Revolut Casino: Can You Use Revolut for Gambling?

Revolut Casinos – the revolution in online gambling payments. Paying at online casinos has now become even easier with Revolut! Did you know that you can use Revolut to top up your balance at almost any casino that accepts card payments? We’ve also covered all the other cool features this payment provider has, like cryptocurrency trading and spending stats. Check out our list of pros and cons below to see if the perks outweigh the flaws!

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Casino Sites with Revolut – The Revolution of Gambling Payments?

Revolut is among the newer kids on the block (the block being the online banking world) having launched its services only in 2015. But it has since then caused a rather massive stir in the industry and has also managed to become the preferred payment method for millions of happy customers. Revolut is a formerly UK-based FinTech company (now headquartered in Lithuania). And it is many things all bundled into one user-friendly, well-designed mobile app.

Revolut has partnerships with VISA and MasterCard, which is part of what makes this payment provider so flexible and versatile. You can order a physical card and use it exactly as you would a debit or credit card issued by your regular bank. Or you can also choose to only have a virtual card – only for online payments. In addition, your Revolut account can be tied to your Apple Pay wallet, as well as to Google Pay. And aside from making instant transfers – often without any fees involved, users can enjoy a variety of other services and features within the app. To make things easier we have compiled a top 10 list of best revolut casinos so you can start your research.

Online Casinos That Accept Revolut – Why Are They So Popular?

First off, depending on the plan you choose when creating your Revolut account, you can benefit from travel and medical insurance, instant 24/7 support, purchase and returns protection and more. You can choose to have your account in any (or multiple) of the supported 30 currencies. And on top of that, you can even use your Revolut account to buy and sell stocks and crytpocurrrency. But if that’s not enough for you, the app can even allow you to get a handle on your spending. There are various purchase categories in the app with daily, weekly and monthly stats for a detailed overview of how you manage your funds. And customer support is always prepared to assist you if you aren’t able to find help in the rich FAQ section of the app.

Revolut Gambling: Which Countries Accept it?

Revolut is accepted in almost 30 countries around the globe, including the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Spain and others. The provider is gradually expanding its reach, which understandably can take time. So, obviously, it hasn’t yet reached as far as some other payment processors have. Nevertheless, as far as gambling goes, not all countries that support Revolut also allow payments via Revolut to gaming sites. A prominent such example is the UK.

Due to recent changes in the UK’s legislation, as of April 2020 players from the United Kingdom are no longer allowed to use credit and/or debit cards to pay for the online gaming activities. You can read more about the details of the ban itself in the Forbes news article here. But the bottom line is that with this ban in place, UK players can no longer use VISA and MasterCard to deposit and withdraw to and from online casinos. Hence, they will not be able to use Revolut for these purposes either.


Unique Revolut Casino Sites

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👨‍💼 Top Live CasinoVegas Hero
🏵 Best Roulette SiteMetal Casino
📌 Best PayPal CasinoCasino Lab
🎁 Top Casino BonusCasino Gods
🎰 Best Slots CasinoCasino Cruise
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🥇 Top Blackjack SiteSloty Casino
🏆 Best Free Spins CasinoKassu Casino
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Deposits & Withdraws Made Easy With Revolut

You know how we mentioned that Revolut works both with VISA and MasterCard and that makes it highly flexible? Well, that’s especially true for online casinos. And the reason for that? Both VISA and MasterCard happen to be among the most widespread and commonly encountered payment providers on all sorts of gaming platforms. They’re usually also at the very top of the list of available methods. And that’s no coincidence. So, if you have decided to use Revolut to fund your gaming activities, then all you have to do is find a casino that supports one of the two payment processors (VISA or MasterCard), depending on what is stated on your Revolut card.

Then once you’ve picked a casino that feels right for you, you will need to set up an account. Do so by entering your real personal details and email address so that you can confirm the registration afterwards. And once all of that has been taken care of, you can head over to the deposit section in your account. Choose the amount you’d wish to transfer to your casino account and select your card type. Then simply fill in the details of your Revolut card as required and you should be ready to start gaming in seconds. Or just follow these (slightly more structured) steps.

Deposit with Revolut

Follow These 5 Steps
1 Use your login credentials to enter your online casino account and navigate to the cashier.


2 Choose Deposit and select the payment method of your choice (MasterCard or VISA).


3 Type in the amount you would like to deposit and enter the card details in the necessary fields.


4 Confirm the payment.


5 Congratulations! The funds should now be visible on your casino balance.

Revolut Withdrawals – How Fast Are They?

