Swarm Of People Still Missing In Las Vegas Casinos During Weekends

People Still Missing In Las Vegas Casinos During Weekends
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Activities in the Las Vegas casinos started to get some life after they resumed business on Thursday. People are slowly going back to their normal casino activities.  However, the impact of the pandemic is noticeable, as fewer people visited the gambling houses until the weekends.

Fear of contamination of the coronavirus pathogen still lurks the minds of everybody. The disease contaminated around seven million people around the globe, killing more than 400,000 individuals. Global contamination continues to rise because the disease the virus brings has no known cure and has no vaccine.

Things went well when the casinos resumed their operations on Thursday. Health and safety measures were in place to ensure the fun-filled experience for the guests. The regulators assured the practice of social distancing protocols within the resorts and the casinos.

Casinos become livelier during weekends

During the first days of the resumed operations, casinos in Las Vegas failed to the usual swarm of gamblers and guests. Table games and slot machines are not in their full capacity. It is also evident that a few people were visiting retail shops. Restaurants in New York is not even crowded.

Many guests went back to the casinos to get a taste of being normal. Some wanted a weekend getaway and drown life tension with fun and exciting experiences in the casinos. The reopening of the casinos in Las Vegas is at its full during the weekends.

More people visited the casinos on Saturday. Gamblers occupied seats in table games and slot machines. People tried the pools, and the ambiance is livelier than during the first day of the reopening. However, it is still far from the normal weekends in the casinos where people crowd almost every enjoyable event in the casinos.

Many people visited Bellagio on Saturday, with few people on the casino floor. Some stores, including Prada, remained close while few people visited opened stores. Louis Vuitton stores welcomed a controlled number of shoppers.

More visitors came on Saturday afternoon. Foot traffic increased, as well as the frequency of bookings for rooms in the hotels. There are plenty of guests at Caesars Palace. Lots of people played at table games and in slot machines.

Limited guest capacities, safety, and health measures in casinos

Casinos continued to impose safety and health measures during the operation. Employees and guests were advised to wear masks at all times. However, some guests were seen not wearing their face masks while they are inside the gambling venues.

Many people visited the pools than restaurants and casino floors. In the Flamingo’s pool, half of the usual capacity could enter. Guests are only allowed to enter when someone else left. Stores and restaurants in the casinos also limited their capacity to ensure social distance while they operate.

Lines are drawn in the casino floors, stores, and restaurants, allowing only almost half of their actual capacity. Players in table games and slot machines were also limited.

Southern Nevada casinos announced their plans to reopen following other states’ move. The lockdowns increased the unemployment rate of the region.

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