter as your desired payment method. Confirm the transfer of your desired deposit amount.
  • Step 3. The funds will hit your casino balance instantly (you might need to reload the page if it isn’t updated in real time). And now you can hit the game section to start playing all your favorite casino games!

Limits to Consider With MuchBetter

Every payment provider has certain transaction limits, and MuchBetter is no exception. Especially when you first register with MuchBetter, those limits may seem rather low. However, you can lift or increase these limits one you verify your account. This is done easily with the help of the app, where you simply need to head over to the Limits section. Then choose the “Raise my limits” option and follow the steps in the app to verify your account. This will involve having to provide proof of your identity, so be prepared to have your valid ID or other personal document at hand. To learn more about the provider’s KYC procedures, you can visit the official terms and conditions here.

MuchBetter: The Good and the Bad Sides

MuchBetter does have certain limitations, because no payment provider out there is perfect. But in the light of its benefits, they might seem quite insignificant. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of this payment provider at a glance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Instant transactions
Versatile payment solutions
No transaction fees
No restrictions


Currency conversion fees
Not available at many online casinos
Very expensive wire transfers

How to Register Your MuchBetter Account in Only 5 Steps

We have put together the below guide to show you just how easy it is to get started with MuchBetter. And once you have set up your account with the e-wallet, you can start making transfers immediately. You can also check out the video tutorial made by MuchBetter to see how it all works.

1. First up, head over to the official website and click on “Sign up for free” in the top right corner, or download the MuchBetter app for your smartphone or tablet.
2. Next, you will have to provide your phone number, and choose a 4-digit passcode. Confirm the passcode once again.
3. Fill in your personal details as required, such as your name and date of birth. And also provide a valid email address.
4. You will then receive a confirmation via SMS that you will have to enter into the respective field to confirm the registration.
5. Finally, choose the payment method you would like to use in order to top up your account and select the amount you would like to transfer.

Casino Games You Can Play With MuchBetter

The choice of casino games you have is also crucial to being able to enjoy yourself to the fullest at a given casino. So we like to make sure there’s plenty of variety, as well as simply a decent enough amount of titles to choose from. For instance, it’s great to see well-known brands and casino software providers, as well as more titles with a lower house edge (or higher RTP). Then once you’re satisfied with the assortment of games and online slots, all you need to make sure of is MuchBetter’s availability. You can use MuchBetter to play all casino games, regardless of their type.

Game Types to Play at a MuchBetter Casino

1. Slots: Slot games are the most played type of casino game and they usually enjoy the most variety. In other words, there are many subcategories of slots. So it’s a good idea to make sure the casino offers your favorite kind, whether it’s classis fruit games or multi-payline 3D slots.
2. Blackjack:Blackjack is a classic table game that’s been around since the dawn of casinos. This is one type of game that never gets old, but developers try to make their versions of the game unique and memorable. So you’re likely to have a good enough selection of titles from different manufacturers to choose from.
3. Roulette: If you’re a roulette fan, then this category of table games will be sure to provide plenty of choices, as well. Roulette is among the most played table games, and classic roulette will always be in style. But you can also find variations from different developers if you’d like to try something new.

What Makes MuchBetter Payments Safe

Now that we’ve covered the safety of online casinos that work with MuchBetter, it’s time we said a few words about the safety of this payment provider itself. And luckily it’s all good words, too. MuchBetter uses several layers of security to ensure the protection of its users’ data at all times. For one, all transactions are encrypted to shield them from prying eyes. Then for another, once you have set up your e-wallet, it is paired with your smartphone. And thanks to two-step authentication, you can always be sure that you are the only one making transactions with your MuchBetter account.

Furthermore, depending on your preference you can choose to add Touch ID to your authentication methods. And that will certainly boost your security levels even further. In addition to that, the provider also uses dynamic security codes for each transaction. And on top of that, all money transfers are monitored by the company to make sure that every one of them is legitimate. Then last but not least, we already touched on KYC and account verification. So that, too, is a procedure set in place to guarantee the security of the service, which by the way is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK.

Other Payment Methods like MuchBetter

Of course, if for whatever reason you have decided that MuchBetter won’t do it for you as a payment provider, there is a sea of alternatives to choose from. Here are just a few.