Just as with cards issued by your regular local bank, withdrawals can be requested to your Revolut card, too. And it happens exactly in the same way. However, before you rush into requesting a payout, be sure to have two things in check. First of all, you need to have already made a deposit using the same card by this point. This is a standard safety policy practiced at all online casinos as a means to prevent fraud.

And for that very same purpose, in order for your request to be granted, you will also most likely need to have verified your casino account. This is done by sending documents that prove your identity and residence to the casino, which is also a standard KYC procedure universally followed on all gaming sites. Then once your account is verified, there’s no pending bonus money on your balance and you’re clear to cash out your winnings – go to the cashier again. Select withdrawal and choose your card type. Then fill in all the needed details and send the request. After this, the casino will need some time to approve the payout so the transfer can go through.

How to Withdraw using Revolut

1. Log in to your online casino account with your username and password.
2. Go to the cashier section of the lobby and click on Withdrawal.
3. Select your desired payment method (card type) and choose the amount you would wish to cash out.
4. Enter your card details as necessary and submit the withdrawal request.
5. Once the casino approves your withdrawal, it may take up to 5 working days for the funds to reach your Revolut account.

What’s the Waiting Time for Revolut Transfers?

If you have ever used a regular bank card to fund your online gaming account before, then you will be familiar with the whole process when using Revolut. And that also applies to the transaction speed. The good news is that all deposits using Revolut at online casinos go through instantly. Hence, as soon as you confirm your deposit, the money should travel to your casino balance right away. It’s a different story with withdrawals, however. For one, you will first need to wait for the online casino to approve the transaction on its end. This time varies from site to site, so be sure to check in advance. And then once the casino allows your withdrawal, it may take from 3 to 5 working days for it to reach your account.

Choosing a Casino with Revolut – What to Consider?

Seeing as how VISA and MasterCard are so widely accepted at online gaming platforms that gives you an endless sea of options to choose from. And that can be quite difficult. So here are some pointers as to what makes a good online casino that can help you sift through the many different sites. Number one is safety. Here, we’ve only listed casinos that are proven to be safe and that’s one thing you can never compromise on. Next, it’s important to consider the whole list of available payment methods, as well as the game section of the site.

Editor’s Choice Revolut Casinos UK for January:

Casino Planet
A great platform to get started on, no matter if you’re new to gaming or a pro. The user-friendly layout and fairytale theme create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The site greets new players with a generous first deposit bonus and free spins.
Casino Gods
The site has a bouncy design with vibrant colours, and a whole sea of different exciting titles to choose from. And on top of that, here players get to enjoy fast withdrawals and top-level welcome packages.
Spin Rio Casino
A very safe online gaming platform that’s already been around for a number of years and has a proven track record of fair play and excellent player treatment. The site offers a truly impressive selection of games.


How to Tell If A Revolut Casino Is Safe

Safety is the top priority when it comes to picking an online casino. And there are many things that determine whether or not a casino is indeed safe. Starting with its license, it needs to be valid and issued from a reputable gaming authority such as the UK Gambling Commission. Additional certificates hat prove the casino’s reliability and fair play such those given by independent game testers (e.g. eCOGRA) are also a good sign to look for.

Then moving on to the technical aspects, it’s also important to make sure the casino uses SSL encryption on its site. This is to protect its players’ personal information, as well as all their financial details that are shared with the casino. On that note, you may want to also take a closer look at the payment section of the site. Note the presence of payment providers such as PayPal, for instance, as that’s generally a hallmark for any merchant’s reliability and good reputation. And while you’re there, look for any indication of fast payouts. Although not a necessity, but fast paying casinos are generally also considered safe for a number of reasons, and we do have a tendency to gravitate towards those.

Revolut Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Online casino bonuses these days are incredibly versatile and even very generous. And online gaming platforms are always in competition with one another to top the others’ offers and attract new players. And that’s great. Very often these promotions are what can tip the scale for us as users in the direction of a particular casino. However, it’s always important to read the fine print before accepting any bonus offer. Sometime there may be limitations in regard to the deposit method used, and (although rarely) those limitations could apply to Revolut.

What Casino Games Can You Enjoy With Revolut?

The game section of any online casino should be its highlight – and that’s why it should be large and varied enough to accommodate a range of preferences. Specifically, we like to see game libraries that offer titles from known brands. There should be plenty of slots, including offerings with a higher RTP. And there should also be a decent amount of other game types, such as table games and live dealer titles.

1. Slots. Slots to play online are the most played type of casino games, so it makes sense for this to be the most numerous section of the lobby. And since slot games come in virtually all shapes and sizes, we like to see a bit of everything in the mix (e.g. classic slots, jackpots, etc.).
2. Blackjack. The table games section is usually abundant with different blackjack games. So much so the best blackjack casinos will even have a separate subsection for them. It’s a fun, classic casino game that is always enjoyed by players in its traditional format, and there are plenty of new variations to explore, as well.
3. Roulette. As far as classic table games go, roulette has to be among the most popular at online casinos. Whether it’s regular video roulette or immersive live dealer roulette, it’s an exciting game with great winning potential thanks to its very low house edge and inclusive betting limits. If you are a roulette fan check out our best UK online roulette casinos for 2022. 

Use Revolut to Play Your Favorite Real Money Casino Games!

If you’ve decided to use Revolut as your desired payment method, then you can start playing your top casino games in no time. Here’s how.

Step 1. To begin with, you will need to register an account with the online casino of your choosing. To do this, fill in all the necessary details as needed in the registration form of the casino’s site. Then, confirm the registration of your account via the link sent to your email address.
Step 2. Next, you will need to add funds to your casino balance via your Revolut card. Log in to your account and go to the Deposit section, where you will need to choose your Revolut card type (VISA or MasterCard). Then choose your desired deposit amount and fill in your card details to submit the payment.
Step 3. That’s it, you’re done! The deposited funds will appear on your casino balance instantly, and you can use them to start playing all your favorite online casino games straight away.

Revolut Transaction Limits

Revolut may impose certain transaction limits based on a variety of reasons, and usually these limits can change of be lifted, depending on your own needs and history with the company. In some instances this may even require additional documentation to be provided from the user. But do note that in order to be able to use Revolut, all customers are asked to verify their identity. This is a regular KYC procedure put in place to counter fraud or any illegal activities, as clearly stated by the company here.

Pros and Cons of Using Revolut at Online Casinos

Certainly, as much as we like a given payment provider, we cannot expect it to be perfect in every respect. And likewise, Revolut does have its admirable strong points, just as it also has a set of undeniable drawbacks. Here they are at a glance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


No fees
Instant deposits
Available at casinos that accept VISA and MasterCard
It’s free to create an account


Withdrawals take up to 5 days
Not available for UK players

Why Revolut Is More Secure Than Regular Banks

Revolut takes safety to the next level thanks to a whole combination of different means. For one, there’s the account verification process that all users go through, which certainly helps prevent instances of fraud. But in addition to that, there are other measures in place that help make Revolut one of the most secure payment providers out there. For example, all transactions you make need to be verified by you via your mobile device. You can choose to do this by entering the passcode for your Revolut account. Or alternatively, you can select an even more secure method of verification, such as by using your fingerprint.

You can also choose to add various other levels of security yourself, such as disabling contactless payments or ATM withdrawals. Then there are also disposable virtual cards that you can use. These are destroyed immediately after use, which prevents them from being used more than once. And as far as your private information is concerned, Revolut doesn’t play around either. The company uses iron-clad 2048-bit SSL encryption for all data that travels between the provider’s servers and apps and third parties.

5 Easy Steps to Start Using Revolut for Gambling

If you are new to Revolut and would wish to create an account to start using the service, the process is fast and quite easy. But you can use this brief guide we’ve compiled that consists of only 5 steps to help set you up with an account. Or you can also check out Revolut’s own video tutorial on the matter.

1. To begin with, you will need to your smartphone or other portable device you wish to use Revolut with. Download the Revolut app from the App Store if you’re using iOS or Google Play Store for Android.
2. Launch the app and type in your phone number and then tap Continue.
3. Next, you will be asked to come up with a 4-digit passcode for your Revolut account, after which you will receive a 6-digit code via SMS.
4. Enter the 6-digit code you received in the respective field on your screen and then fill in your personal details as required in the following steps.
5. Finally, provide your email address to complete the registration. Now you can top up your account and verify your identity so start making payments with Revolut.

What Are Some Revolut Alternatives?

Of course, Revolut may not work for everyone due to country restrictions or other reasons. So here are a few viable alternatives to consider if you don’t wish to use this payment provider.