  • PayPal CasinosPayPal is the world’s top e-wallet, known for its instant transactions and unrivalled levels of security. So much so that PayPal has become synonymous with safety and its presence alone at any given online casino can serve as testament enough to that casino’s reliability.
  • Skrill Casino SitesSkrill is another highly popular e-wallet that is likely the most accessible for iGaming purposes. Aside from being available at nearly all online casinos, Skrill’s services extend far and wide, covering numerous countries, languages and currencies. And of course, all transactions are lightning-fast.
  • Boku (Pay By Phone) – If you like the idea of being able to top up your casino balance with your phone, then Boku is a great payment processor to look into. It offers full anonymity and safety, and the deposited amount is simply charged to your monthly phone bill.
Payment ProviderDeposit TimeWithdrawal TimeBest Casino Site
visa card casinosInstant4-6 business daysspinit casino
mastercardInstant4-6 business daysMetal casino
PayPal CasinoInstant3 business dayscasino lab
Neteller CasinoInstant3 business daysluckland casino
skrill CasinoInstantInstantcasinogods
paysafecard logo InstantN/Akassu casino
ecoPayz casinoInstant3 business dayssloty casino
trustly casinoInstant3 business dayscasoola casino
Zimpler logoInstantN/Avideoslots casino
boku logoInstantInstantcasino cruise casino

visa casino payments logo

Deposit Time: Instant  

Withdrawal Time: 4-6 business days  

Best Casino Site:
spinit casino

mastercard logo

Deposit Time: Instant  

Withdrawal Time: 4-6 business days

Best Casino Site:
Metal casino

PayPal Casino Payments Logo

Deposit Time: Instant  

Withdrawal Time: 3 business days

Best Casino Site:
casino lab

Should You Play at a MuchBetter Casino?

MuchBetter is a very modern payment solution that appears to have covered all the latest innovations in its field. Aside from offering instant transactions and the ability to top up your e-wallet using a variety of methods, the company has also provided a number of means to make its service more useful and attractive to customers. Namely, you have the ability to pay by phone, or one if its severable wearable devices. And it’s all highly safe, with impressive accessibility and ease of use.

Top 3 MuchBetter Casinos for October

US Players not Accepted
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Professional Customer Support
  • Variety of Casino Games
18+ New Players.£10 Min Deposit.£5 Max Bet. 40X Wagering Applies.Bonus Valid 14 Days.30 Spins Credited Instantly+30/daily for 9 Days on Pre-Selected Games.Free Spins Valid 72h.Max Free Spins Winnings £100.Ewallets Excluded.Full T&C'S Apply.
US Players not Accepted
  • Live Games Available
  • Fast Withdrawal Times
  • Great Game Selection
18+ New players.£10 min dep.£5 max bet.40x wagering.Bonus valid 14 days.20 Spins instantly+20/daily for 9 days on pre-selected games.Free Spins valid 72h.Max Free Spins winnings £100.Ewallets excluded.T&C's Apply
100% Welcome Bonus up to $1000 and 300 Free SpinsUS Players not Accepted
  • Accepts Players from Many Countries
  • PayPal Payments Available
  • 700+ Slots Games
18+ New players.£10 min deposit.£5 max bet.40x wagering applies.Bonus valid 14 days.30 Spins on Starburst instantly+30/daily for 9 days.Free Spins valid 72h.Max Free Spins winnings £100.Ewallets excluded. T&Cs Apply


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MuchBetter Casinos FAQs

What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is a payment processor that offers the ability to make instantaneous money transfers online, as well as at physical locations (e.g. grocery store purchases).

What are some of MuchBetter’s products?

Aside from its e-wallet, MuchBetter also has number of other payment solutions available for its users. These include wearable devices, such as a watch, a smart shirt (payments take place via the cuff of the shirt), and a contactless key fob.

Can MuchBetter casinos be trusted?

While MuchBetter is certainly a very secure service, each casino’s safety must be assessed individually based on a set of strict critera. We have already handpicked the safest and most worthwhile gaming platforms that support MuchBetter, check them out here.

Is it possible to withdraw funds via MuchBetter?

Yes, MuchBetter is available both for deposits and withdrawals. However, the waiting time for withdrawals will differ from casino to casino, as each site has its own processing time. After the withdrawal has been approved by the casino, the funds should hit your account within minutes.

Are there any added fees or charges related to MuchBetter?

MuchBetter transactions are always free, so you won’t have to worry about paying more for deposits or withdrawals. The only thing that may cost you is topping up your MuchBetter balance and any potential currency conversions.

Who can use MuchBetter?

MuchBetter enjoys very wide availability with the services offered in close to 150 countries worldwide.


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