  • Trustly Casinos Trustly is a great option for players who have online banking. This payment provider is supported by a large number of European banks and works as a trusted middle man between your online banking account and the casino – guaranteed anonymity of your payments and no fees.
  • PayPal Casino Sites PayPal is the world’s most popular e-wallet that is largely becoming incorporated in many online casinos. This payment processor has a name for being exceptionally choosy with its merchants, so seeing it at any online casino site automatically speaks highly of its reputation and trustworthiness.
  • Apple Pay Casinos Apple Pay is a super-fast and highly convenient payment method for Apple product users that is also incredibly safe. With its help, all you really need is your smartphone or other iOS gadget to make payments to your favorite online casino.
Payment ProviderDeposit TimeWithdrawal TimeBest Casino Site
visa card casinosInstant4-6 business daysspinit casino
mastercardInstant4-6 business daysMetal casino
PayPal CasinoInstant3 business dayscasino lab
Neteller CasinoInstant3 business daysluckland casino
skrill CasinoInstantInstantcasinogods
paysafecard logo InstantN/Akassu casino
ecoPayz casinoInstant3 business dayssloty casino
trustly casinoInstant3 business dayscasoola casino
Zimpler logoInstantN/Avideoslots casino
boku logoInstantInstantcasino cruise casino

visa casino payments logo

Deposit Time: Instant  

Withdrawal Time: 4-6 business days  

Best Casino Site:
spinit casino

mastercard logo

Deposit Time: Instant  

Withdrawal Time: 4-6 business days

Best Casino Site:
Metal casino

PayPal Casino Payments Logo

Deposit Time: Instant  

Withdrawal Time: 3 business days

Best Casino Site:
casino lab

Should You Play at a Revolut Casino Site?

Revolut is a versatile payment provider that offers a great deal of different useful features to its customers. There’s a range of benefits to derive from the different plans, as well as the lack of fees to enjoy, along with high levels of security for your own peace of mind. In addition, the service is uniquely flexible and very convenient to use, with all of its functionalities at your fingertips.

Latest Online Casinos Accepting Revolut

US Players not Accepted
  • Live Games Available
  • Fast Withdrawal Times
  • Great Game Selection
18+ Full T&Cs Apply. New UK players Only. £10 min deposit. £5 max bet using bonus. 40x wagering applies. Bonus valid for 14 days. 20 Spins will be credited instantly upon qualifying deposit + then 20 per day for 9 days on pre-selected games. Free Spins valid for 72 hours from credit. Max Free Spins winnings £100. Ewallets excluded.
US Players not Accepted
  • Variety of Game Providers
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Good Selection of Slots
18+ New Players.100% bonus on first deposit up to £50 & 20 bonus spins credited immediately for Book of Dead only.Min dep £20.Max bet £5.Max cash-out £250.40x wagering.Bonus expiry 30days.Spins expiry 2days.Game restrictions.T&C Apply.
US Players not Accepted
  • Wide Range of Currencies
  • Accepts Players from Many Countries
  • High-Quality Live Games
18+ Full T&Cs Apply. New UK players Only. £10 min deposit. £5 max bet using bonus. 40x wagering applies. Bonus valid for 14 days. 30 Spins will be credited instantly upon qualifying deposit + then 30 per day for 9 days on pre-selected games. Free Spins valid for 72 hours from credit. Max Free Spins winnings £100. Ewallets excluded.


More Casinos That Accept Revolut


Revolut Casinos FAQs

How does Revolut work?

Revolut acts as an online bank and card issuer, but is also much more than that. Revolut is partnered with VISA and MasterCard, which are the cards you can apply for. But in addition, you can use the app as an e-wallet and explore its various other features, such as spending and stock purchases.

Is it safe to pay with Revolut at online casinos?

Yes. Revolut uses top-of-the-line encryption technology to protect all data transfers between itself and third parties.

Can I claim casino bonuses with Revolut?

Yes, you should be able to claim all bonuses if you deposit with Revolut, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Be sure to read the bonus terms before you accept any offers, though.

Are there country restrictions related to Revolut?

Yes. Unfortunately, Revolut is not available in all regions around the world, so you will have to check the official website to make sure it’s supported in your country. Also, UK players, although they can use Revolut, will not be able to make deposits at online casinos via this method.

Is Revolut available for withdrawals?

Yes, just as with regular debit cards, you can request withdrawals from online casinos to your Revolut account.

What currencies does Revolut support?

Revolut supports a wide range of over 30 different currencies, including AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, BGN, SEK, NOK, RUB, DKK and others.


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